Award Leisure provide a huge variety of luxury log cabins in all shapes and sizes, perfect to transform your garden space into a functional retreat. These premium cabins are built in Scandinavia with thick and durable timber meaning whatever you decide to use them for, they're built to last! They are also FSC certified, so you can rest assured that your Cabin is not only renewable, but it comes from forests that are managed responsibly. Award Leisure even have models that don’t require any planning permission, meaning you can begin your garden transformation with complete peace of mind.

log cabin at end of garden 

See below Award Leisure’s 5 best uses for a log cabin – staying at home just got better!

Garden Office

For most of the UK, working from home is here to stay. However, many people have struggled to find an adequate spot in their home where they can get on with work undisturbed. It’s not difficult to see the advantages of setting up a garden office as we enter our second national lockdown - an idyllic commute, a distinct separation between work and home life, and a way to add value to your property. With amazing insulation and tonnes of space, a log cabin may be the answer to all of your telecommuting problems! For the perfect garden office, we recommend the Brookhaven Cabin.

home office

Home Gym

Establishing a workout routine and making time for self-care is more important than ever. Regular exercise not only keeps you physically healthy but also improves your mental health by releasing endorphins, a powerful chemical in your brain that triggers a positive feeling in the body. With the gyms being closed, the sofa is calling and the temptation to let fitness slide during lockdown is real… unless you can bring the gym to you! A log cabin is the perfect way to keep your equipment safe and transform your garden space into a functional place to take care of your physical and mental health. A home gym is also a great way to add value to your property. We recommend the Hamptons Cabin for the idyllic home gym.

home gym 

Garden Pub

Having a pub at the bottom of the garden is everyone’s dream, especially during lockdown. Many of us feel like we are existing rather than living at the moment and us brits are missing going to the local pub at the weekend to unwind with family and friends. Don’t miss out and create your own pub in the garden at home! Transform your unused garden space into an amazing 
home bar where you can make treasured memories for years to come. The Michigan Cabin would make the perfect garden pub.

garden pub

Children's Playhouse

Every child dreams of having their very own garden playhouse to live out their adventures! However, a playhouse is not an easy thing to build for your little one, make it that much easier with our easy to assemble log cabins. You’ll have a fun family project on your hands, and it will surely make your children happy for years to come. During these times, it’s easy for children to become bored and restless with new restrictions, a playhouse may be the answer to your prayers to get your child off their iPad and outside in the fresh air. For the perfect garden playhouse, we recommend the Witchita Cabin.

children's playhouse 

Hot Tub Cabin

Our log cabins create the perfect hot tub enclosure and provide the benefits of a 
private retreat, protection from the outdoor elements, and a stunning addition to any garden. Enclosures allow you to enjoy your hot tub all year round, no matter the weather, while keeping out of sight of neighbours. Spend time with your loved ones whilst enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy with an amazing British Hot Tub. The Georgia Cabin makes the complete hot tub enclosure!

hot tub cabin

Take the time this lockdown to really transform your outdoor space. With Award Leisure’s log cabin range, you can expect a truly luxurious product with unrivalled service from our friendly team. Browse our full log cabin range by clicking here!