A hot tub is always the perfect excuse to unwind with your loved one. When the jets turn on, stress turns off, and romance arises when we take a break from distractions and relax together. It's Valentine's Day, so why not plan a date night in your hot tub? We’ve put together some ideas to create the perfect setting for a romantic date night in your spa!

The invitation

It doesn’t matter whether you’re newlywed or married for 20 years, the important thing is that you both reserve some time together to enjoy your date night with zero distractions. Be romantic, silly or playful and write a card to invite your loved one.

Romantic lighting

Make the most of your hot tub lighting settings. British Hot Tubs come standard with Zen Zone Lighting which has individual, colour changing and flashing options - we recommend setting the colour to red or pink. These colours are relaxing and known to create the romantic mood. Consider adding twinkling candles, lanterns and/or fairy lights to make the environment even more beautiful.


Champagne and cocktails are great hot-tubbing drinks. And make sure to stock up on bottles of water to prevent dehydration. Cold snacks are very refreshing as well, especially exotic fruits. Chocolate-covered strawberries are a common valentine’s day treat, and they’re two of the world’s most famous aphrodisiacs.


We recommend purchasing some Waterproof Playing Cards for your date night. Playing games makes your hot tub experience more fun!


A popular upgrade feature on most of our British Hot Tubs is the Lit Waterfall Table. This must-have accessory keeps your drinks, snacks and games close while you enjoy your hot tub. This beautiful table connects with a twist into the footwell of most British Hot Tubs. Please note, you must have the connection in the footwell of your spa to attach this table. If you do not have the connection, we recommend setting up a bar table nearby so you can keep your refreshments within easy reaching distance.


Music is the perfect way to enhance the mood, why not create a romantic playlist for the occasion? Pick music that your partner enjoys, aim to please in this case. If you chose the Vibro Zone Plus™ 4-speaker system as an upgrade feature on your British Hot Tub, you’re all set. If you do not have a music feature on your hot tub, we recommend purchasing a waterproof speaker that you can setup nearby.


Kick things up a notch on your hot tub date night with our flirty Aromatherapy Fragrances to tantalize the senses - we recommend Jasmin & Frangipani, Strawberries & Champagne, and Kiwi & Passion Fruit. Simply add the Aromatherapy to your Aromatherapy Injector (or directly into the water) then sit back, and relax.


Sit back, relax, and let the hot tub do the hard work for you. There’s no need to splash out on a spa day or hire a trained masseuse when you have a hot tub sitting outside! The warm water and hydrotherapy massage work together to relieve stress and anxiety and relax tense muscles.

Add some privacy

Enclosures allow you to enjoy your hot tub all year round, no matter the weather, while keeping out of sight of nosy neighbours! Our Slick Sail Gazebos create the perfect hot tub enclosure. You can choose from different sizes, materials, and colour combinations to match your garden design.

Splash out on new robes

After you get out of the hot tub feeling refreshed, what better feeling than to slip into a new, fluffy robe to keep you warm whilst you walk back into the house and continue the fun evening!

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