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  1. 5 Benefits of Sauna Use

    woman relaxing in sauna

    Saunas have been paramount in Finish culture for thousands of years and it isn’t difficult to see why - research has shown a saunas’ dry heat has profound effects on overall health, wellness and performance. Here are the top 5 benefits of sauna use:

    Ease Aches and Pains

    Heat from the sauna increases blood circulation and carries oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscle, which relieves muscle tension and improves joint stiffness. Consequently, saunas may help those with chronic pain and arthritis.

    Boost Your Mood

    Relaxing in a sauna helps your body to release endorphins, a feel-good chemical that has been proven to counteract stress and its negative impact on your body.

    Sleep Better

    Sauna use can encourage a deeper, more relaxed sleep. After you visit a sauna, your body will cool down rapidly. This cool down process signals to your brain that it’s time to start producing melatonin - the sleep hormone.

    Get Clearer Skin

    As you sweat, your blood flow and circulation increase. At the same time, your pores open up and sweat flushes out bacteria that was trapped in them, resulting in less clogged pores, smoother skin and a healthier complexion.

    Bring the Family Together

    Nowadays, we spend more and more time in front of screens and less and less time talking to each other. There is no better place than a sauna to relax and reconnect with family members after a busy week.

    General Precautions

    Despite the multitude of benefits, saunas may not be appropriate for everyone. You should seek medical advice before using a sauna, particularly if you are pregnant or have health conditions. Here are some other general precautions:

    • Do not drink alcohol before, during or after sauna use.
    • Stay in no more than 20 minutes.
    • Make sure to cool down gradually afterwards.
    • Drink plenty of cool water before and after each sauna session.
    • Do not use a sauna if you are ill.

    Why Should You Invest in a Sauna from Award Leisure?

    Our unique saunas are an exciting investment that generations can enjoy. The cedar walls are 40mm thick, providing incredible insulation and structural strength. They are designed to be energy efficient, resulting in lower running costs. Plus, we are so confident about the quality, that you receive a 5-year warranty so you can enjoy your new investment with complete peace of mind. You can expect a truly luxurious product with unrivalled service from Award Leisure.

    luna sauna in garden

    Click here to view our range of indoor and outdoor saunas. 
    Click here to download your free brochure. 
    Click here to book your virtual consultation with someone from our friendly team.

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  2. Project Lockdown: 5 Best Uses for a Log Cabin

    Award Leisure provide a huge variety of luxury log cabins in all shapes and sizes, perfect to transform your garden space into a functional retreat. These premium cabins are built in Scandinavia with thick and durable timber meaning whatever you decide to use them for, they're built to last! They are also FSC certified, so you can rest assured that your Cabin is not only renewable, but it comes from forests that are managed responsibly. Award Leisure even have models that don’t require any planning permission, meaning you can begin your garden transformation with complete peace of mind.

    log cabin at end of garden 

    See below Award Leisure’s 5 best uses for a log cabin – staying at home just got better!

    Garden Office

    For most of the UK, working from home is here to stay. However, many people have struggled to find an adequate spot in their home where they can get on with work undisturbed. It’s not difficult to see the advantages of setting up a garden office as we enter our second national lockdown - an idyllic commute, a distinct separation between work and home life, and a way to add value to your property. With amazing insulation and tonnes of space, a log cabin may be the answer to all of your telecommuting problems! For the perfect garden office, we recommend the Brookhaven Cabin.

    home office

    Home Gym

    Establishing a workout routine and making time for self-care is more important than ever. Regular exercise not only keeps you physically healthy but also improves your mental health by releasing endorphins, a powerful chemical in your brain that triggers a positive feeling in the body. With the gyms being closed, the sofa is calling and the temptation to let fitness slide during lockdown is real… unless you can bring the gym to you! A log cabin is the perfect way to keep your equipment safe and transform your garden space into a functional place to take care of your physical and mental health. A home gym is also a great way to add value to your property. We recommend the Hamptons Cabin for the idyllic home gym.

