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Pizza e Brace Wood Fired Pizza Oven

4.9 out of 5 stars
12 Reviews
| 12 Customer Reviews

The Pizza e Brace is the perfect pizza oven for use at home.

Our oven is a little more expensive than any other ovens sold on the internet and in garden centres, but please be reassured that our ovens are of a higher build quality, better design and have incomparable performance. All Award Leisure wood fired pizza oven range are covered by a 5 year satisfaction guarantee, carry a 5 star endorsement from our hundreds of satisfied customers and we will confidently promise you years and years of mouth-watering cooking experiences.

Once in location in your garden, the oven can be heated up to 400°C and ready for cooking your pizzas in less than 10 minutes. All you’ll need is a lighter, 4 sticks of kindling and 6 quarter sections of kiln dried log to start you off. Please see our video guides and recipes to see how easy the oven is to use.

The Pizza e Brace is a stylish 52cm deep wood fired oven and is ideal for gardens and balconies. The broad mouth (59.5 cm) allows pizza to be cooked on one side and a roast on the other. The Pizza e Brace oven can also bake cakes, mixed grills (meat, fish and vegetables), and any dish that you’d traditionally cook in a conventional oven. The front door is fitted with a solid steel handle and allows air flow into the oven so the flame can be made weaker or the flame can be kindled to brown food for a crisper result.


Product Information

Minutes to heat up: 15

Number of pizzas at a time: Three

Number of pizzas in 15 minutes: 12

Maximum temperature (°C): 400




£29.03 pcm

10% minimum deposit required



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