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  1. Black Friday Hot Tub Sale


    Black Friday Hot Tub Deals

    Black Friday Late Night Opening Sale Event

    Black Friday Hot Tub Sale Event

    Black Friday Hot Tub Sale

    Black Friday Hot Tub Sale Event Black Friday Hot Tub Sale Event
    Black Friday Hot Tub Sale Event Black Friday Hot Tub Sale Event
    Black Friday Hot Tub Sale Event Black Friday Hot Tub Sale Event
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  2. Why Choose Canadian-Manufactured Hot Tubs & Swim Spas?

    Coast Spas are manufactured in Vancouver, Canada and are the best-built spas on the market today. What makes Canadian Hot Tubs superior?

    Build Quality

    Canadian Spas are manufactured from quality parts that are designed for long lasting performance. You only have to take a look at the thickness of the shell to know what we’re talking about here!

    A spa that was made in China most likely has acrylic that has been stretched to bath-quality thickness and then reinforced with fibreglass. This shell is then put under further stress by having all the holes cut into it for the jets – it’s no surprise there are reports of people stepping into them and cracking the shell!

    To adhere to stringent regulations, Canadian Manufacturer Coast Spas shells are composed of acrylic, vinyl ester skin coat, multiple layers of hand-rolled fibreglass; this is then reinforced across high-pressure areas with a 1.25-inch steel angle iron to produce the strongest built spa shell in the industry.


    Canadian Spas are built to a high standard



    Canadian spas are manufactured for the Canadian climate – namely the long, ridiculously cold winters!

    All Coast Spas Hot Tubs come with the option of full-foam insulation. This is perfect for minimising running costs, even through a gruelling UK winter.


    Canadian Spas are built for colder climates like the UK


    Rigorous Testing

    Unlike spas that are manufactured in Asia, Canadian Hot Tubs & Swim Spas must undergo stringent testing to ensure they are safe, environmentally friendly and of the superior build quality that they claim to be.


    Download your Free Hot Tub Buyers Guide


    Coast Spas have also gone through extra testing to be one of the first Hot Tub manufacturers to be recognised for their high quality standards by being awarded ISO certification since 2003. The ISO 9001:2015 certification is the highest internationally recognised quality standard for manufacturing; meaning you can rest easy knowing that your Coast Spas Hot Tub is one of the best-built Spas in the world.


    Coast Features

    Alongside Canadian spas being superior quality than cheaper spas on the market, Coast Spas have a host of extra features that make your Hot Tub experience as simple and stress-free as possible, including:

    • Hydro-Cyclonic Filtration: A pressurised filtration system that passes UK health codes. The pressurised system traps contaminants from re-entering your hot tub once the pumps are turned off. It is also housed away from the bathing area, keeping your water cleaner for longer.
    • Infinity Edge: Coast Spas manufacture the only portable infinity edge hot tubs and Swim Spas in the world! Not only does it eliminate the need for a filter grate or bobbing skimmers, you can look out at unobstructed views from the comfort of your Hot Tub.
    • Technology Innovation: You can monitor and control your Hot Tub from anywhere in the world with an app on your phone and utilise the advanced features on a touchscreen control panel.


    Download your Free Coast Spas 2019 Brochure


    If you’re deciding which Hot Tub manufacturer to go for, Canadian manufacturer Coast Spas are the clear winner. With year-on-year innovation and a commitment to constantly improving quality, you can be sure that their spas will stand the test of time.

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  3. When Should You Teach Your Kids to Swim?

    Teaching your kids to swim is an important skill they need to learn as early as possible. Learn when you should start their swim training to keep them safe.

    Benefits of Early Swim Sessions

    Swimming sessions with your infant or toddler are a great way to get your child to enjoy being in the water and can teach them some valuable drowning prevention skills from an early age.

    If you have your own pool or Swim Spa, you can teach your children the basics from the comfort of your own home, being great quality family time while teaching your kids valuable life skills.


    Download your Free Swim Spa Buyers Guide


    What Can you Teach Them in a Swim Spa?

    There are loads of fun and easy games you can play with your kids to get them used to the water, including getting them to blow bubbles under water (acclimatising them to having their head under water), through to using a front float to get them used to the horizontal position they will take when swimming.

    This article from Today’s Parent gives 5 great games you can play with your child to prepare them for swimming – and enjoying it!


    Teaching your kids to swim early will improve their confidence in the water


    No Substitute for Safety

    Even if your child has swimming lessons, they are not a substitute for supervision.

    If you opt for a Swim Spa over a swimming pool, it may be easier to reduce the risk of accidentally falling in if your Swim Spa is not sunken.

    If you have a social gathering around the pool or swim spa, take turns in watching the kids. Ensure that you have a barrier or gate around the water to avoid them accidentally wandering in and getting themselves into trouble without you knowing.


    Download a Free Coast Swim Spas Brochure


    Teaching your kids to swim early means they are more confident in the water, and you can all enjoy quality time as a family in your swimming pool or Swim Spa!

    If you’re looking at investing in a Swim Spa, we have a range of 15 different models, ranging between 13 and 21ft long. With fully customisable features, you can create the perfect model for your home. View the whole range online or Download a free brochure!

