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Monthly Archives: November 2018

  1. December Hot Tub Offers

    Regency Baroness Hot Tub Discount

    Regency Countess Hot Tub Discount

    Regency Baron Hot Tub Discount

    Regency Prince Hot Tub Discount

    Regency Princess Hot Tub Discount

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  2. Swim Spas: More than Just Swimming

    Have a flick through any Swim Spa Brochure and you’ll be greeted with lots of pictures of athletes and swimmers using the Swim Spa as part of their training regime – and they’re not wrong! Swim Spas offer a perfect alternative to installing a full-sized pool into your back garden. If you don’t have Olympic swimming aspirations and you’re wondering if a Swim Spa is worth the investment, read on to see why Swim Spas are for more than just swimming!



    If you have a large family or lots of friends, there is no better excuse to get everyone together than a soak in the swim spa! Our Coast Spas Wellness Party Swim Spa has seating for up to 8 adults together, or if you wanted to allow the kids room to play in the spa with the adults relaxing, our Coast Spas Wellness IV features a self-contained hot tub joined to the Swim Spa together in one unit!


    Socialising in a Swim Spa

    XL Hot Tub

    What’s better than a standard hot tub? A bigger one of course! Swim Spas can come with all the lighting, jets, and temperature control that a hot tub can, bringing with it all the health and relaxation benefits you can get from a hot tub. Some Swim Spas also feature lounger seating, so you can use your Swim Spa for relaxation just like a Hot Tub.


    Resistance training

    If swimming isn’t quite your thing, but you still want to use your Swim Spa for fitness, resistance training works excellently. By using the resistance of the water (turning the jets on will increase the resistance), you can tailor your workout to suit you! Below are just a few examples of exercises that work well in a Swim Spa:

    Exercise Technique
    Jogging on the Spot A brilliant exercise for warming up, while working your leg muscles.
    Bicycle Kicks Put your back against the wall and hold the top lip of the swim spa. Bring your legs up just under the surface of the water and move them in a circular motion, as if you were pedalling a bike. Keep pedalling for 1-2 minutes for a great lower ab and leg workout.
    Chest Flyes Starting in a lunge position (to ensure your arms are just under the surface of the water), place your arms straight out in front of you with your palms touching. Bring your arms out to the side, keeping them straight. Return to the starting position and repeat 10-15 times for a killer chest and arm exercise.

    If you prefer to use Exercise Equipment in your workout, there is a wide range of products available. From Exercise Bikes to Treadmills, Award Leisure stock products that will take your workout to the next level.

    Exercise in a Swim Spa

    Don’t be fooled by their name – Swim Spas are so versatile and can be used for much more than swimming. If you want to see how a Swim Spa can improve your family’s lives, get in touch with us to receive a Free Buyers Guide!

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  3. Are Chlorine Tablets Safe for my Hot Tub?

    Chlorine tablets, regardless of brand, all contain a chemical called Trichloroisocyanuric acid (or Trichlor for short). When used in an acrylic Hot Tub, it can cause severe damage to the shell – if the thermal cover isn’t removed for a few days to vent the gases given off by the tablet, severe bleaching of the plastic occurs.

    Trichlor corrosive warning sign

    We advise that if you wish to use a tablet form of Hot Tub sanitation, Bromine is the recommended option; either as a Frog Cartridge or a Bromine Tablet. However, we do stock Chlorine tablets for customers that own LayZ Spas, swimming pools, or other non-acrylic spas. If you still wish to use Chlorine to sanitise your spa, we do stock Spamate Chlorine granules which do not contain Trichlor and are safe to use in acrylic spas.


    Award Leisure strongly advise that Trichlor is not used with any Coast Spa, and Coast Spas themselves agree. Use of the tablet is quite apparent and obvious to detect and will also not be covered by your warranty.

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  4. Winter Hot Tub Use

    Having a hot tub through the summer is great for having friends over and enjoying the long balmy evenings together; but for those in the know, using your hot tub in the winter can be just as enjoyable. But is it worth it?


    Keeping Warm

    On a crisp, cold day there aren’t many places more inviting than a warm hot tub. Removing the cover and watching the steam rise from the hot water just before a soak can relax you and set you up for the day. For many people, the cold winter weather brings with it many aches and pains that can be relieved by your hot tubs hydrotherapeutic massage jets, with the warm water relaxing tense muscles and the steam helping unblock those stuffy winter flu noses!


