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Monthly Archives: December 2017

  1. What A Way To End The Year!

    It’s been one hell of a year here at Award Leisure! From deciding to franchise the company, various shows throughout the year, great home held events, our first franchisee and so much more, we want to thank every single one of our customers for being amazing all year round!

    To top off the year Award Leisure have been awarded BEST SHOWROOM 2017! At the UK Pool and Spa Awards, which we are very honoured to receive.

     With so much more to come in 2018, we are already excited to come back to work in the new year and share all our great offers and new products with you! But until then check out our current holiday offers available until the end of this year.


     Just in case you are looking to pop in and see us over the Christmas and New Year period whether that be to purchase your new 2018 hot tub, enhance your garden with any of our luxury leisure range, top up on chemicals or just for a mince pie and mulled wine. Please see our opening hours so you know when to visit

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  2. Rock that sweater!

    Join us on Wednesday 20th December for the annual Save The Children Christmas jumper day! It’s the most magical time of year- fairy lights and baubles, snowmen and Christmas trees. And on the 20th December, we want to see it all on a jumper! The staff will be holding a bake sale all day, so come on down in the boldest and best Christmas jumper you have and donate £2 to make the world a little bit better this holiday season…

    Get involved this year, feature on our social media pages with a photo of you and the team in your jumpers, give something back and enjoy some delicious cakes and a coffee or mince pies and mulled wine at any of our stores over this Christmas season! We also have a little gift for the children so make sure you bring them along too.

    Make the world better by wearing a sweater…

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  3. Hot tub safety – how not being lazy can guarantee you a lifetime of happiness with your tub.

    You pay a lot of money for a hot tub, they are a luxurious addition to your home and undoubtedly increase your social or family status with those hot tub occasions.

    But you wouldn’t spend a lot of money and not look after your investment, or would you?

    Some people may not realise that hot tubs need care and maintaining so they remain safe and in excellent condition, there are a lot of articles floating around the internet about the dangers of hot tubs and how they can cause diseases from both the water and the chemicals used.

    However! You can’t expect to not have to clean it, you don’t buy a dog and then not feed it, clean it, walk it etc. It’s the same with a hot tub, all water gets stagnant when it’s been sitting around or used by a lot by people, that’s normal which is why we add chemicals to ensure the water chemistry is safe and healthy to use. Even bottled mineral water has been purified with chemical compounds before they bottle it and we drink it!

    There’s a health risk with everything, but they can be prevented with the right care; and with that we have made up some great tips and steps for you to follow so you can enjoy your hot tub for a long time without worrying about any issues or risks!

    1. Always familiarise yourself with basic hot tub safety, this will be carried out on your installation day by the service team, they will instruct you on basic chemical use and cleaning tips.
    2. Test your water daily, it’s always best to check often to make sure all the PH levels are correct, so there’s minor risk of chemical health issues.
    3. Don’t treat it like a bath, had a long day at work? Covered in mud from taking the dog for a walk? We advise you to have a quick shower before using your hot tub, that way there is less bacteria and dirt entering your water.
    4. Check your filters, many people leave it too long before changing their filters, the more dirt that collects in them, the less effective they will be. We advise to clean your filter once a month. Spray the filter down with a hose pipe and leave in filter solution for a couple of hours.
    5. Follow our 5 steps to water chemistry guide to ensure that your water is levelled correctly. Request this through our 24 hour service desk: https://awardleisure.com/support/
    6. We are a phone call away, do not hesitate to contact if you have a question or concern that you need addressing! Also our peace of mind plan is great for when you need call out attention, save on those £95 call out fees and get some extra bonuses with money off chemicals all year round, as well as your annual service included!

    Although hot tubs may have risks if you aren’t careful enough, they also provide lots of benefits! These include muscle relaxation; the jets can massage the muscles and reduces spasms and cramps. They also help with more serious health conditions like Ichthyosis and arthritis!

    Other benefits include improving sleep, reducing stress and improving blood circulation, they can help ease muscle and sports injuries, support the back and even lower blood pressure!

    Don’t like the smell of the chemicals added to the water? Then introduce our SpaMate aromatherapy fragrances! Just drop some aromatherapy liquid into your hot tub, this is also moisturising for up to 24 hours and puts hydration back into the skin, where chlorine can dry the skin slightly. Enjoy the many scents offered! Different fragrances come with added benefits, these include; Eucalyptus and Camomile or Tea Tree to help you relax, English Lavender to help you sleep at night, or if you are looking for sweet exciting smells we have a range from; Champagne and Strawberries, Peach Bellini, Mango Mai Tai and many more.  

     At Award Leisure, we believe that there are so many benefits to having a hot tub. We want to make sure you are getting the most out of your tub and using it efficiently, effectively, and of course carefully! Look after your hot tub regularly and ensure you are doing the minimum level of maintenance required, then you will be sure to have a lifetime of happiness with your tub!

     Happy Hot Tubbing!

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