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Outdoor Pizza Ovens

  1. Wood Fired Pizza Ovens: What Type of Wood to Use?

    If you’ve ever been to an Award Leisure showroom, you’ve probably experienced the authentic tasty goodness that is our freshly cooked pizzas, straight from the oven.

    What you may not realise is the choice in taste and texture you can get just from switching out the wood – opening up a whole world of opportunity for experimenting with creating beautifully smoky flavours!

    Learn about the types of wood to try and what to avoid when cooking in your wood fired pizza oven.


    Hard Wood or Soft Wood?

    Generally, hard woods come from deciduous trees (that lose their leaves annually). They tend to be slower growing, hence having a denser wood. Soft woods come from evergreen trees such as conifers and have a softer wood that is less dense.

    When it comes to burning wood in a wood fired oven, hardwood is generally better as it burns slower. The density of softwood is around half that of hardwood, resulting in burning twice as fast – needing twice as much!


    Changing the Wood will affect the flavour of your food


    Best Types of Wood

    When selecting the type of wood you want to use, you want to look for something that has a good heat output, and doesn’t billow out smoke.

    We’ve categorised these wood types by the best, worst, and types to try that may take a little extra seasoning or can only be used occasionally.


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    Type of Wood

    How it Burns


    Burns slow and steady when dry, small flame size, does not produce sparking or spitting.

    Cooking effects: gives a tangy, sweet flavour to food. It goes with almost everything, but its great with pork and poultry dishes.


    Produces a steady flame and good heat output. It can be burnt when green but burns best when dry.


    Good traditional firewood that has a slow burn with good heat output.


    Good but fast burning wood and produces best results when allowed to season.


    A good burning wood that produces a good heat output in a slow burn.


    Burns well with a good flame. The smaller branches are also good to use as kindling.


    Good burning wood that produces a good flame and heat output.

    Cooking effects: light and smoky aroma.


    A good burning wood that produces a good heat output.


    A good burning wood that has a slow burn and good heat output.


    One of the best woods for burning. It produces a steady flame and very good heat output, while producing very little smoke.


    A good burning wood that has a slow burn and very good heat output.


    Worst Types of Wood

    Type of Wood

    How it Burns


    Poor heat output does not last long.


    Poor burning wood, produces a small flame and poor heat output.


    A poor burning wood that produces a small flame with poor heat output. The sap also causes deposits in the flue over time.


    A smoky wood with poor burn.


    A very smoky wood with a poor burn.


    Poor heat output and does not last very well.


    Does not burn well, even when seasoned.


    Other Woods to Try

    Type of Wood

    How it Burns


    Produces a steady flame and good heat output. Does not burn well when green.

    Cooking effects: Gives off an herbal aroma similar to chamomile tea. Works well with oily fish and lighter meats.


    Produces good heat output but burns quickly. Can be burned unseasoned, but the sap causes deposits in the flue over time.

    Cooking effects: mineral, zesty flavour that is great with aged beef, game, venison or vegetables like asparagus and courgette.


    Good burning wood that produces a consistent and long heat output. It burns with a small flame but does tend to crackle and spit. The sap causes deposits in the flue over time.

    Cooking effects: Seafood is commonly paired with cedar, although poultry and vegetables are an option.


    Slow burning wood with a good heat output. Must be seasoned well.

    Cooking effects: similarly to other fruit woods, cherry gives food a bold and earthy flavour.


    Unpredictable burn patterns due to high moisture content. Should be dried for 2 years for best results. Slow to get going and it may be necessary to use a better burning wood to start it off. Splitting logs should be done early.


    Fast burning wood. The sap causes deposits in the flue over time.


    Fast burning wood that produces a good flame but poor heat output. Holly will burn green but is best dried for a minimum of a year.

    Horse Chestnut

    Good for burning in stoves, it produces a good flame and heat output. Not a good wood for open fires due to spitting.


    Reasonable heat output but must be well seasoned. The sap causes deposits in the flue over time.


    Burns with a good flame but only reasonable heat output. Must be well seasoned.

    Cooking effects: Exotic aromas that are characteristic of smoked duck.


    Produces a small flame and a slow burn due to density. Best when seasoned for a minimum of two years.

    Cooking effects: gives a mild, woodsy flavour with a hint of vanilla and citrus. Goes with all meats and many types of seafood.


    Burns well with a good heat output but needs to be seasoned well.

    Cooking effects: Slightly lighter smoke than apple, giving food a mellow, nutty dimension to food.