    home gym 

    Garden Pub

    Having a pub at the bottom of the garden is everyone’s dream, especially during lockdown. Many of us feel like we are existing rather than living at the moment and us brits are missing going to the local pub at the weekend to unwind with family and friends. Don’t miss out and create your own pub in the garden at home! Transform your unused garden space into an amazing 
    home bar where you can make treasured memories for years to come. The Michigan Cabin would make the perfect garden pub.

    garden pub

    Children's Playhouse

    Every child dreams of having their very own garden playhouse to live out their adventures! However, a playhouse is not an easy thing to build for your little one, make it that much easier with our easy to assemble log cabins. You’ll have a fun family project on your hands, and it will surely make your children happy for years to come. During these times, it’s easy for children to become bored and restless with new restrictions, a playhouse may be the answer to your prayers to get your child off their iPad and outside in the fresh air. For the perfect garden playhouse, we recommend the Witchita Cabin.

    children's playhouse 

    Hot Tub Cabin

    Our log cabins create the perfect hot tub enclosure and provide the benefits of a 
    private retreat, protection from the outdoor elements, and a stunning addition to any garden. Enclosures allow you to enjoy your hot tub all year round, no matter the weather, while keeping out of sight of neighbours. Spend time with your loved ones whilst enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy with an amazing British Hot Tub. The Georgia Cabin makes the complete hot tub enclosure!

    hot tub cabin

    Take the time this lockdown to really transform your outdoor space. With Award Leisure’s log cabin range, you can expect a truly luxurious product with unrivalled service from our friendly team. Browse our full log cabin range by clicking here!

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  3. Business As Usual (As Much As We Can)

    As the situation with COVID-19 continues to rapidly change we would like to take this opportunity to thank our colleagues, customers and partners for their loyalty and support during this very challenging and uncertain time.

    Your wellbeing continues to be our absolute priority and we have closely followed government guidance at every point. In line with the government’s decision to close all non-essential retail stores, our stores are now closed. Reopening dates to be confirmed as and when it is safe to do so.

    Our UK stores are available for facetime (video) viewing of our Hot Tubs and Swim Spas. Chemicals can be ordered via; over the phone, online [Use voucher code PROMO10 and save 10%)  or email. To contact your local store see below contact details:

    Tel: 0121 389 2758
    Via Email
    Buy Chemicals online: Call or email the store directly.

    Tel: 01565 750 850
    Via Email
    Buy Chemicals online: Call or email the store directly.

    Tel: 01522 300 470
    Via Email
    Buy Chemicals online

    St Albans:
    Tel: 01727 828403
    Via Email
    Buy Chemicals online

    Tamworth / Ventura:
    Tel: 0808 169 6555
    Via Email
    Buy Chemicals online

    Tel: 0808 169 6555
    Via Email
    Buy Chemicals online

    *During this period we are complying with the government guidelines.

    We will continue to offer the opportunity to shop remotely with us 24/7 via awardleisure.com and our online service portal

    We have also relocated all our key offices to home based / remote working capability and over the coming weeks will continue to support customers new and old as follows:

    • Sales Support via Video / Facetime
    • Sales Live Chat via our websites
    • Online Ordering for Product and Chemicals
    • Finance Applications Online or via telephone with our finance team
    • Service Support via our online service portal
    • Service Support via email

    We are committed to making the right decisions in line with government guidance and will keep you updated as and when things change via email and our social channels .

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  4. Using Your Garden Log Cabin in the Winter

    Log Cabins are great for expanding your living space into the garden, but can they be used all year round – especially in the darkest depths of a UK Winter?

    There are investments and practices you can use to ensure your Log Cabin is just as warm and comfortable in the Winter as it is in the Summer.



    The best way to keep heat in your cabin is with good-quality insulation. While the cabin walls tend to be thicker, the flooring and roof usually comes thinner. Insulating these is a great way to keep heat within the cabin on those dark Winter evenings.


    Download your Free Log Cabin Buyers Guide


    You can also get varying sizes of log thickness – if you can, invest in a thicker log so your cabin will be stronger, more durable and retain as much heat as possible.


