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Outdoor Cedar Sauna Cabin 152 x 213cm

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Watling Street Warwickshire, Dordon, CV9 2PZ, GB

The outdoor cabin saunas fit perfectly on to your decking or garden patio and look beautiful beside lakes, pools and ponds. Now you can experience the pleasure of a sauna just when you want it with our stylish red cedar wood saunas that are designed for the cottage or home. Constructed from red cedar with tongue and groove walls and dovetail joints, they’re durable and strong.

This Outdoor Sauna Cabin is 153cm x 214cm and there is space for up to 3 sauna bathers.

Helpful Tips:

You’ll need to fit the pod to a solid, concrete base.

The sauna comes from Canada in packed carefully in a long box with comprehensive instructions and will take 2 persons around 5 hours to assemble.

Electric heaters will need the correct size of cable and connected to the mains supply by a qualified electrician.

Wood Fired heaters will need to be issued with a HETAS certificate to ensure the wood fired heater is installed correctly and in particular there are no dangerous emissions. This can be obtained by a qualified tradesman – usually a gas engineer. (see advice in the PDF attachment available on this page).

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