    Not as Expensive as you Think

    Many people are put off running their hot tubs through the winter due to thinking that their electricity bill will go through the roof. We’re here to tell you, with a little maintenance, that isn’t the case! If you have invested in a good quality hot tub cover with a tight-fitting seal, your tub will be efficient at maintaining the temperature without driving up your energy costs.

    Another great tip for reducing your energy cost is to reduce how often you use the jets and remember to turn them off when you have finished your soak. Hot tub jets work by blowing air into the water, which will reduce the temperature of the water, meaning that your hot tub will use more energy keeping the water warm.


    Hot Tub Massage Jets


    Accessorise to Maximise Comfort

    Some may enjoy a warm soak in the hot tub while being exposed to the colder elements; however, creating a comfortable outdoor space to house a hot tub may be a better solution for others. Depending how connected to the outdoors you wish to be, hot tubs can be protected from the elements by something as simple as an awning or gazebo, right through to a dedicated log cabin.


    Hot Tub in Cabin

    Still Not Convinced?

    Hot tubbing in the Winter may not be for everyone. If this is the case with your hot tub, you must make sure you properly shut it down for the winter, to avoid any nasty surprises when you come to recommissioning it in the Spring. Here at Award Leisure, we provide a Professional Winterisation Service where your hot tub is thoroughly drained, and the water is drawn out of all the pipework to ensure your hot tub will be ready to go in the warmer weather.


    If hot tubbing in the winter sounds like the perfect way to relax and enjoy your garden year-round, Check out our Black November deals to get a great price on a stock model in our massive display sale! With 0% finance over 3 years, no deposit and guaranteed delivery before Christmas, you can be enjoying winter the right way!

    Hurry, only 37 35 30 Models left!

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  5. Maximise the Benefit of a Sauna Session

    Saunas are well known for their plethora of health benefits and are regarded in some countries as a great social experience; but are you making the most of your Sauna sessions? We’ve included some helpful tips and tricks to leave you fully refreshed after a perfect sauna session.


    Hydrate Yourself

    Keeping yourself hydrated during a sauna session is essential for your own safety. It’s no secret that Saunas make you sweat, but the key is to keep yourself hydrated throughout your session, so you can keep flushing out those toxins without depleting your fluids. Alcohol is not advised, as it will dehydrate you faster and can be dangerous - stick to water, it's much better for you and will help you make the most of your sauna detox!


    Grab your Essential Oils

    The Sauna provides the perfect opportunity for some aromatherapy! Mix and match your favourite scents to create a perfect haven. Unsure where to start? We’ve included some ideas below:

    Essential Oil Benefits
    Eucalyptus Great for clearing airways in people with colds or suffering from asthma. It has a sharp, refreshing scent that acts as a stimulator, so would be perfect for an early morning sauna session.
    Lavender Very popular essential oil due to its relaxing and stress-relieving properties. Combine with another stress-busting essential oil like Sandalwood for the ultimate relaxing sauna session.
    Grapefruit A surprisingly sweet but tangy aroma, grapefruit can help cleanse your pores to combat oily skin. If you suffer from acne, making a grapefruit sauna session part of your routine is a great natural remedy.
    Chamomile While chamomile is well-known for helping you sleep, it is also a great aromatherapy for relieving muscle tension. If you play sports or just have a lot of aches and pains, bathing in a sauna with chamomile is the perfect natural remedy.

    If you have a Traditional Sauna, mixing one or two drops into the water that you pour on the coals will release a cloud of delightfully scented vapour with each ladle poured.

    Aromatherapy Essential Oils

    Leave your Phone Alone

    Steam and electronics do not mix. Use the excuse to unplug from social media, work emails and demanding conversations to just enjoy the moment and fully relax. Bonus points if you have an Outdoor Sauna and you leave your phone in the house!


    Take some Time to Cool Down

    Straight after a sauna session, you need to cool your body down. If you don’t feel as brave as rolling around in the snow like the Finnish, a Cold Shower will work just as well. Don’t plan on doing anything too strenuous straight after a session, just enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation before slowly returning to the fast pace of modern life.


    These tips will work great in any sauna, but the secret to long-lasting benefits is regular sessions. If the thought of travelling to your local gym or leisure centre 2-3 times a week for sauna sessions fills you with more dread than relaxation, perhaps its time to consider installing your own private haven!


    Cedar pod Sauna

    Here at Award Leisure, we are proud of our quality range of Cedar Saunas, from Indoor or Outdoor saunas, to our beautiful outdoor Barrel and Pod saunas. With loads of optional upgrades available, our saunas are fully customisable to create a functional space that you’ll love to spend time in.  


    Want to know more? Fill out our online form to receive your FREE Sauna Buyers Guide.

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