    Insulation is a cost-effective way of keeping your cabin warm during the winter



    So now you’ve got insulation sorted to retain the heat in your cabin, you need something to generate it!

    The easiest option for a log cabin is to install underfloor heating. They take up less space than a conventional heater and will heat at a considerably lower temperature – making it cheaper to run!

    Electric heaters and radiators can be used to heat your cabin but may not be as cost-effective at heating the whole room.

    If you prefer a more authentic look for your cabin, you can opt for a log burner! They can be pricey to set up but running costs are low – especially if you have access to free fuel! To keep you and your cabin safe, you should use a HETAS professional and install a carbon monoxide alarm.


    Log Burners are a stylish way to heat your cabin through the winter


    Maintenance and Preparing for Winter

    To ensure your garden cabin can stand the test of time and stay comfortable Winter after Winter, you need to look after it.


    Download your Free Cabin Buyers Guide


    Regardless of whether your cabin is just for Summer or all-year-round use, you need to treat the wood. Treatment types vary in effectiveness, from water-based right through to pressure treatment. You should check every year whether you need to treat the cabin again and look out for rain damage or leaks.


    Proper maintenance will ensure your cabin stands for many Winters to come


    Cabins are a great addition to any household, increasing your usable living space and property value. With a little prior planning and maintenance, you can equip your cabin to be the comfortable, homely space you dreamed of – even in the Winter!

    We have a huge range of log cabins available online to suit any budget, need and space available. Shop the range or Download a Cabin Free Buyer’s Guide!

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  5. Hot Yoga in Saunas: Is It Worth It?

    Hot Yoga is popular over in the US and Canada, but is it as effective as people think it is? We’re talking about using your sauna as a Hot Yoga studio!

    What is Hot Yoga?

    Hot yoga is exactly that: yoga that takes place in a hot room, such as a sauna. By performing the same yoga moves in a hot room, your muscles require less warm-up, and you can get a deeper stretch.

    While Hot Yoga can be beneficial to some, it can also be extremely dangerous to others.


    Hot Yoga can be an effective workout, but it isn't for everyone


    Benefits of Hot Yoga

    Heavy sweating is said to help flush toxins from your skin, but this is a little misleading. The way our bodies detoxify is mainly through our kidney and liver – meaning you’re not really sweating out toxins from your skin. Instead, you’re mostly sweating out water, electrolytes and some urea. However, sweating more makes you drink more water, which boosts your overall metabolism to make you urinate more, therefore flushing out your kidneys and liver.


    Hot Yoga warms up your muscles, meaning you need less time to warmup. This allows you to go more deeply into each Yoga position.

    If you’re looking for a more intense workout, Hot Yoga may be for you. The heated room elevates the heart rate, making the body work harder.


    Download your Free Sauna Brochure


    Precautions with Hot Yoga

    There are a lot of risks involved with Hot Yoga, just like there are with using a sauna. Follow the guidelines, use your common sense and stop when you don’t feel right.

    • Be prepared: Don’t eat a huge meal before the session, but don’t go in on an empty stomach. Make sure you drink a lot of water before your session and bring in enough water to get you through the whole thing. If you’re not feeling 100% beforehand, give it a miss until next time.
    • Proper aftercare: The risks don’t stop once you’ve stepped out of the sauna. Ensure you drink a fortified drink such as Lucozade or coconut water to replace electrolytes and take a cold shower to bring your body temperature down.
    • Be cautious about pre-existing conditions: If you have any conditions, especially cardiovascular or respiratory conditions you should consult a doctor before going to a Hot Yoga session.
    • Don’t overstretch: In the heat, you lose the ability to know where your muscle’s end point is, meaning you overstretch. This could cause you to tear muscle fibres, leading to a strain.
    • Know your limits: Don’t try and soldier on in the heat. If you feel unwell, leave the room. If you’ve not done yoga for a while, you are going to want to ease yourself into it, especially with how easy it is to overstretch.


    Download a Free Sauna Buyers Guide


    Hot Yoga may be growing in popularity but there are a lot of risks associated with it. If you think you’re ready for a more intense yoga session, you can transform your sauna into the perfect Hot Yoga studio just by turning the temperature down and rearranging bench tiers. See the full range of saunas available online or Download a Free Brochure!

