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Monthly Archives: January 2019

  1. Where Can I Buy a Hot Tub in 2019?

    In the age of Social Media trendsetters and YouTube tutorials for just about anything, the internet is a vast wealth of collective knowledge and experiences, and absolutely should not be underestimated for its usefulness in finding something new and learning about it – so should you use it to buy a Hot Tub?


    The short answer is – yes! Nothing screams ‘convenience’ more than searching for a luxury Hot Tub from the comfort of your sofa, without having to travel to your local Hot Tub Showroom and hope they have something suitable for you. So where should you go on the internet to find a Hot Tub?


    Finding the right online Hot Tub Company

    It is SUPER important that you choose a reputable company if you are going to buy a Hot Tub from the internet. There are many companies operating solely online that are less than scrupulous, luring customers in with what looks like a ‘good’ deal and a warranty that seems too good to be true – and that’s because in most cases, it is. Most of these companies can offer these incredible deals because they buy cheap spas that break down soon after purchase and have no intention of staying in business long enough to honour any warranty. Sound like a nightmare? Fear not! There are good guys out there selling Hot Tubs on the internet, we promise!


    The best way to go about choosing a Hot Tub company to buy from is to not get sucked in by pretty pictures of Hot Tubs – study the company first. Look at how long they have been in business, which should give you a pretty good indication of how capable they will be to honour any warranty they offer. Another great feature to look out for is whether the company install and service their Hot Tubs themselves, or contract it out to a third party; if they have their own dedicated service team, it is likely that the company know their Hot Tubs well, and will be able to help you with any issue that you may encounter!

    Hot Tub Installation and Service

    Award Leisure

    We understand that buying anything online is a big commitment, so we want to make sure you have everything you need to find the perfect Hot Tub without even getting off the sofa. All our Hot Tubs and Outdoor Leisure products are available to view and to buy online right here, on Awardleisure.com. You can also download our Free Buyer’s Guides for help choosing the right product for you, and get advice on all things Hot Tub from our Online Support Desk!


    Hot Tub Deals

    Hottubdeals.co.uk was designed with ease in mind – by promoting our exclusive Regency Hot Tub Collection with all-inclusive pricing and easy online finance applications, we wanted to make sure buying a Hot Tub online is as enjoyable as using it! All our exclusive internet-only Hot Tub deals are in stock at our UK warehouse and available for immediate delivery, so you can be bubbling away in your Hot Tub in no time!


    Hot Tub Offers

    If you’re looking for a great Hot Tub discount, look no further than hottuboffers.com! Featuring pre-owned and ex-display models, you can pick up a great deal that’s available for immediate nationwide delivery. All of the Hot Tubs also come with a 2-year guarantee, so you can be sure that your Hot Tub is of the same quality and standard as our other models on offer.


    Finding a good Hot Tub Showroom

    It’s no secret that Hot Tubs are expensive. They are a luxury product for a reason, and for most households, they are a pretty major investment which requires a lot of research. The internet is great for ordering an emergency 5 kilo bag of gummy bears (trust me, they’re out there), but most people would be more hesitant to order thousands of pounds worth of a Hot Tub without first seeing the model in a showroom and learning as much as they could from an experienced salesperson. If this sounds like you, then a good old-fashioned showroom is the way to go!

    Hot Tub Showroom in Warwickshire

    Award Leisure are the largest Hot Tub retailer in the UK with 6 nationwide showrooms, so you shouldn’t have to travel too far to come and see our huge range of Hot Tubs! All of our showrooms are fully stocked with a wide range of outdoor leisure products (not just hot tubs!) so you can get everything you could possibly want to create the perfect retreat. We’ve included our showrooms below and where to find them:

    Award Leisure Birmingham is situated in Hall Green, Birmingham. This showroom is well placed for customers coming from Worcester, Wolverhampton and the rest of the West Midlands, being just a few minutes’ drive from J4 of the M42.

    Hot Tubs in Birmingham

    Award Leisure Cheshire is based in Knutsford and is a 10-minute drive from J19 of the M6, helping our customers in the North and North Wales to find their perfect Hot Tub. Award Leisure Cheshire is also a short 40 minute drive from Manchester.

    Hot Tubs in Cheshire

    Award Leisure Lincoln can be found at Pennells Garden Centre in Lincolnshire, just off the A46 in South Hykeham. This small but mighty Showroom is conveniently located so you can get everything you need for your garden in one place.