    Burns with a good flame, but the resin sap causes deposits in the flue over time.

    Robinia (Acacia)

    A good burning wood with a slow burn and good heat output. Not good for open fires due to producing an acrid and dense smoke – not a problem in stoves.


    Produces a good flame, but only moderate heat output. Should only be burned once well-seasoned.

    Sweet Chestnut

    Burns okay when well-seasoned but does tend to spit a lot – not suitable for open fires.


    Download your Free Pizza Oven Brochure


    When you begin to experiment with the types of wood you’re cooking with, you open your food up to creating an endless combination of flavours and smokiness.


    Want to get into cooking with a Wood Fired Oven? View our full range available to buy online now along with all the accessories you need to become a pro wood fired oven chef!

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  2. 6 Easy Steps to the Best Pizza You’ve Ever Tasted

    From greasy takeaway, to convenient frozen – pizzas are the best. How do you get better than the best?

    Freshly made pizzas from a Wood Fired Pizza Oven.

    The smokiness of the wood, to the crispiness of the dough and flavour of the toppings – I’m salivating just thinking about it!

    While it sounds amazing, it also sounds like a lot of work, am I right?

    I’m here today to tell you: making fresh pizzas in a Wood Fired Pizza Oven is not as difficult or as time-consuming as you think.

    We stock a range of different Wood Fired Pizza Ovens, so we know a thing or two about them. That’s why we’ve broken it down for you today, to show you just what you need to do to create pizza masterpieces in a Wood Fired Pizza Oven every time!


    Download a Free Pizza Oven Brochure


    #1: The dough

    I guarantee you; this is the longest step you need to take – so its good that we get it out of the way first right?

    You can obviously cut corners and buy pre-made pizza dough from the supermarket, but if you want to have the true Italian pizza experience, you can have your own dough risen and ready to use in about 90 minutes.

    We make our dough using a tried and tested recipe that everyone loves – and now we’re sharing it with you on our dedicated Pizza Oven website!

    Create fresh pizza dough with just a few simple steps


    #2: Lighting the fire

    All you need is a bit of kindling and your favourite wood logs –trust me, you will have a favourite!

    We’ve broken down the lighting process into 4 easy steps:

    1. Make a kindling pile and light it.

    This doesn’t have to be huge, just enough to make a handful. Light a match and place inside the pile of kindling.

    Create a pile of kindling and light it


    2. Place 5 logs around the lit kindling

    Arrange the logs by placing one to the left, one to the right and another over the top of the kindling. The last two logs are stacked at the front of the pile, one above the other.

     Place logs around the lit kindling pile


    3. Move the fire over to the side

    This gives you space to cook your pizzas in the chamber. No need to worry about fighting fire, just use a poker from our pizza oven accessory set to easily move all the wood over!

    move the fire over to the side of the pizza oven


    4. Wait for it to get up to 500°C

    While this may sound like it will take ages, it really doesn’t!

    It should take around 20 minutes to get up to temperature – you can easily check this with a laser thermometer to take the guesswork out of it.

     Check the oven is up to temperature with a laser thermometer


    Download your Free Pizza Oven Buyer's Guide


    #3 – Creating your pizzas

    The dough has risen, and the oven is hot. You’re ready to create your pizza masterpieces!

    Obviously, you need a good tomato sauce base to layer your toppings on.

    Just like your dough, you could buy a ready-made supermarket sauce; but if you want to go 100% fresh, we’ve got the perfect sauce recipe for you.

     Follow our recipe for the perfect pizza sauce every time


    #4 – Add your toppings

    Here’s where your inner artist comes out – it’s your time to shine!

    Bacon, sweetcorn, chilli, anchovies, chicken… If you can imagine it, you can probably put it on a pizza.


    #5 – Cook in the oven

    Using the peel from our pizza oven accessory pack, just place your pizza in the cooking chamber and take it out after about 60 seconds for pizza perfection – we’re talking crispy bases and bubbling, stringy cheese!

    You're only 60 seconds away from perfectly cooked pizzas!


    #6 – Repeat again… and again

    Once you’ve tried an authentic, freshly cooked pizza from a wood fired pizza oven, you’ll never go back to a frozen pizza.


    Pro Tip: If you make your dough in batches and let it rise fully, it can then be frozen for up to 3 months. Just remember to get it out to thaw the night before so its fully defrosted when you’re ready to use it.


