3.8m Thatch Gazebo + Regency Prince Hot Tub Package  - 

Available with a Regency Prince or Princess Hot Tub

The Prince is our best selling compact all seated spa. We guarantee the Prince is perfect for the whole family, no matter how small or tall, there is a seat for everyone. With a combination of powerful massage therapy seats the Prince has the unique benefit of contoured seating. Loaded with high volume, sophisticated jets the Prince accommodate 5 luxurious hydrotherapy seats and 2 higher cool down seats. Everyone can relax in a Prince spa with just the right amount of pressure and without diverting water from other seats with a 3.8m Gazebo that has been designed so that you can enjoy your hot tub in a relaxing and private space.

WAS £17,669.00

NOW £15,289.00


£318.52 pcm

25% minimum deposit required


£177.90 pcm

10% minimum deposit required

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