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Monthly Archives: June 2019

  1. Award Leisure at the Lincs Chamber of Commerce Charity Golf Day 2019

    The Award Leisure golf team are off to the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce Charity Golf Day today! We are proud to be headline sponsor and couldn’t resist having a go ourselves – especially for the worthwhile cause: YMCA Lincolnshire.

    With several keen golfers in our family business, we are delighted to be the headline sponsor for Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce Charity Golf Day, taking place at the Sleaford Golf Club.


    Charlotte Anthony, Sales Director at Award Leisure, said: “As very keen golfers and a local retailer and Award leisure Lincoln based in Pennells, we felt this was the perfect partnership with which to promote our refurbishment and relaunch of our Outdoor Leisure Hot Tub & Garden Buildings store in Hykeham. We are thrilled to be involved with this worthy cause.”

    The event, held annually by the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, sees a full day of golfing, networking and raising money for YMCA Lincolnshire. The proceeds raised will go straight back into helping people of the local community including day care, youth work, emergency overnight accommodation as well as housing and training.


    Attendees will enjoy a welcome Full English breakfast, before teeing off at 9.30am.

    We will be playing 18 holes, and there are prizes for the winners, runners-up, the longest drive and getting nearest the pin!


    Following the game there will be a complimentary 2 course lunch, with a presentation of trophies and raffle prizes.

    That’s right, there’s a raffle!

    There are some amazing prizes up for grabs from local businesses, including a signed football shirt from Lincoln City FC, a meal for 4 at Marco Pierre White Steakhouse restaurant, as well as many golf prizes with all proceeds will be going straight to YMCA Lincolnshire!


    We are also giving every team an Award Leisure goody bag, complete with Titleist pro V1 golf balls!

    The weather is set to be glorious today, and we wish all teams the best of luck!

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  2. Can you live off the grid in the UK?

    With the hustle and bustle of modern life, sometimes we just want to switch off, go off-grid and live a basic, wholesome way of life. Can you achieve this in the UK?

    Living off the grid in the UK is entirely possible and is the perfect way to experience the true natural beauty that our little island has to offer. That’s not to say it doesn’t come with some challenges!


    #1. Think: Is this really what you want?

    Living off the grid, no matter what country, is hard. There is a lot of investment, hard work and red tape to get through before achieving the true off-grid dream.

    • You’ll truly be at one with the peaks and troughs of Mother Nature, meaning no matter what the weather, you’ll probably have to spend a lot of time outside.
    • You’ve seen the gorgeous pictures of cabins in the woods on Social Media – can you deal with not being able to post your own once you’re living off the grid?
    • You thought your 9-5 was tough? When you’re repairing a broken fence at 11pm in the driving rain, you’ll probably be wishing for your comfy office chair and central heating.
    • Speaking of repairs, you’ve got to be prepared for things to go wrong. At the most inconvenient time possible. Systems will fail, and you may have to go without while you are sourcing parts.
    • While you can see the appeal of living off the land, your friends and family may not be as visionary. You may have to put up with pressure from people that don’t quite understand your passion for sustainable living.


    Do you want to truly live off the grid in the UK?


    #2. Finding a suitable location.

    When searching for a location to start your new life, there are a few factors you will want to consider.

    • Woodland: Having access to woodland to use for fuel and possibly some shelter is a pretty good idea! Stay away from finding land through woodlands.co.uk, as they require you to sign a clause saying you’re never going to live on the land.
    • Arable land: Having fertile land to grow your own food or graze livestock is a massive factor in living a sustainable life.
    • Water Source: Having access to water in the form of a well or stream can make life easier, giving you access to a fresh water source.

    The perfect plot of land is very hard to come by and if it does, will be very expensive. Why not consider teaming up with another family to create an off-grid community? Check out off-grid.net to find others looking to group up to create an off-grid paradise.


    Consider grouping together to invest in the right location


    #3. Navigate through planning permission

    If you’re planning on living in a yurt or static caravan, you won’t need to worry about planning permission. However, if you’re looking at something a little more permanent, you’ll have to navigate through the red tape that is the UK Planning Permission system. Want more advice from people that know the system? Have a chat with the group The Land is Ours.

    We offer a huge range of cabins that are perfect for supporting an off-grid lifestyle. From compact, basic cabins to spacious 2-bedroom log cottages, there’s a cabin for every situation!