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  6. Staying Safe in Your Sauna

    Saunas are a great addition to a wellness routine for both your body and mind; but they can be dangerous if not used properly!

    Don’t Overcook Yourself

    The longer you stay in your sauna, the bigger your risk of dehydration and other effects. If you’re new to saunas, start off small – about 5-10 minutes at a time. No matter your experience level, try and cap your time at 15 to 20 minutes.

    Or, take your advice from the godfathers of saunas – the Finnish. They advise that saunas are for relaxing, not just counting down the minutes. Leave the sauna once you feel hot enough – easy enough to remember!


    Rest After Exercise Before Your Sauna

    After strenuous exercise, you need to let your heart rate come down to resting levels before going into the sauna – generally about 10 minutes.


    Staying safe will ensure you get the most out of your Sauna session


    Avoid Where Alcohol is Concerned

    If you’ve recently been drinking alcohol, avoid the sauna. Alcohol increases the risk of dehydration, hypotension, arrhythmia, and sudden death syndrome – not worth it!


    Stay Hydrated

    You’re purposely increasing your body temperature – meaning you’re going to sweat. Prolonged exposure will result in lost fluids, so it’s important to keep yourself topped up by drinking water before, during and after your sauna session.


    Download a Free Sauna Buyers Guide


    Be Aware of Other Conditions

    If you’re ill, avoid the sauna until you’re recovered. Pregnant women or those with medical conditions such as low blood pressure or history of heart attacks should consult their doctor before using a sauna.


    Be aware of other health conditions before stepping into the sauna


    Bring a Friend

    Not only does this make the sauna session more sociable, you have someone there if problems do occur.


    Download your Free Coast Spas Brochure


    Take off Jewellery

    Metal jewellery will heat up in a sauna, and can cause irritation or even burning!


    Cool Down Afterwards

    The risks of saunas don’t disappear once you step out – you need to lie or sit down for at least 10 minutes, and then take a cold shower or dip in a plunge pool to bring your body temperature down to normal levels.


    Make sure you bring your body temperature down afterwards


    By following just a few simple steps (and some common sense!) you can safely enjoy the health benefits that comes with regular sauna sessions! If you’re deciding whether a home sauna is for you, Download our Free Sauna Buyer’s Guide and view the full range of indoor and outdoor saunas available online now!


    Download your free Sauna Buyers Guide

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  7. Can You Use Your Sauna in the Summer?

    Think Saunas are just for the Winter? Think again! There are benefits to using your sauna throughout the year, even in Summer!

    Acclimatise to Summer Heat

    The heatwave that hit the UK in July saw temperatures of almost 40 degrees – many people (myself included) just couldn’t function in the heat! Ice cream sold out everywhere and desk fans became a sought-after commodity.

    Using a sauna regularly can help your body acclimatise to the Summer heat. There must be something to it when sports teams have been known to train in saunas to prepare them for overseas competitions in hotter climates!


    Download Your Free Sauna Buyer's Guide


    Year-Round Benefits

    The benefits we’ve outlined previously on sauna use don’t go away just because it’s Summer – you will still burn calories, lose weight, improve cardiovascular & respiratory function in the Summer! Regular sauna sessions will also relax tension in your muscles and contribute to stress relief all year round.


    USing your sauna in Summer is just as beneficial as in the Winter


    Are There Any Differences Between Summer & Winter Use?

    Obviously, as the weather outside is hotter in the Summer, you’re more likely to dehydrate faster. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after a sauna session to keep yourself hydrated.

    You should also take a cooling shower or dive into a plunge pool to bring your body temperature down after a sauna session – which is incredibly refreshing in Summer!


    Download your Free 2019 Sauna Brochure


    Don’t close the doors on your sauna just because the weather is warming up – in fact, do the opposite! Saunas are a great addition to your wellness routine all year-round. See our huge range of indoor and outdoor saunas available online now!


    Saunas are still great to use in the Summer!

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