    Hot Tubs in Lincoln

    Award Leisure London is based in St Albans, just off the North Orbital road and 5 minutes from J22 of the M25. Our St Albans Showroom is in the perfect location for any customers living in and around all sides of London and the South East.

    Hot Tubs in London

    Award Leisure Superstore is our UK warehouse, storing all of our Hot Tubs ready for delivery - but it's also open to the public 7 days a week for you to have a look around! You can find it in Ventura Park Trading Estate in Tamworth, which is a 10-minute drive from J10 of the M42 and the M6 Toll.

    Hot Tub Superstore in the Midlands

    Award Leisure Warwickshire is our Head office, and the hub of all things Award Leisure. Our flagship showroom is based on the A5 between Dordon and Grendon, being 2 minutes from J10 on the M42. The Showrooms is conveniently located for customers from both Warwickshire and Leicestershire.

    Hot Tub Showroom in Warwickshire

    Deciding you want to buy a Hot Tub is the easy part – it’s important to get everything else that comes afterwards right to avoid disappointment and heartache in what should be an exciting time! If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment below or get in touch with one of our expert Award Leisure advisors at esales@awardleisure.co.uk.

    Still undecided? We get it! We have put together all our knowledge and experience of over 30 years in the industry to create a handy little Buyers Guide, that we want to give to you – for Free! This easy to print PDF gives you great hints and tips on common questions to ask, things to consider when looking at Hot Tubs and how to choose the right Hot Tub for you. Download yours today!

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  2. Get your Hot Tub Involved in Time to Talk Day 2019

    Time to Talk Day 2019 is fast approaching and is all about challenging social stereotypes to start a conversation about mental health – a problem that affects 1 in 4 of us throughout our lifetime! From Anxiety and Eating Problems, to PTSD and Postnatal Depression, everyone deserves to feel comfortable talking to someone, and just knowing that someone is there to talk to can make a world of difference.


    Mental health problems are one of the leading causes of disability around the world, with 1 in 6 people suffering from mental health issues on a regular basis. The more we talk about mental health, the more the stereotypes surrounding mental health will break down, and the easier it is to encourage people who are suffering to talk about it and get the support that they need. So how can you help?

    Time to Talk Day 2019

    Time to Talk Day 2019 is on the 7th February this year and encourages everyone to have a conversation about mental health. There is a common misconception that you need to be an expert on mental health to be able to help – this simply isn’t true! Even if you haven’t experienced any mental health issues, there are loads of super helpful resources out there – just check out this list from the mental health charity Mind.org to get you started.

    Hot Tubs for Time to Talk Day

    If you’re wondering how to kick off a conversation on Time to Talk Day, why not consider inviting everyone round for a soak in the Hot Tub? There is no better feeling than bubbling away in a soothing, warming hot tub surrounded by your friends or family, with no distractions – providing the perfect opportunity to start a conversation about mental health. It doesn’t even have to be an in-depth discussion on society’s stigma towards people with mental health (but hey, if that’s what you enjoy then go ahead and put the world to rights!), just checking in on everyone and making sure they’re all okay is a great way to start talking.


    If relaxing and catching up with friends and family in a bubbly hot tub sounds like the perfect way to spend Time to Talk Day, why not take a look at our Countess 30 Hot Tub from Regency Spas? This round spa is nicely compact to fit most gardens, while being spacious enough to seat 6 people on its bench seating – perfect for gathering friends and family together for a good chat and a hydrotherapy massage. The Countess starts from £5,495 with minimal maintenance and low running costs; and with a fully stocked UK warehouse, the Countess is available for immediate Nationwide delivery. The convenient plug and play feature means that the Countess only needs a 13 amp power supply, saving you the hassle of installing additional electrics – so you can be talking about mental health in a new Hot Tub ready for Time to Talk Day 2019.


    6 Person Round Hot Tub 6 Seater Round Hot Tub

    If you want more information and advice on Time to Talk Day, head over to the Time to Change website to get tips on starting a conversation and how to get involved in breaking down the stigma around mental health.

    To find out more about the Countess Hot Tub or any other Hot Tub from Award Leisure, Download a Free Buyers Guide or get in touch with us today!

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  3. Are you Considering Buying a Hot Tub Enclosure? Part 4

    As the last of the Christmas food disappears and people start their New Year’s Resolutions in earnest (for the third time this year… we see you!), some may start looking towards the Summer and planning outdoor projects to improve their garden. While a nice potted plant here and there may do the trick for some, the more visionary among us may be thinking big – we’re talking Hot Tubs and landscaping!


