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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  1. Award Leisure Hot Tub Delivery

    Massive thanks to Andy and Tory for the amazing video, we love it!
    Everyone must check out this video of us installing the Coast Spas HOT TUBS 'Zenith Curve'.
    This video shows how our award-winning service team delivers a hot tub.
    Credit to Andy Rascinskis for the fabulous video!

    Tory and Andy purchased the Coast Spas HOT TUBS 'Zenith Curve' and isn't it beautiful! 

    This remarkable spa features the exclusive raised back curve design and 24" waterfall - the largest waterfall on any portable Hot Tub, ever. The waterfall is a perfect addition to soothe those aching shoulders or neck. This spa is like no other in the market, available with all the latest features and innovations plus lifetime guarantees! 

    Packed with a high-end stereo system which includes Bluetooth, Radio, AUX, a USB port and a subwoofer to really get the party going! The option of mood colour changing LEDs really sets the mood whether you want a hot tub for relaxing, hydrotherapy, family time, socialising or partying! Choose from advanced purification systems for minimal maintenance, less chemical consumption, and fewer water changes! 

    Available in a range of colours.

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  2. Award Leisure franchise features in The Sunday Telegraph!

    Discover our exciting proposition by reading our latest feature published in both the Sunday Telegraph and on Business Reporter.  

    Our current article is about how franchising is the future and choosing a business opportunity which is unique, exciting and prosperous. Award Leisure offer all the above, having the only outdoor luxury lifestyle franchise available.  

    As Britons strive to use their garden space to create an outdoor living experience, the UK leisure market is now worth £115 billion. There has been a 30 % growth of Swim Spas and Hot Tubs sales in the recent years. Our franchise has already overcome the pitfalls of running a business from start-up and having over 30 years’ experience in one of the most exciting, profitable and growing retail sector in the UK, Award Leisure Franchise offers an incredible opportunity in retailing high demand luxury outdoor leisure products to the UK leisure market.

    The question you should be asking is “where do I sign up?” – with over 10% of UK households owning a Hot Tub in their garden. Year-on-year more and more people are making their garden the social hub of their home, with Award Leisure the opportunities and potential are endless.

    Click the link below now to read our full article! Get more insight into the big world of ‘franchising’. What people don’t know, is that there is less risk and more opportunity to succeed as a franchisee. Are you ready for something different?


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  3. Award Leisure P.O.M.P Plan

    Award Leisure 'Peace Of Mind Plan' is a very beneficial thing to be a part of...

    What's Included:

    Our engineers will attend site to fix your Hot Tub and you incur no labour or call-out charge for the duration of the agreement. Receive a free annual service [worth £ 349] if there is no Call Out through each year.

    •  Full Mechanical & Electronic Equipment checks
    •  Test & Check Lighting Equipment, Drain & Re-Fill using Bio-Film Eliminator, Filter Rinse
    •  Check O Rings, De-Scale Calcium build-up
    •  Check Heater Element, Check Pump Seals & Shafts
    •  Check Pump Bearings, Check & Test Keypad
    •  Controls & PCB Equipment, Check & Test Ozone
    • Water Sample Analysis & Water Balance
    •  Insulation Cover & Cover Clean & Protect
    •  Clean & Sanitise Head Rests & Pipe work
    •  Filtration & Skimmer Rinse
    •  Deep Strip Calcium & Scale on Jets, Re-Fill and balance water

    Plan Options

    •  1 year @ £480 (12 monthly payments of £39.99)
    •  3 years @ £414 per year (36 monthly payments of £34.55)
    •  5 years @ £360 per year (60 monthly payments of £29.99)

    Non Peace of Mind Plan Customers:

    Customers who do not have our Peace of Mind Plan - when reporting a fault or requiring a hot tub service - please note there is a £95 Call Out Fee to visit your home.

    It's always handy to have that extra support for your Award Leisure products, you never know when something is going to go wrong! Plus as a POMP customer you will receive great discounts on chemicals, aromatherapy and much more all year round!

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  4. Why Wait For Black Friday?

    I'm sure you didn't need to open this blog to get the jist of what we are saying, but let us explain... 

