Although it’s tempting to go for a Black Friday ‘bargain’, the real expense of a hot tub is the ongoing running costs. If a hot tub deal seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Most hot tubs last for years, if not decades, when properly maintained. This means that electricity and maintenance bills add up over the lifetime of a hot tub.

Award Leisure have over 35 years’ experience in the industry and acquire expert knowledge. Our British Hot Tubs are designed for the UK climate and fully insulated to be energy-efficient, resulting in low running costs.

A high quality and well-insulated spa, like the hot tubs we sell at Award Leisure, cost less than £1 per day to run if you maintain it properly. Whereas if you go for a cheap hot tub, with poor insulation, the long-term running costs could set you back £100 per month! That’s £12,000 in 10 years, compared to £3,360 for a well-insulated hot tub… Is the initial cheap sticker price really worth it?

Just look at this customer who bought a poorly manufactured hot tub

Screenshot of Facebook post asking how to reduce expensive hot tub running costs.

Is Eco Zone™ the Best Hot Tub Insulation? 

Our British Hot Tubs™ possess Eco Zone Insulation. Our award-winning concept involves 3 processes: we spray ½” Polyurethane Foam onto the back of the spa shell for insulation. Then, 3cm Polyurethane Foam Panels are fitted inside the frame of the cabinet. These 2 processes alone trap 90% of heat which travels through the shell. Finally, we have a Polyisocyanurate Reflective Silver Foil Wrap fitted to the inside of the cabinet and another 1” Polyurethane Foam Panel on the inside of the Silver Foil.

Eco Zone Insulation has an R-value of 18.45 and assures that your hot tub is fully insulated to be energy-efficient, resulting in low running costs. Our Eco Zone Insulation also complies with the Californian Energy Commission’s recommended and controlled quality assured guidelines.

A good tip - if you are shopping around for your perfect hot tub, always ask to see inside the hot tub cabinet, ask someone to remove the cabinet so you can see exactly what type of insulation, if any, is used.

Image showing British Hot Tubs Eco Zone Insulation.

Thermal Sealed Ultra Locking Cover

Our heat-saving covers are made from Marine Grade Vinyl and treated with Mildew and UV Inhibitors. The cover comes with 28 points of internal reinforcement and Plastic Drain Grommets, which aid release of any moisture trapped under the heavy-duty Vinyl. Not only will your cover look beautiful all year round, but we have added the Primer Skirt to help keep heat in and dirt out. Your cover is fully lockable, has child proof catches, and a personal key. Our Thermal Sealed Ultra Locking Cover is a critical addition for complete energy efficiency.

Quality Manufacturing and Maintenance is Vital

Quality manufacturing is vital – lower quality hot tubs are usually manufactured with cheap parts in factories with little to no regulations and therefore, do not come with any warranties or guarantees. And this can make it impossible to repair or maintain your hot tub.

Our British Hot Tubs™ are manufactured with branded North American parts, such as Balboa, and are ISO quality checked; this means they must comply with a 284-point quality control checklist before leaving the factory. Plus, we are so confident with the quality of your hot tub, it is backed with a 10-year guarantee.

Award Leisure offer outstanding after-care – our Peace of Mind Plan is a monthly payment service plan where, for the duration of your agreement, our engineers will attend site to fix your hot tub and you incur no labour or callout charge. If there are no more than 2 callouts through each year, you receive a free annual full service, which is normally £399!

It can be very tempting to go for that online ‘Black Friday bargain’ but if something goes wrong with your hot tub – do they have a service team? Do they provide ongoing support? Do they sell chemicals, filters, and all the things you need to keep your hot tub in tip-top condition? Award Leisure have 7 stores nationwide and a service team of over 20 engineers PLUS with our Peace of Mind Plan, customers are assured of superb post-purchase service and get regular discounts on chemicals, parts, and accessories.

An image showing hot tub jets in use.

Looking for a high quality, affordable hot tub with low running costs? Get in touch today and our friendly team at Award Leisure will help you find your dream hot tub!