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Be Careful of Black Friday Hot Tub Deals

Although it’s tempting to go for a Black Friday ‘bargain’, the real expense of a hot tub is the ongoing running costs. If a hot tub deal seems too good to be true, it usually is. Discover why British Hot Tubs™ are amongst the most energy-efficient spas on the market...

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Installation Gallery

We believe in wellness and aim to transform customers outdoor space into social hubs that can be enjoyed with loved ones all year round. Take a look at our recent installs…

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Installation Gallery

British Hot Tubs are dedicated to making a difference in how your body heals, how you interact with loved ones, and ensuring that we make a lasting impact in your life by providing the best quality product - a hot tub/swim spa to be proud of. Check out our recent installs...

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Installation Gallery

Our British Hot Tubs have the very latest Balboa® controls, and the most effective filtration, creating the cleanest hot tub water. In fact, these hot tubs include self-cleaning technology for minimal chemical consumption and maintenance. Take a look at our latest installation images…

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Why It's Important to Buy Your Hot Tub from a BISHTA Approved Company

Award Leisure are BISHTA approved. BISHTA were established in 2001 to ensure that companies engaged in the display and sale of Hot Tubs are adequately trained in water hygiene management and understand the importance of maintaining these standards...

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  • Five stars from us. Great experience all round. Great choice and after choosing which seating we wanted the rest was easy. It's not often I buy something and find that all of the gadgets I've been sold actually do something that I need them to do. Coast
  • The blow up spas are great but do people who buy them realize that they can't be used in the winter because there's no insulation and even if they put them in a shed they'll cost a fortune to run!!! The same can be said for the Chinese spas - triple
  • Amazing power from the pumps. Just need to see the torrent out of the typoon jet to see for yourself. Diverting this water onto the seats delivers awesome massage. The waterfall and lights are seriously out of this world. I challenge anyone to light up wa
  • I purchased my regency hot tub from Award Leisure, in Hall Green Birmingham. I found him honest from the start and straight talking. He was happy to talk to me all about hot tubs and the things to look for when buying. I ordered the hot tub
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