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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  1. 10 Cool DIY Ideas You Need For the Perfect Man Cave

    Everyone at one point or another has dreamed of their own personal Man Cave. A private sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of every day life; a place to relax, unwind and freely indulge in hobbies and leisure time. You don’t even need planning permission for a lot of outdoor cabins, which are a great hassle-free way to start your man cave project.

    Need inspiration? Check these out: https://awardleisurewarwickshire.co.uk/valkea-cabins.php

    One of the greatest things about owning your own personal man cave is having complete free reign on the interior design. You’re free to be as creative and unique with your design as you like, it can actually be kind of overwhelming letting your imagination run wild with ideas for such a big project. So to make it easier - we’ve compiled a shortlist of some features we think are essential in creating the perfect man cave. 

    Projector Screen

    Whether it’s to gather all your mates around for the World Cup, a heavy gaming session, or even a cosy night of Netflix n Chill; a home cinema is a huge statement and essential feature of the perfect man cave. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, get yourself on amazon or eBay for a projector and a pull-out screen, or even pin up a white sheet!


    One of the most common and exciting aspects of owning a man cave, is the idea of having access to your own personal bar. Building a bar yourself is a rewarding and exciting project, or even consider buying a ready-made bar and decking it out with all your favourite spirits and beers. To give the bar a more rustic feel, think quirky wine racks, bottle openers, chalk boards, bar mats etc.

    Pool Table

    I don’t know about you, but when I think “Man Cave”, I think “Pool Table”. I’m not even really sure why, they just seem to make sense together. It’s the combination of home and pub, community and solitude, that make a pool table seem so endearing. Whether you build it yourself, treat yourself to a luxury real wood table, or even get yourself a more affordable plastic table; in the right environment it’ll fit right in.

    Musical Instruments

    If you’re a musician who doesn’t live alone, a man cave is essential for jam sessions (your neighbours will probably appreciate it too). Guitar hangers are a great looking and cheap way to display guitars, and they’re super easy to put up.

    Rustic Walls

    A great way to jazz up a man cave is by getting creative with the interior walls. Most cabins have a nice rustic wood finish to them, but there are lots of ways to create that edgy look. Consider corrugated metal sheets, maybe even a little rusty? Or there are great brick wallpaper options out there to create the illusion of a bare brick wall.

    Neon Signs

    Neon signs are in right now, and a super trendy way to light up your man cave. They go great with a bar, and you can even get signs custom made to say whatever you like! Or, consider the more old-school look by up-cycling a retro neon sign, perhaps from an old bar or petrol station.

    Vintage Pieces

    On that note, why not invest in a vintage piece of furniture? Online, charity shops and auctions are a great place to start looking for these. Who knows, maybe you could start a collection! Think old jukeboxes, petrol pumps, popcorn/candy floss machines… get creative!

    The Perfect Chairs

    No man cave is complete without the perfect chair. Consider the theme of your man cave, if it’s the perfect place for you to kick back on Fifa, get yourself a decent gaming chair. If the space is more sophisticated, perhaps a vintage leather piece would work nicely? We also think this way of displaying bean bags by hanging them is awesome!

    Record Player/Speakers

    Music is pretty much essential for any man cave, whatever mood you’re going for there’s an album to stick on. Consider investing in some decent speakers, maybe surround sound or bluetooth connectivity? Or, if you’re thinking more old school (or maybe you already have a hefty vinyl collection), consider a record player. There are so many great and creative ways to display records proudly!

    Cool Lighting

    Why not get creative with the lighting in your man cave? Sure, you can get yourself a nice lamp from IKEA, but why do that when beer-lights are a thing!? There are so many DIY options online for creative lighting for your man cave, or consider creative custom designers who could create your ideal lighting to your specification!

    And finally - the perfect cabin to put it all in! 

    Hamptons Cabin

    A stunning design that provides an outstanding summerhouse, private home gym or impressive home office, our California 44mm Log Cabin is a spacious outdoor building- 19 square meters of floor space with the advantage of the height being under the required planning permission requirements.



    Brookhaven Cabin

    The Brookhaven Log Cabin has a large number of windows around to 3 sides which therefore allows for plenty of light to flood in. The 34mm thick logs that this building has are much thicker than your standard summerhouses, this enables ensure your cabin looks beautiful for years and years to come.


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