Hot Tubs are a significant investment – but most people don’t anticipate the costs afterwards. By knowing what to expect, you can make a more informed choice, so you can live happily ever after with your Hot Tub!

You’ve heard from us for a long time now, that Hot Tubs are not cheap! To ensure you enjoy your Hot Tub for years to come, you need to invest in a good quality model with a long warranty, so you’re covered.

But what about afterwards?

Most people don’t think too far ahead with how much their Hot Tub will cost. Sure, they’ve thought about the running costs, but what does that include?

The first running cost: electricity.

Your electricity bill will increase – you need to know by how much.

How much your electricity bill will increase by is entirely dependent on how well-constructed your Hot Tub is: if you invest in a high-quality, well-insulated model should only cost you around £30-£40 per month, adding up to £420 per year…

However, the cost of running a cheap, poorly-insulated Hot Tub could cost you upwards of £100 per month – totalling at least an extra £1,200 per year!

Prepare for your electricity bill to go up and remember: the more you invest in Hot Tub insulation at the start, the less you’ll pay in running costs.

High-quality Hot Tub insulation will save money in the long run

What about keeping your Hot Tub clean?

Hot Tubs keep the water constant at a toasty 37-40°C; the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other nastiness.

That’s where your chemicals come in!

There are various chemicals that you need to know about to keep your Hot Tub safe and comfortable – there’s a little more to it than just sprinkling in a bit of chlorine!

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The main chemicals you need to stock up on are:

  • Sanitiser: Either Chlorine or Bromine to kill bacteria.
  • pH plus/minus: Adjust the pH to allow the sanitiser to work properly.

You’ll also need to make sure you’ve always got test strips to hand so you can test your water!

While pH and sanitisers are super important, the chemical fun doesn’t stop there. We also recommend adding these chemicals into your maintenance routine to ensure your Hot Tub is as clean and as comfortable as possible:

  • Shock: Also known as oxidising, using a shock will help to reduce the amount of sanitiser you use by destroying odours and other nastiness!
  • Filter Cleaner: A dirty filter won’t clean your Hot Tub as efficiently. Keep your filter clean to prolong its life and keep your water as clean as possible!
  • Water Sparkle: Your filter cannot catch all the tiny particles, eventually leading to cloudy water. Using Spa Sparkle will restore your beautifully clean water.

If you’re testing and adjusting your water every day, you should budget for around £60 on chemicals per month.

Of course, the less you test and dose your Hot Tub, the less it will cost you in chemicals. This is not a great way to save money!

There are so many nasty bugs that thrive in poorly sanitised Hot Tubs, it’s not worth the risk just to save a few quid each month. Need more proof? Read our related content on whether you need to use chemicals in your Hot Tub!

“My Hot Tub is self-cleaning; I don’t need chemicals!”

Self-cleaning Hot Tubs are amazing for reducing the time it takes to maintain it. HOWEVER, you will still need to test your water to make sure that the inline dosing system is releasing the correct amount of chemicals.

Self-cleaning Hot Tubs use pressurised filtration, which is faster and more efficient than conventional filtration. Having pressurised filtration will help to reduce the amount of sanitiser you need, saving you money in chemical costs!

Just like with insulation, investing in high-quality pressurised filtration will save you running cost money in the long run.

Self-cleaning Hot Tubs will keep your water clearer for longer

Are chemicals the only maintenance I need?

Chemicals are great for maintaining your Hot Tub water, but what about the Hot Tub itself? Much like other machines, Hot Tubs have lots of moving parts. It is super important to get your Hot Tub regularly serviced.

You can drain and refill your water yourself, usually about every 3 months or so. However, you should also get your Hot Tub checked out by a professional every 12 months to ensure everything is working as it should.

Obviously, getting your Hot Tub serviced is going to cost you – our full Hot Tub service costs £399 and includes a full deep clean and a complete engineer checklist, just like a car service. While that may seem expensive to some, our many years of experience have showed us that regularly serviced Hot Tubs are much less likely to run into unexpected breakdowns.


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By joining our Peace of Mind Plan, you can enjoy your Hot Tub knowing that if anything goes wrong, our engineers will come out to fix your Hot Tub without incurring any extra charges – and if you don’t need any repairs, you receive a free Hot Tub service!

If you decide that regularly servicing your Hot Tub is not worth it, you should prepare for the cost of unexpected repairs – ranging anything from a £50 replacement part to thousands of pounds in major repair work.

Pro Tip: Always buy your Hot Tub from a well-known supplier that has been around for a long time! They are much more likely to be able to honour the Warranty on your Hot Tub to give you that extra bit of security.

Buy from an established Hot Tub company that can honour the warranty

That wasn’t so painful, was it?

Hot Tubs are an investment, both for your time and money. By cutting corners and saving costs at the initial investment, you’ll end up paying for it later. Essentially, how much your Hot Tub is going to cost is down to you.

The easiest way to keep the cost of Hot Tub ownership down is by investing in a high-quality model that is fully insulated and self-cleaning. Get your Hot Tub serviced regularly, follow all instructions and you’re on your way to a happily-ever-after with your dream Hot Tub!

To find out everything you need to know about buying a Hot Tub, Download our Free Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide so you’re armed with the right knowledge to make an informed Hot Tub purchase.