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Water Care

All about your spa water.

Further Articles

  1. Can the chemicals that you put in the water burn your skin?  
  2. Cloudy water  
  3. Do Chemicals have a shelf life?  
  4. Do Silver & mineral water purifiers work?  
  5. Do test strips expire?  
  6. Does chlorine rot swimwear?  
  7. Foaming water  
  8. Hot tub folliculitis, (my hot tub has not been used in a long while)  
  9. How do I manage 'hard water'?  
  10. How much does it cost in chemicals to maintain good water?  
  11. How often should I shock the water & what’s the difference between Chlorine shock & non Chlorine shock?  
  12. How often should I test the spa water?  
  13. I cant get the chlorine levels stable after a drain and refill.  
  14. I have green water.  
  15. I want to change from Chlorine to Bromine (or other way around)  
  16. Lower than expected Bromine reading on Test strip pad.  
  17. My Chlorine is not registering against my test strips. The water has not been changed for 3 - 4 months.  
  18. My Chlorine is not registering against my test strips. The water is less than 2 months old.  
  19. My entire family developed a rash after using our Spa. The doctor told me it was ‘Hot tub folliculitis’. What has caused this to appear in our tub?  
  20. pH is difficult to control.  
  21. Test results differ from still water to when the air blower is on.  
  22. The hot tub water is green and has a bad smell to it, what can I do to fix the issue and cleanse my hot tub?  
  23. Too much Chlorine / Bromine  
  24. What are the best test strips to use? 4 way?  
  25. What bath oils or crystals can I use in my hot tub? Is aromatherapy oil better than crystals?  
  26. What is shock?  
  27. What makes spa water 'cloudy?'  
  28. What's the difference between chlorine and bromine?  
  29. Which is better, the quick dissolving granules or the slow release tablets?  
  30. Why is my water cloudy?  
  31. Will bath oils interfere with my spa water or is it safe to use? What fragrances are available?  

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