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  1. 3 Chances to Win a FREE Hot Tub!

    Here at Award Leisure this Summer we are supporting our home country, are you?


    Across the three major sporting events we are backing England all the way, so we are offering all new Hot Tub customers 3 CHANCES to win a FREE hot tub!


    If England Ladies win the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup or England win the 2019 Official Cricket World Cup or England win the 2019 Official Rugby World Cup, Award Leisure will refund up to three selected lucky winners (one per sporting event) for their hot tub purchased from any Award Leisure store. The total purchase price will be refunded once fitted and installed by Award Leisure. You can only win once, if selected to win before other sporting events mentioned in this promotion has been drawn, you are not eligible to win again.


    To qualify for these FREE Hot Tubs, you must have bought your spa before each of the three respective sporting event final, officially begins.


    If England do win any of the three-sporting events, Award Leisure will be hosting a Pizza and Prosecco party for the live draw! All customers will be entered into a live prize draw and invited to attend the reveal, which is to be held at our flagship store in Warwickshire. The live draw will take place the day after each sporting event final.

    Supporting the England Lionesses is important to Award Leisure because we not only support all female athletes, but as a successful company Award Leisure support female professionals to pursue a career within Leisure Industry. We hope all you all feel the same way!


    Here come the Girls! 

    Win your dream hot tub if England win one of 3 major sporting events


    A statement from Award Leisure: “If you're feeling confident, it could be a triple whammy for this summer give away. Award Leisure is actually giving away 3 free hot tubs if England win all 3 sporting events!”

    Award Leisure has showrooms in Warwickshire, London, Birmingham, Lincoln, Cheshire and Tamworth. All showrooms are filled with luxurious and dazzling products ranging from Saunas to Swim Spas. Is this something you are interest in winning for FREE?

    Not only are Award Leisure offering 3 chances to win a free hot tub but during this promotion they are also offering deals and free package upgrades with selected spa series!

    These include The Party & Efficiency Package which is available when purchasing a Regency or Classic spa. The Extreme Party & Efficiency Package available when purchasing an Elite or Luxury model. And finally, the Ultimate Party & Wellness Package which is for all wellness models sold!

    Come into store this summer and be a part of this fantastic promotion.


    3 Chances to Win a Hot Tub


    Terms and conditions apply:

    You can only win one hot tub per purchase, in the event that more than one England team wins their respective competition.

    The last date for entries to qualify for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup is 4pm on July 7th

    The last date for entries to qualify for the 2019 2019 Official Cricket World Cup is 10.30am on July 14th.

    The last date for entries to qualify for the 2019 Official Rugby World Cup is 9am on November 2nd.

    Anyone who purchased from 1st June – 7th July will have 1 in 3 chances to win their Dream Hot Tub for FREE.

    Anyone who purchased from 8th July until 2nd November will have 1 in 2 chances to win.

    Anyone who purchased from 10:31am on July 14th until November 2nd will have 1 chance to win.

    This offer is only valid for any hot tub (excluding Swim Spas) purchased from an Award Leisure store from 1st June.

    The Customer has to have purchased (definition of purchase is with a minimum of 10% deposit on a finance deal Interest Bearing Finance or 25% deposit Interest Free Finance which has been approved and 25% deposit on any other hot tub sale). The refund will be paid once the hot tub is fitted by Award Leisure.

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  2. Hot June Offers


    FREE Drinks Cooler with any Regency Spas Hot Tub


    FREE Small Egg OVen with Any Coast Spas Elite Hot Tub


    FREE Medium Egg Oven with Any Coast Spas Luxury Hot Tub


    FREE Large Egg Oven with Any Swim Spa


    FREE Upgrades when you purchase a Coast Spas Curve Series Hot Tub


    FREE Gazebo with any Coast Spas Classic Series Hot Tub

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  3. December Hot Tub Offers

    Regency Baroness Hot Tub Discount

    Regency Countess Hot Tub Discount

    Regency Baron Hot Tub Discount

    Regency Prince Hot Tub Discount

    Regency Princess Hot Tub Discount

    Check out our Facebook Page every day in December for your chance to win in our Daily Giveaway!

    Social Media Hot Tub Giveaway Advent Calendar

    Award Leisure Opening Times

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  4. Winter Hot Tub Use

    Having a hot tub through the summer is great for having friends over and enjoying the long balmy evenings together; but for those in the know, using your hot tub in the winter can be just as enjoyable. But is it worth it?


    Keeping Warm

    On a crisp, cold day there aren’t many places more inviting than a warm hot tub. Removing the cover and watching the steam rise from the hot water just before a soak can relax you and set you up for the day. For many people, the cold winter weather brings with it many aches and pains that can be relieved by your hot tubs hydrotherapeutic massage jets, with the warm water relaxing tense muscles and the steam helping unblock those stuffy winter flu noses!


    Not as Expensive as you Think

    Many people are put off running their hot tubs through the winter due to thinking that their electricity bill will go through the roof. We’re here to tell you, with a little maintenance, that isn’t the case! If you have invested in a good quality hot tub cover with a tight-fitting seal, your tub will be efficient at maintaining the temperature without driving up your energy costs.

    Another great tip for reducing your energy cost is to reduce how often you use the jets and remember to turn them off when you have finished your soak. Hot tub jets work by blowing air into the water, which will reduce the temperature of the water, meaning that your hot tub will use more energy keeping the water warm.


    Hot Tub Massage Jets


    Accessorise to Maximise Comfort

    Some may enjoy a warm soak in the hot tub while being exposed to the colder elements; however, creating a comfortable outdoor space to house a hot tub may be a better solution for others. Depending how connected to the outdoors you wish to be, hot tubs can be protected from the elements by something as simple as an awning or gazebo, right through to a dedicated log cabin.


    Hot Tub in Cabin

    Still Not Convinced?

    Hot tubbing in the Winter may not be for everyone. If this is the case with your hot tub, you must make sure you properly shut it down for the winter, to avoid any nasty surprises when you come to recommissioning it in the Spring. Here at Award Leisure, we provide a Professional Winterisation Service where your hot tub is thoroughly drained, and the water is drawn out of all the pipework to ensure your hot tub will be ready to go in the warmer weather.


    If hot tubbing in the winter sounds like the perfect way to relax and enjoy your garden year-round, Check out our Black November deals to get a great price on a stock model in our massive display sale! With 0% finance over 3 years, no deposit and guaranteed delivery before Christmas, you can be enjoying winter the right way!

    Hurry, only 37 35 30 Models left!

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  5. August Special Offers


    FREE Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Coast Spas Hot Tubs

    FREE Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Coast Spas Hot Tubs

    Cannot Be Used in Conjunction with any other offer

    FREE Spa Parasol & 3 FREE Feature Upgrades with Regency Spas Hot Tubs

    FREE Spa Parasol & 3 FREE Feature Upgrades with Regency Spas Hot Tubs

    Cannot Be Used in Conjunction with any other offer

    £2,000 Worth of FREE Features with Regency Swim Spas

    £2,000 Worth of FREE Features with Regency Swim Spas

    Cannot Be Used in Conjunction with any other offer

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