    The Valkea Arkansas cabin is perfect for off-grid living


    #4. Sourcing water

    If you’re living off the grid, there’s no more just turning the taps on and having water! As previously mentioned, wells and streams on your land will be rare. A solution to this is rainwater collection.

    Collecting rainwater from your roof is a great solution, if you can store, filter and purify the water.

    Check out this video for a great, long-lasting rainwater system that is low maintenance and has lasted 20 years (and counting!)



    #5. Deciding on power sources

    Just because you’re living off the grid doesn’t mean you have to go right back to the dark ages – unless you want to of course! Using electricity for food storage, washing clothes or lighting are just some of the basics that you may decide you can’t live without. Electric cookers use a crazy amount of power, so investing in a wood-burning stove for cooking, boiling water and generally heating your home can be a great alternative.


    Download your Free Cabin Buyers Guide from Award Leisure


    So, what power sources will you go for?

    Most people go off the grid to minimise their impact on the environment, so renewable energy resources are the most favoured.

    A lot of the decision will come down to what your geographical area will allow – if you’re close to water, you can use hydroelectric power; although this tends to be very expensive to set up.

    If you are in a spot that gets a lot of sun, you could invest in solar panels. Alternatively, there are always wind turbines!


    What are you going to use to power your off-grid dream?


    #6. What are you going to eat?

    To be truly off the grid, you need to be as self-sufficient as possible. This will include growing your own fruits, veggies and grains, as well as raising livestock for meat and dairy products if you’re not vegan!


    Planning your meals is important to decide what you will grow


    #7. Don’t forget waste disposal!

    Often overlooked when in the planning stages of going off the grid, you’ll need a solid plan in place for waste disposal. Improper disposal is a biohazard and can result in fines, so make sure you’ve got it sorted.

    A popular solution is investing in a waterless, composting toilet. These toilets are favoured by narrowboat and campervan owners due to their compact size and being odourless!

    #8. Can you live alone?

    Some people’s main motivations for going off the grid is to get away from people – but when it comes down to it, off-grid living can be very isolated. Unless you’re living in an off-grid community, you can go days or even weeks without seeing another human!


    Do you want to live alone or share your off-grid dream with a community?


    Living off the grid in the UK is entirely possible and will bring you as close as possible to the natural beauty that your ‘plugged-in’ neighbours will never be able to appreciate!


    Get your Free Cabin Buyers Guide


    We stock a huge range of cabins to get you started on your off-grid adventure. Check out the full cabin range or get in touch for more information from our expert sales team!

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  3. 3 Chances to Win a FREE Hot Tub!

    Here at Award Leisure this Summer we are supporting our home country, are you?


    Across the three major sporting events we are backing England all the way, so we are offering all new Hot Tub customers 3 CHANCES to win a FREE hot tub!


    If England Ladies win the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup or England win the 2019 Official Cricket World Cup or England win the 2019 Official Rugby World Cup, Award Leisure will refund up to three selected lucky winners (one per sporting event) for their hot tub purchased from any Award Leisure store. The total purchase price will be refunded once fitted and installed by Award Leisure. You can only win once, if selected to win before other sporting events mentioned in this promotion has been drawn, you are not eligible to win again.


    To qualify for these FREE Hot Tubs, you must have bought your spa before each of the three respective sporting event final, officially begins.


    If England do win any of the three-sporting events, Award Leisure will be hosting a Pizza and Prosecco party for the live draw! All customers will be entered into a live prize draw and invited to attend the reveal, which is to be held at our flagship store in Warwickshire. The live draw will take place the day after each sporting event final.

    Supporting the England Lionesses is important to Award Leisure because we not only support all female athletes, but as a successful company Award Leisure support female professionals to pursue a career within Leisure Industry. We hope all you all feel the same way!


    Here come the Girls! 

    Win your dream hot tub if England win one of 3 major sporting events


    A statement from Award Leisure: “If you're feeling confident, it could be a triple whammy for this summer give away. Award Leisure is actually giving away 3 free hot tubs if England win all 3 sporting events!”

    Award Leisure has showrooms in Warwickshire, London, Birmingham, Lincoln, Cheshire and Tamworth. All showrooms are filled with luxurious and dazzling products ranging from Saunas to Swim Spas. Is this something you are interest in winning for FREE?