    Planning where to put your hot tub has never been easier. Rather than simply putting the hot tub on your existing patio and losing valuable space, have you considered making the Hot Tub the centrepiece of your garden? It’s a good idea to think ahead as to how you might use your hot tub, and how your needs may evolve as time goes on – if you decide that the mad dash in your budgie smugglers from the house to the Hot Tub is too much to bear, consider adding a changing area or if you regularly have friends over, an Enclosure with a built-in bar can help to make the most of your Hot Tub area.


    Outdoor Hot Tub Landscaping 


    At some point, most hot tub owners choose to place a Gazebo over their hot tub; as we’ve seen in our previous blog posts, you’re missing out on a whole new Hot Tub world without one! If you’ve fitted the hot tub in front of the kitchen or dining room windows, you might make life a bit more challenging as you will limit your choice of hot tub enclosures, and any type of gazebo is going to block your view and much needed natural light into the house; so its best to be prepared and think carefully about where to position your Hot Tub.

    Pro Tip: Don’t waste money putting the hot tub onto expensive decking – deck around the hot tub instead, giving the impression that the hot tub is slightly sunken and looks very stylish!


    Sunken Hot Tub Deck Design 


    Enclosures are a super effective way of making the most of your Hot Tub – and making your garden beautiful! Gazebos made from richly coloured wood, with hip roofs, cedar shingle tiles, glass doors, louvered sides and sliding doors offer texture, height, reflection, dimension and definition to almost every garden space – no matter what the shape or size of the garden footprint.


    If you need help with getting your garden project off the ground, Get in touch with us at Award Leisure. We offer a 1 Stop landscaping service, alongside our FREE site surveys to ensure your Hot Tub & Enclosure installation goes as smoothly as possible – So make those Pinterest dreams a reality in 2019!


    Buy a Hot Tub and Gazebo Enclosure Package and Save Money at Award Leisure with our Package Offers.


    Still Browsing? Need to know more? Download your FREE Buyers Guide!

    See our full range of Hot Tub enclosures at your local Showroom in WarwickshireLincolnshireHertfordshireBirmingham or Cheshire.


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  4. What is the best Hot Tub Insulation Type?

    Are you looking at buying a Hot Tub or upgrading your existing Hot Tub? Have you heard about different Hot Tub insulation options and been baffled about the differences? It is key to understand the importance of insulation on a Hot Tub as that will determine your running costs, so it could save you money and provide many other benefits.

    Insulation in Hot Tubs is used for thermal and structural purposes, ultimately designed to reduce your Hot Tub running costs and enhance structural integrity. In this blog I will inform you of the differences between the different types of Hot Tub insulation and run though the benefits.

    Over time, and still to this day, Hot Tub companies are coming up with new names for different types of insulation in Hot Tubs, so it is easy to get misled by all this jargon. Below is a diagram which talks about different types of foam insulation. 

    What is the best Hot Tub Insulation Type

    100% Full Foam Insulation is considered one of the best types of insulation in a Hot Tub. The foam supports the pipes and plumbing to prevent leaks and reduce the noise (as there are little or no vibrations). It also backs the structure of the shell giving the spa structural integrity, and ultimately maintains running costs as the foam reduces heat loss.

    What should you consider when thinking about insulation for your Hot Tub?

    • Where will the Hot Tub be located? (U.K, France etc.)
    • Will the Spa be outside?
    • Do you want to use your Hot Tub in winter?
    • Do you want to reduce the Hot Tub running noise (when jets and pumps are turned on)?
    • Do you care how much the Hot Tub costs to run?

    If you are considering purchasing a Hot Tub or Swim Spa then one question you need to ask yourself is “where will the Spa be located?” well, if you live in the U.K like myself, then you know that for the majority of the year the weather is COLD! If you have a Spa running outside 365 days a year that doesn’t have any or an effective type of insulation, then it is a FACT that the Spa WILL cost more to run in comparison to a Spa that is 100% insulated. If you want to maintain low running costs all year round, then I would suggest 100% full foam insulation for your Hot Tub.

    To understand how insulation works regardless of its application in consumer products, the first step is to understand heat flow which involves three basis mechanisms – conduction, convection and radiation.

    1) Conduction is the way heat moves through materials. A good example of it is when a spoon placed in a hot cup of coffee conducts heat through its handle to your hand.

    2) Convection is the way heat circulates around us in different forms of matter - through liquids and gases, and is why lighter, warmer air rises, and cooler, denser air sinks in your home.

