Barrel Sauna Red Cedar Knotty Ø 213 x L 310 cm

The unique barrel shape gives you a smaller heating area than rectangular saunas, without compromising on space for 6-8 sauna bathers. This unique concept makes our outdoor cedar barrel saunas an exciting investment that generations can enjoy. 


Barrel Sauna Red Cedar Knotty Ø 213 x L 310 cm with Premium Benches

• Fully Canadian Red Cedar (FSC) easy to assemble kit with quality assembly instructions

• Clear Red Cedar Door (incl. Red Cedar door handle) with window and magnetic closure

• Adjustable Ventilation, Coat Rack, Towel Rack, 2 x Headrests and Backrests

• Marine Grade Aluminum Bands with stainless hardware

• 61 cm porch (Length of 310 cm is including Porch)

• Premium Benches in Sauna and Porch (Luxurious rounded and closed front side)

• Flat Floor in Sauna and Porch

Helpful Tips:

You’ll need to fit the sauna to a solid, concrete base.

The sauna comes from Canada in packed carefully in a long box with comprehensive instructions and will take 2 persons around 5 hours to assemble.

Electric heaters will need the correct size of cable and connected to the mains supply by a qualified electrician.

Wood Fired heaters will need to be issued with a HETAS certificate to ensure the wood fired heater is installed correctly and in particular there are no dangerous emissions. This can be obtained by a qualified tradesman – usually a gas engineer. (see advice in the PDF attachment available on this page).


This unique barrel sauna concept makes our outdoor cedar barrel saunas an exciting investment that generations can enjoy.  Our Western Red Cedar barrel saunas have 1 1/2″ thick walls for a long natural insulation and the barrel design give you a much smaller heating area than any rectangular sauna with plenty of room for bathers.


Sauna Door

Solid cedar door frame with full glass bronze tempered window.


Marine grade aluminum bands with stainless steel tightening hardware.

Canadian Cedar

Solid Canadian Cedar Construction.
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Barrel Sauna Red Cedar Knotty Ø 213 x L 310 cm