    If you pre-make your dough, you can be enjoying freshly cooked pizza within half an hour of firing up your pizza oven – so you can enjoy it any day of the week, not just weekends!

     Cooking pizzas in a wood fired oven are easier and quicker than you think!


    Take your wood fired oven to the next level

    Pizzas are amazing, but they’re not the only meal you can make in your oven. Our staff regularly enjoy jacket potatoes out of our wood fired oven for lunch!




    There are endless sources of recipes on the internet for cooking in a wood fired oven. Check out our archive for our favourite recipes for you to try in your own wood fired oven

    Roast meat in your Wood Fired Oven for your Sunday Dinner

    Still not convinced?
    We get it, sometimes you need to experience it for yourself. That’s why we regularly fire up our Wood Fired Pizza Oven at Award Leisure Warwickshire to give our complimentary pizza and prosecco to customers to enjoy while visiting.

    Enjoy complimentary freshly cooked pizza at Award Leisure Warwickshire


    Now is the best time to dive into the world of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens with our fantastic new offer – find your perfect pizza oven with 15% off AND get half price accessories when you buy online!

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  3. Pizza is Best from a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

    While Wood Fired Pizza Ovens are the choice of high-end restaurants and authentic Italian kitchens, they have so much more to offer your household. If you’ve ever considered cooking using a Wood Fired Oven, read on to learn more about what makes cooking with wood a superior experience.


    They’re Authentic

    Since the inception of the pizza we know today in 18th Century Naples, Wood Fired Pizza Ovens have been used to create a beautifully smoky tasting, evenly-cooked pizza with a perfectly crispy crust – it’s no wonder that quality Italian restaurants still cook their pizzas in this way!

    The heat generated from the fire is absorbed and circulated throughout the oven via convection and radiation, meaning that food will cook evenly and quickly. The smoke helps create another dimension to the flavour, and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can try experimenting with different types of wood to bring out different flavours in your creations.

    Pizza in a Wood Fired Oven

    They’re Versatile

    Think Wood Fired Pizza Ovens are just for pizzas? Think again! From baking deliciously crusty bread to fire-roasting vegetables and hickory smoked steak, the only limit to what you can cook in your oven is your imagination. Not sure where to start? Head over to our YouTube Channel, which contains loads of easy recipes and tricks to make the most out of your Wood Fired Pizza Oven.

    Award Leisure Youtube Recipe Video Screenshot


    Download your Free Pizza Oven Buyer's Guide


    They’re Perfect for Entertaining

    There is something mesmerising about watching dancing flames – and it gets much more interesting when there’s food at the end of it! Cooking with a Wood Fired Pizza Oven is perfect for entertaining guests, and a cooling oven is still able to keep everyone warm long after dark. Throwing a pizza-making party is perfect for when you want to catch up with friends without slaving away in the kitchen all evening.

    With Wood Fired Pizza Ovens coming in many different sizes, you are sure to find one which will complement your garden perfectly and become the perfect centrepiece for entertaining guests. 

    Wood Fired Pizza Oven Garden Party

    Once you’ve decided that cooking with a Wood Fired Pizza Oven is for you, its time to find the perfect match. Here at Award Leisure, we have worked tirelessly to perfect our range of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens that create beautifully cooked food every time, accommodating everyone from limited garden spaces to large families. To help you decide the best Wood Fired Pizza Oven for you, download our FREE Buyers Guide to find your perfect Wood Fired Pizza Oven.


    There’s never been a better time to Buy a Pizza Oven from Award Leisure. Order your Wood Fired Pizza Oven online and get 15% off PLUS half price accessories!


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  4. The Sun Is Out! Enjoy Outdoor Pizza Oven Cooking Today

    If you’re looking for the best outdoor wood fired pizza oven, we have the perfect solution for you.

    Award Leisure Wood Fired Pizza Ovens are made for those who love traditional taste and want to try an authentic superior cooking experience.

    Thanks to FORNINOX technology that combines a refractory floor and stainless steel (1/10 in thick) structure, our wood fired pizza ovens are ready to use after unpacking, and you don't have to worry about hard assembly instrcutions.

    Enjoy cooking, grilling and baking your food in a wood fired oven.

    Discover our delicious recipes and have more fun in your garden with a unique product for bbq, grill, pizza, roasts and desserts.

    Dedicated Website with Pizza Oven Recipes

    Order Online and Save £200 PLUS get FREE accessories worth £280 

    Still Not Sure - Download our Pizza Oven Buyers Guide

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