    3) Radiant heat normally travels in a straight line and heats anything solid in its path that absorbs its energy.


    Regardless of the mechanism used, heat flows from a warmer area to cooler area until there is no longer a temperature difference. In Hot Tubs, this means that in winter, heat flows directly from all heated air spaces within the body of 4-walls, bottom floor and the perimeter space. Heat flow can also move indirectly under the shell of the hot tub side-to-side, up-and-down and through body of water (above the water line to the underside of the safety cover). To maintain the set temperature within the body of water, any heat loss in a hot tub must be replaced by its heating system within the portable design of the spa. A proper insulated hot tub will decrease this heat flow by providing an effective resistance to the flow of the heat.


    If a hot tub was to have less insulation such as partial foam, foam around the core or structural insulation around the base of the hot tub this allows for large spaces within the cabinet and behind the shell for heat to escape. Which in effect decreases the heat of the water causing the heater to kick in and re heat the water. Costing you MORE MONEY!


    Where will the Spa be located? Will it be in a cabin, property, building, balcony, garden, sunken or above ground? These are the types of questions you should be answering when considering a Hot Tub or Swim Spa. The majority of Hot Tub owners have their Hot Tub located outside in the garden, I find there is something quite magical sitting back relaxing in your Hot Tub outside whilst its cold or snowing sipping on a nice glass of wine. If you are like the majority and are considering putting your Hot Tub in your garden, then the logical answer is that you would want it to be 100% fully foam insulated.


    Do you want to use your Hot Tub in the winter? If the answer is yes, then you will need to be careful with what insulation your Hot Tub comes with. Cheaper spas tend to have either no insulation or a partial insulation or foam core insulation which means your Hot Tub will cost more to run! After doing some research, I have found that you should always find out where the spa is manufactured. The reason for this is because some American branded Spas are manufactured to suit hotter climates, Chinese Spas tend to be cheaply made and are of poor quality but I have found that Canadian manufactured Hot Tubs are nearly all 100% insulated to suit the cold Canadian climate – if you live in a cold climate then I would suggest a Canadian manufactured Hot Tub, this means your Spa will costs less to run and you can enjoy it all year round! Be aware! I have found that some Hot Tub brands sell themselves as being Canadian but are manufactured in other parts of the world e.g. Asia. So be aware when looking to purchase the Spa and always do your research. A Canadian brand which is highly recommended is Coast Spas or Regency Collection.


    What are the other benefits of having a fully insulated hot tub?

    Do you want to reduce the Hot Tub running noise (when jets and pumps are turned on)?

    • Some Hot Tubs carry up to 2574 litres of water, that’s a lot of heavy water being pushed and pumped around the Hot Tub pipework! When the pumps and jets are on the internal pipework will move with the amount of water surging through them, like a fireman’s hose, if there isn’t anything supporting the pipework then the pipes can sometimes come away from the jets, causing leaks – this will mean you will be paying for a Hot Tub engineer to come out to the Hot Tub to see if they can fix the leak (sometimes it’s not always a guaranteed fix on the day, so you may need to pay another professional to come out, so this can become very expensive.) When you spend £1,000’s of pounds on a Hot Tub the last thing you want to do is worry about it breaking or leaking! Fully insulated spas allow the foam density to encapsulate the pipes and plumbing preventing vibrations, muffling noise and preventing leaks.
    • Hot Tubs are made all throughout the world, whether your spa is from China, America or Canada they are all being imported overseas in large containers. You want to ensure that the product is structurally supported throughout its transportation.
    • Saving you money! It has been proven that a Hot Tub that is fully foam insulated will cost less to run compared to a Hot Tub with no, or less than 100% insulation.  


    So what does all this research suggest?

    When buying a Hot Tub ensure the spa has 100% Full Foam A + R Rated Insulation – this is the best form of insulation in hot tubs. Coast Spas actually use a 2 pound density thick foam sprayed all around the plumbing and pipework, this will reduce the noise, supporting the plumbing/structure plus this will prevent pipework from moving, and ultimately keep the heat in to maintain low monthly running costs. This type of insulation is vital to make sure you are not spending thousands of pounds a year to keep the spa heated. Top brands in the Hot Tub industry have been using this insulation for decades, because it’s the best!

    Want to know more about Hot Tub Foam Insulation? Click the image below to see how Foam Insulation is installed into a Coast Spas Hot Tub!

    Hot Tub Foam Insulation Video

    Find out about the things you should know that some sellers do not tell you before you buy your new hot tub. Get our FREE buyers guide here.