    Rumours (and staff personal experiences) have portrayed this horrifying image in our minds about this Black Friday and to be honest it sounds like each man for his own, a life or death matter! 

    I'm sure people are overexaggerating, but of course you can't ignore those videos on Facebook and the news regarding the matter. I mean I've seen people fight for TV's and computer screens! 

    Now at Award Leisure we understand we can't just open the doors and have you all rugby tackling to get the 'Evolution SL858 Hot Tub' worth £11,890 reduced to £8,000 and walk out with it the same day, so we've decided to turn this one day event into an entire month and YOU'RE invited!

    Head down to ANY Award Leisure store in November and get a hold of some unseen, unheard of deals on our top of the range display stock! AND to top it off, we can guarantee you PRE-CHRISTMAS DELIVERY!

    Who said that sale shopping should be stressful? It's not hard to find a good deal at Award Leisure, so pop in for a coffee and lets chat about your newxt greatest investment shall we? 

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  5. 5 Hot Tub Health Benefits You Didn't Know About...

    1. Improves Sleep.

    Many people struggle with sleeping, suffering from chronic insomnia, sleep disorder or stress related sleep problems. Scientific studies suggest that a soak in a Hot Tub prior to bedtime can improve a deeper more relaxing sleep. Taking a soak in 38.9-degree water 1-2 hours before bedtime will relax you and re-set your body thermostat making it easier to both fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.


    1. Stress Relief.

    There’s no better way to stimulate the body’s natural endorphin release than soaking in a hot tub. The heat increases blood flow and the therapeutic massage works out muscle soreness. Stress is a silent killer in our overworked culture. The resulting muscle tension, headaches, soreness and fatigue which can continue over time can lead to serious health problems. Not only does a spa’s buoyancy ease pressure on joints and muscles, the mood elevation and the natural relaxation response is a priceless way to improve health.

    1. Lowers Blood Sugar and Lower Blood Pressure

    It has been said that spending time in the hot tub may actually lower the blood sugar level of people suffering from type 2 diabetes. In one study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, subjects with type 2 diabetes spent a half hour, six days per week for three weeks submerged to the shoulder in a hot tub. By the end of the three weeks, the subjects saw an average drop in blood glucose (BG) levels from 182 mg/dl to 159 mg/dl. Essentially, the hot temperatures in the tub simulate some of the effects of physical exercise – which has proven to be an effective form of treatment for sufferers of type 2 diabetes.


    In addition to lowering levels of your blood sugar, relaxing in the hot tub can also lower your blood pressure. When you get in the tub and the temperature is hot, your heart works harder and faster so that your body can disperse excess heat. In the process, your increased blood flow is producing extra oxygen and your cells are being revitalized. While there may be an initial uptick in blood pressure, your increased warmth will cause cells to dilate, decreasing resistance against the heart and lowering your overall blood pressure. It should be noted that those with high blood pressure should avoid getting in and out of a Hot Tub in one sitting due to the quick change in temperature, as this may increase blood pressure.


    1. Improves Circulation.

    Whether it’s being unable to play sports in winter because your hands and feet get too cold, or overall your circulation isn’t great, a hot tub can help improve that. The warm water and the bubbles increase your body temperature, this then dilates the blood vessels, thus improving circulation. It helps those with arthritis have better movement and less pain. They can also help improve the health of your lungs and heart, according to our resource; SteadyHealth.com.


    1. Ease Muscle Pain, Soothing Relief for Arthritis

    For those of you that suffer or know someone who suffers with sports related injury, muscle pain or arthritis soaking in a Hot Tub for an hour is a safe and effective way to both minimise the discomfort and prevent further damage. The hydrotherapy from the jets can give you a range of therapeutic massages from deep tissue, directional, shiatsu and many more. Relieving your body of pain in your joints and muscles. According to a publication from The Arthritis Foundation entitled Spas, Pools, and Arthritis, “Regular sessions in your hot tub help keep joints moving. It restores and preserves strength and flexibility, whilst also protecting your joints from further damage. A hot tub provides warmth, massage, and buoyancy that is so necessary to the well-being of arthritis sufferers. The buoyancy of the water supports and lessens stress on the joints and encourages freer movement. Water exercises may even act as a resistance to help build muscle strength.

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