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Medium Award Egg Oven

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The Award Egg Ovens are insulated with ceramic fibre so that the hot temperature required for outdoor ovens to be effective is retained.
The ceramic shell is made from a heat resistant ceramic fibre which ensures long-lasting warmth inside the oven and coated with a heat and U.V. resistant glaze.
Through the effective R-Value core the temperature can be easily controlled up to 400° C.
The Award Egg Oven is fitted with a pyrometer which allows for simple monitoring of the combustion chamber temperature.
Inside the Egg there are several shelf levels which allow for cooking a sumptuous selection of food – both by volume and texture.
The large functional concealed side shelves are designed
to accommodate ingredients, utensils and all cooking accessories that might be required.
They can be folded to reduce the bulk when the oven is not being used.
The wide lid allows for easy access to attending the cooking food and at the base of the oven is an air intake to adjust the draught inside the oven which enables control of the fire. The 4 built-in castors are designed for easy handling. The oven can, therefore, be smoothly moved and stationed anywhere around the garden.

WHY AN AWARD EGG OVEN? The unique and exclusive technology of our Egg Oven allows air currents tp travel through the grid in the base of the Egg and move up inside and around the dome shaped lid.
The circulating hot air then forces any cooler air back down towards the wood or charcoal where it is re-heated so to rise again and re-circulate – Your chosen food is cooked from within its very own heated juices which are circulating throughout the food. One load of charcoal or 4 x 30cm kiln dried logs is enough for up to 16 hours of cooking time, as opposed to 45 minutes of cooking time in other charcoal and gas barbecues – you can even cook a joint or whole chicken overnight.
Our strong ceramic core has been scientifically developed by thermal experts. We
use 8cm aluminium silicate which is thermally insulated so our ovens retain all of the projected heat and then decorate the entire Award Egg Oven with our famous, stand-out high gloss coatings which withstand temperatures ranging between minus -20°C to 454°C.
We’ve invented all of this technology so more than just burgers are cooked outdoors – we hope you view our own videos and recipes and experiment.


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