Teaching your kids to swim is an important skill they need to learn as early as possible. Learn when you should start their swim training to keep them safe.

Benefits of Early Swim Sessions

Swimming sessions with your infant or toddler are a great way to get your child to enjoy being in the water and can teach them some valuable drowning prevention skills from an early age.

If you have your own pool or Swim Spa, you can teach your children the basics from the comfort of your own home, being great quality family time while teaching your kids valuable life skills.


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What Can you Teach Them in a Swim Spa?

There are loads of fun and easy games you can play with your kids to get them used to the water, including getting them to blow bubbles under water (acclimatising them to having their head under water), through to using a front float to get them used to the horizontal position they will take when swimming.

This article from Today’s Parent gives 5 great games you can play with your child to prepare them for swimming – and enjoying it!


Teaching your kids to swim early will improve their confidence in the water


No Substitute for Safety

Even if your child has swimming lessons, they are not a substitute for supervision.

If you opt for a Swim Spa over a swimming pool, it may be easier to reduce the risk of accidentally falling in if your Swim Spa is not sunken.

If you have a social gathering around the pool or swim spa, take turns in watching the kids. Ensure that you have a barrier or gate around the water to avoid them accidentally wandering in and getting themselves into trouble without you knowing.


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Teaching your kids to swim early means they are more confident in the water, and you can all enjoy quality time as a family in your swimming pool or Swim Spa!

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