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Valencia 2

Regular Price £4,295.00 Special Price £2,995.00

This is the year you commit to great times with your friends and family in your backyard with the beautiful Palmera Pergola. Choose your level of comfort with the Sliding Sun Shade, which opens to protect you from the sun’s rays in a matter of seconds. The modern design of the Palmera sets your outdoor space apart from the rest.

Post Thickness 120 X 120cm
Wall Measures 304.8 X 426.72cm
Wall Height 206cm
Total Height 232cm
Area 11.81m²
Roof Boards Canvas (Retractable)
Wood Type SPF Wood
Package Size 2.1 X 2.0 X 1.2m
Package Weight 500kg
Sliding Sun Shade Sliding Sun Shade
Kit Assembly Kit
Guarantee 5 Years
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