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  4. September Offers


    3 Free Feature Upgrade


    Gazebos From £399


    Cabin Package Deals


    Hot Tub and Garden Building Packages

    (*)Please note that all offers stated are not in conjunction with any other offers

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  5. EXTENDED - August Bank Holiday Hot Tub Offers


    Free Outdoor party drinks cooler


    Call Now For Great Deals

    (*)Only Valid on Orders Placed Between 14th and 31th August, Only Valid on Regency and Coast Spas Hot Tubs

    (**)Not in Conjunction with Any Other Offers

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  6. August Bank Holiday Hot Tub Offers


    Save £2,270 on this Hot Tub

    Save £2,270 on this Hot Tub

    Save £2,765 on this Hot Tub


    Award Suite Package

    Award Suite Package watch online

    Award Suite Package Buy Now

    Delivered to your door

    Buy Now



    Free Outdoor party drinks cooler


    Free Pizza Day Event

    Call Now For Great Deals

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  7. Why Busy People Need a Swim Spa

    We all know we should be exercising a few times a week, but truthfully, how many of us can say we consistently make time for it? With a Swim Spa, you can easily fit a workout in around your schedule, meaning you can get back to your other commitments faster!


    Reason #1: Swim Spas Take up Less Time

    Forget commuting to the gym, finding a parking spot, and fighting for a locker; just walk out to your garden, switch on the jets and get to working out. There’s no waiting for a swimming lane to become free either; there’s one lane and it’s always reserved for you. By taking up less time, you’re more likely to stick to your fitness goals and maintain your health and wellness!


    Free Swim Spa Buyers Guide


    Reason #2: You’re in control

    Ever turned up to the fitness centre to find the pool is closed for maintenance, or the group swimming times have unexpectedly changed? Have you ever gone on to find another fitness centre for your workout or did you just turn round and go back home?

    Swim Spas will still require maintenance from time to time, but you’re in control of when that is. Plan for maintenance to occur on a rest day, so you never miss a workout.


    Take control of planned maintenance on your terms


    Reason #3: Everything You Need is in One Place

    It is recommended that adults undertake moderate intensity aerobic exercise weekly, but that you should also be strength training alongside that. Swim Spas allow you to do both!

    Get your aerobic exercise in with a swimming session, and then use the resistance of the water to build you strength with compatible equipment such as row bars, resistance bands or even dumbbells.

    Once you’ve done with your workout, you can cool down in the dedicated hydrotherapy section of your swim spa. These are also great for your recovery days, as the hydrotherapy massage jets sooth repairing muscles and give you a great endorphin boost.


    Fulfil all your workout needs in a Swim Spa


    Reason #4: They’re accessible to anyone

    Forget needing a 2-acre estate to fit a swim spa in, there are a lot of compact swim spa models to choose from that you can fit into most gardens!


    Download a Free Coast Swim Spa Brochure


    If you have an unforgiving schedule but still want to make time for your health and well-being, Swim Spas are the perfect investment. We have a range of 15 different Swim Spa models starting from £13,795 in varying sizes so you can be sure we have the perfect model for you. Check out the full range online or Download your Free Brochure!

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  8. Swimming Pool or Swim Spa?

    It’s no secret that both swimming pools and swim spas are a major investment – so you want to get it right. Both have great benefits to keeping you active, spending more time outdoors and reconnecting with family; but which is a better choice for you?



    If you’re going to be using your pool for swimming, it’s not going to be small.

    You’re going to need a lot of space in your garden if you’re going to be swimming regularly. A 20-foot swimming pool would mean you have to turn 260 times just to swim 1 mile – I’m dizzy just thinking about that!

    If space is more limited in your garden and you want to swim seriously, a Swim Spa is the way forward. With the use of powerful current jets, you can swim continuously for a more authentic swimming experience. If your Swim Spa comes with an Infinity Edge, you’ll have unobstructed views of your surroundings, giving you the true feeling of swimming in open water!


    An Infinity Edge Swim Spa feels like you're swimming in open water



    Depending on the size, you will be looking at spending upwards of £25,000 to around £100,000. Swimming pools tend to be larger than Swim Spas as you’ll need the extra space for swimming.

    Good-quality Swim Spas are also not cheap! Our Swim Spas are manufactured by Coast Spas, producing the World’s best-built Spas. Our Swim Spas start at £13,995 and are fully customisable to suit you.

    You should also consider the cost of maintaining your pool or spa. You should expect a swimming pool to cost you between £10-15 per day to run, compared to the £6-8 per day for running a Swim Spa.


    Download your Free Swim Spa Buyer's Guide



    A huge benefit to having your own private pool or Swim Spa are the hydrotherapeutic effects from regular sessions. Our Swim Spas are specifically designed to give you a targeted hydrotherapy massage, helping to ease muscle tension and joint stiffness – as well as being the perfect warm-up or cool-down after exercise!


    Swim Spas have built-in hydrotherapy massage jets


    Moving to a New House

    If you’re thinking of investing in a swimming pool or Swim Spa, it’s likely you’re not looking at moving house very soon. What about a few years down the line?

    Swimming pools are usually quite literally a hole in the ground. If you move away, you can’t really take the hole in the ground with you! While it may be a great selling feature to increase the value of your property, you then can’t take it with you and continue to reap the benefits.

    Swim Spas are portable and can be moved from one home to the next. Of course, you could also leave it at your old home to increase the value, but why would you want to miss out on regular hydrotherapy massages?


    Swim Spas are portable and can move house when you do


    It’s pretty clear that we love our Swim Spas – but that doesn’t mean a swimming pool isn’t the right choice for everyone!


    Download a Free Hot Tub & Swim Spa Brochure


    If you think Swim Spas are the right choice for you, check out our Full Range, Download a Free Buyer’s Guide or Get in Touch with us to arrange a Free Home Site Survey.

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