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  5. Are You Considering Buying a Hot Tub Enclosure? Part 3

    Hot Tub Gazebos are not only great for keeping the bad weather out, they also help to create one of the best hot tub experiences imaginable. Visualise gazing up at the stars on a crisp, clear evening while relaxing in soothing, bubbling water – whatever the weather! The large skylights fitted into the cedar gazebo roof offers weather protection while keeping you connected with the outside world, so you can relax and watch the world above you go by. The night sky changes constantly throughout year and even during the night, giving you the perfect reason to indulge in a midnight soak in the middle of Winter.

    Hot Tub Gazebo with Skylight

    Adding an enclosure with a skylight isn’t the only way to maximise your Hot Tub experience! If you have a large family or decide to throw a hot tub party, there’s no better way of keeping refreshments close at hand than making use of a bar that is built-in to the side of a Hot Tub Enclosure. Having a bar close to your Hot Tub will transform the area into a great spot for social gatherings and give all your friends the perfect excuse to pop round with a bottle or two!

    Thatch Gazebo with Bar

    Buy a Hot Tub and Gazebo Enclosure Package and Save Money at Award Leisure with our Package Offers.


    Still Browsing? Need to know more? Download your FREE Buyers Guide!

    See our full range of Hot Tub enclosures at your local Showroom in WarwickshireLincolnshireHertfordshireBirmingham or Cheshire.

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  6. Are You Considering Buying a Hot Tub Enclosure? Part 2

    With a Hot Tub Enclosure, making the most of your hot tub throughout the whole year has never been easier. Enclosures come in many sizes to suit any garden,  Cedar gazebos can come fully enclosed with sliding doors or bronzed glass windows to create a completely enclosed space; or if you prefer something a bit more connected to the outdoors, you can choose to have up to 3 open and closing louvered sides for a more immersive outdoor hot tub experience while still being protected from the elements.

    Cedar Gazebo with Windows

    Cedar is the most resilient wood to inclement weather and therefore makes for a perfect Hot Tub Enclosure. Despite the unpredictable British climate, if you’ve placed your hot tub in an enclosure, there’s very little the weather can throw at you to spoil a pre-planned soak.

    Hot Tub Enclosures with a Bar

    While 70% of hot tubs are purchased during the summer months, a seasoned hot tub owner will tell you that the best time to enjoy the relaxing warm massage is when the weather turns colder. While most of us only use our garden through the autumn and winter months for hanging out the washing or letting the pets out, hot tub owners get to use their garden 365 days of the year – especially if they’ve put their hot tub under a Gazebo or inside a Log Cabin. Hot tub enclosures not only get you into hot water, they get you outside in the fresh air throughout the year.

    Buy a Hot Tub and Gazebo Enclosure Package and Save Money at Award Leisure with our Package Offers.


    Still Browsing? Need to know more? Download your FREE Buyers Guide!

    See our full range of Hot Tub enclosures at your local Showroom in WarwickshireLincolnshireHertfordshireBirmingham or Cheshire.

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  7. Are You Considering Buying a Hot Tub Enclosure? Part 1

    Wooden Gazebos and outdoor Pergolas make the perfect Hot Tub Enclosure and provide the benefit of offering privacy, weather-proofing and adding a design feature to your garden, enabling you to enjoy an all-weather Hot Tub lifestyle. Outdoor structures with either a wooden roof, side screens or even both features allow you to use your preferred outdoor area more frequently throughout the year, even if you are overlooked by neighbours.

     Hot Tub Enclosures at Award Leisure

    There are many choices of Hot Tub Enclosure – in shape, size and price. These types of outdoor structures generally do not need planning permission and are invaluable if you are looking to make more use of an area in your garden which you’d never previously considered. There are many different styles and materials to suit any garden, from luxurious Cedar Gazebos to stylish Thatched Gazebos.


    Thatched Hot Tub Enclosures

    Typically, the location of a hot tub is best placed nearer to the house or in the most private part of your garden. Hot Tub Enclosures can come with solid side walls or with Open and Close Louvred Sides to give you more options on how to get the best out of your garden space while keeping out of sight of neighbours!

    Buy a Hot Tub and Gazebo Enclosure Package and Save Money at Award Leisure with our Package Offers.

    Still Browsing? Need to know more? Download your FREE Buyers Guide!

    See our full range of Hot Tub enclosures at your local Award Leisure Showroom in Warwickshire, Lincolnshire, Hertfordshire, Birmingham or Cheshire.

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