BHT 500 5m Swim Spa

  500 x 225 x 152 CM  Designed in the UK Swim Spas

The BHT 500 Swim Spa is a great size for all bathers to enjoy, offering a fantastic swimming experience, with the choice of swim jets or the unrivalled turbine jet system option, offering up to 8 speed settings.


The BHT 400 Swim Spa is perfect if space is a little limited, yet still benefits from a fantastic swimming experience with the choice of swim jets or the unrivalled turbine system option, offering up to 8 speed settings. It also comes with detachable exercise equipment (Resistance Arm Bands, Swim Tether & Row Bars) included as standard, so you can enhance your work out. You still have a large enough area inside to socialise and exercise, with the option of 3 different hydrotherapy seating areas at one end of the swim spa which are: all seats, steps, or a lounger with seating. As well as this, there are two stand up zones the other end loaded with jets, offering head-to-toe massage therapy. The 4m model also has the possibility of adding either a hot tub or slide onto the end, offering the ultimate relaxation and entertainment destination all year round – so this model really has it all!


Choose every zone of your Swim Spa to personalise the perfect aquatic exercise or resistance swim experience.


Pumps: Up to 3 x LX Pumps + Circulation Pump

Jets: 19 (16 Hydrotherapy / 3 Swim OR Turbine Technology)


Pumps: Up to 4 x LX Pumps + Circulation Pump

Jets: 87 (84 Hydrotherapy / 3 Swim OR Turbine Technology)


Pumps: Up to 4 x LX Pumps + Circulation Pump

Jets: 43 (40 Hydrotherapy / 3 Swim OR Turbine Technology)


3 x Swim Jets (Including 1 x Levitator Jets)

Up To 4 x LX Pumps & Circulation Pump

The Pro Plus models offer 3 powerful swim jets in the shape of a letter box providing an even stream of current to swim against. The bottom jet acts as a levitator jet to help keep the swimmers legs afloat, offering a true swimming experience. There are a range of massage areas including two stand up zones, offering a full body massage for unrivalled hydrotherapy. Each massage pump operates up to 6 available streams of current/massage area for optimum power and performance. The tiered steps and seating is a standard feature, with optional massage jets offering an invigorating sports massage after an intense work out. This model also has a ‘power button’ injecting air into the swim jets for even more oomph.


Double Turbine Technology + 2 x Levitator Jets

Turbine System + Up to 3 x LX Pumps + Circulation Pump

Our Turbine double counter current system provides the most powerful swim available; without the surface water turbulence associated with many other swim spas on the market. This dynamic system creates a symmetrical counter current for an unrivalled swimming experience, with up to 8 different speed settings. It leaves nothing to be desired - swim, train and exercise all muscle groups at a distance of 4m plus. This model comes complete with levitator jets in the walls of the swim lane to help keep the swimmer afloat, tiered seating doubling up as steps, as well as the option of a hydrotherapy lounger featuring massage jets, and two stand up zones. The Turbine system is also available with the optional SmartSwim Watch, meaning you can have full control of your swimming experience at the touch of a button, perfect when training for an uninterrupted swim session.

Family 4m Swim SpaFamily 4m Swim Spa

Family Fun, Aquatic Exercise or Resistance Swimming

The all NEW British Swim Spa Range gives you more choice than any other Swim Spa range so you can buy a product that fully suits the need of your family (or your own Olympic ambitions!). With our unrivalled Turbine Jet System technology, you can benefit from a true swimming experience that can be personalised to suit you!

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Swim Jets 3 or Turbine System
Volume 3,500L
Dimensions 500 x 225 x 152 cm
Lighting Underwater Lighting
Heater 3 kW
Controls Balboa Control Panel
3 High Flow River Swim Jets OR Double Turbine Technology   Up to 84 Stainless Steel Luxury Massage Jets  
Up to 5 Massage Areas   2 Hydrotherapy Stand Up Zones  
Luxury Headrests   Clear Zone External Filtration  
Energy Saving Thermal Cover   Underwater Light  
Integrated Winter Insulation   Waterfall & Safety Rail  
Pure Zone - Ozone Purification System   High Performance Pumps and/or Double Turbine System  
Highest Quality Control System: Balboa Spa Touch (Touchscreen)   Levitator Jets - Upstream Swim Technology, 2 streams at a 45-degree angle from below for a perfect water position  
Power Button (Increasing Air Pressure into the Swim Jets (Pro Plus Models)   Fitness Equipment included (Resistance Arm Bands, Row Bars, Adjustable Belted Swim Tether)  
Please note the Turbine adds an extra approx. 1m onto the Swim Spa.
Hot Tub Or Slide Add On    
Swim Spa Dual Zone Hot Tub Add On Swim Spa Dual Zone Slide Add On    
Add On Hot Tub Specification   Swim Spa Optional Upgrades
Dimensions: 225 x 225 x 152cm (Hot Tub Depth 92 cm)   Colour Changing Waterline Lighting - £595 per unit
Pumps: 3 x 3HP Pumps   Aromatherapy Injector (Only available on Hot Tub area) - £195
Jets: 97 Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Massage Jets   Wi-fi App - £495
Controls: Balboa Spa Touch (Touchscreen)   5KW Hot Tub Heat Pump with Inverter - £1,795
Pure Zone – Ozone Purification System   7KW Swim Spa Heat Pump with Inverter - £2,495
Underwater Colour Changing Light   Smart Swim Watch (Only available on Turbine Models) - £595
Clear Zone External Filtration   Clean Zone - Inline Sanitation System (Only available on Hot Tub area) - £395
Eco Zone Foam Insulation   Pure Zone Plus – Ozone + UV Purification System - £595 per unit
Energy Saving Thermal Cover   Vibro Zone Plus - Bluetooth, AUX, Radio, USB Connectivity + 4 Speakers, Subwoofer & Waterproof Remote £695 per unit
Waterfall   Cover Lifter x2 - £390 (Only compatible with Single Chamber Swim Spas)
Luxury Headrests   4 Tier Swim Spa Steps - £685
    2 Tier Steps £145
    Delivery, Installation & Commissioning £1,495
    Subject to a 50 mile radius of our AL showroom. Extra charges may apply outside this radius. Crane costs not included.

BHT 500 5m Swim Spa