    Not only are Award Leisure offering 3 chances to win a free hot tub but during this promotion they are also offering deals and free package upgrades with selected spa series!

    These include The Party & Efficiency Package which is available when purchasing a Regency or Classic spa. The Extreme Party & Efficiency Package available when purchasing an Elite or Luxury model. And finally, the Ultimate Party & Wellness Package which is for all wellness models sold!

    Come into store this summer and be a part of this fantastic promotion.


    3 Chances to Win a Hot Tub


    Terms and conditions apply:

    You can only win one hot tub per purchase, in the event that more than one England team wins their respective competition.

    The last date for entries to qualify for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup is 4pm on July 7th

    The last date for entries to qualify for the 2019 2019 Official Cricket World Cup is 10.30am on July 14th.

    The last date for entries to qualify for the 2019 Official Rugby World Cup is 9am on November 2nd.

    Anyone who purchased from 1st June – 7th July will have 1 in 3 chances to win their Dream Hot Tub for FREE.

    Anyone who purchased from 8th July until 2nd November will have 1 in 2 chances to win.

    Anyone who purchased from 10:31am on July 14th until November 2nd will have 1 chance to win.

    This offer is only valid for any hot tub (excluding Swim Spas) purchased from an Award Leisure store from 1st June.

    The Customer has to have purchased (definition of purchase is with a minimum of 10% deposit on a finance deal Interest Bearing Finance or 25% deposit Interest Free Finance which has been approved and 25% deposit on any other hot tub sale). The refund will be paid once the hot tub is fitted by Award Leisure.

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  4. Holiday Let Owners: Is your Hot Tub HSG282 Compliant?

    If you own a Holiday Let, Hot Tubs can be a great way of improving the value of your letting. What are the guidelines you need to follow to be HSG282 Compliant?

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    What is HSG282?

    HSG282 is a set of guidelines for commercial pool and spa owners to assess and control the risk of exposure to Legionella and other infectious agents.

    It’s important to know that HSG282 is not law, it is considered as ‘best practice’. These standards would also be used in a court of law to measure whether you have complied as far as reasonably possible to meet the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.


    What are the HSG282 Hot Tub Compliance Guidelines


    What are the guidelines you need to be aware of?

    Self-cleaning bromine system: Your Hot Tub will have a constant supply of bromine fed directly into the water, keeping the spa water cleaner while your customers are enjoying the Hot Tub.

    Headrests: While headrests are a great feature for your own Hot Tub, they are a breeding ground for bacteria and can be easily broken.

    250 litres of water per bather: This limit is in place to ensure that the Hot Tub doesn’t exceed the maximum number of bathers at any one time. This keeps the water at an acceptable quality for risk assessments.


    Download a Free Hot Tub Buyers Guide


    24hr filtration system: Coast Spas are renowned for having one of the best filtration systems in the world. By housing the filter away from the bathing area, your water stays cleaner for longer.

    Written record of water testing: Done at least once per day, but up to 3 times depending on usage. You should make sure the pH remains balanced and there is enough sanitiser in the water to keep bathers safe.

    The HSG282 isn’t there to create more work for you or catch you out. They’re designed to keep your holiday tenants safe and give you an acceptable standard to maintain, avoiding liability.

    Where can I find a HSG282-compliant Hot Tub?

    If not specifically advertised, ask your Hot Tub dealer for details on their Hot Tubs that are HSG282-compliant.

    The Regency Spas Baroness Hot Tub comes with 30 hydrotherapy jets that are designed to give your bathers the most effective massage. The Baroness also features hand moulded handrails for easy in and out access plus a waterfall handrail that not only looks fantastic but is practical!


    HSG282 compliant Hot Tub


    Seating up to 4 adults, each seat offers a unique massage. The Baroness comes complete with a plush headrest, beverage holders and can run off a 13-amp conventional household supply, just like a kettle!

    Loving the look of the Baroness Hot Tub? Learn more below:



    Having a Hot Tub for your Holiday Let is a great way to boost bookings and tenant experience, but they do require work. You are responsible (and therefore liable) for the safety of your tenant when using the Hot Tub, so it’s important you choose a Hot Tub that will help you comply with all the guidance set out by the HSE.


    If you want more information on HSE282 or choosing a compliant Hot Tub, get in touch with our expert sales advisors today!

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