Chromatherapy has been around for centuries – stained glass windows were invented for churches as they were believed to heal the sick! Harness this age-old therapy in your Hot Tub to upgrade your wellness experience.

How Does Chromatherapy Work?

Colours radiate light energy through vibrations, with different colours having different vibrations. Chromatherapy works on the belief that these vibrations can influence our emotions, moods and overall well-being.

Chromatherapy is getting more popular for many bathing activities, with adjustable LED lights being added to bathtubs, shower heads and of course, Hot Tubs!


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What Do the Different Colours Mean?

Each colour vibrates a different way and has a different effect on our disposition. Learn when you should use each colour below:




Stimulates, rejuvenates, and excites. Best used in the morning when you’re getting ready for a big event!


Associated with growth and balance. Calms the mind so you can have a little me-time to regroup and set goals.


Offers balance and relief from discomfort caused by inflammation.


Promotes a sense of tranquillity, reduces anxiety and is great for winding down in the evening before bed.


A calming colour that reduces stress.


Similar to red, orange is a warm and optimistic colour. It increases energy and rejuvenates the body.


Refreshing, clean colour that has a cleansing effect, leaving you feeling fresh and new. Brings purity and peace, as well as bringing great relief for headaches.


Hot Tub Chromatherapy Can Improve your Mental & Physical Health


Coast Spas Chromazone Technology

Coast Spas have developed Chromazone Technology for their Hot Tubs, which gives the same light benefits alongside the many advantages to regular hydrotherapy massage.



Hot Tubs have been proven to have phenomenal health and wellness benefits and Chromatherapy helps to take this to the next level. Customise your session to your desired mood and leave your Hot Tub feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day, or get a great nights sleep!


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