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  1. What Happens When You Order a Hot Tub from us?

    Ever wonder how we get our Canadian-made Hot Tubs delivered and installed into your garden? Today we’re looking at the journey a Coast Spas Hot Tub will make to get to you!


    Step 1: You order your dream Hot Tub

    You’ve done your research. You’ve compared models, features, seating and running cost. There isn’t a lot you don’t know about Hot Tubs! You’ve been into your local Award Leisure showroom or placed your order online/via the phone. Your job is done!

    And it’s time for us to get to work.


    Step 2: We order your Hot Tub with Coast Spas

    With a 75,000 sq ft warehouse based in the Midlands, we have over 50 Hot Tub models in stock at any one time – if your dream Hot Tub is sitting in our warehouse, skip to Step 6  as you can have your Hot Tub delivered and installed in a matter of days.

    If your Hot Tub is custom-built for you with all the features and upgrades that you want, you’ll have to wait just a little longer. We promise it’s worth the wait!

    We send over your exact specifications to our manufacturer, Coast Spas in Canada.


    Coast Spas will manufacture the Hot Tub to your specifications


    Step 3: Coast Spas starts production

    Once the order is confirmed with Coast Spas, your Hot Tub is put into production. This will take around 5-8 weeks to fully go through the process and pass all the quality checks.

    This will ensure that your Hot Tub is up to the high standards that make Coast Spas the Best Built Spas in the World!


    Step 4: Your Hot Tub is shipped to our Warehouse

    Your Hot Tub will see the sights of the Canadian landscape as it spends up to a week travelling by train to the docks.

    Once there, it will be loaded onto a container ship where it will spend between 10 and 14 days travelling over the Atlantic Ocean to the UK.

    Once on British soil, your Hot Tub will travel to our Warehouse in the Midlands.

    Your Hot Tub will travel from Coast Spas Manufacturing to our Warehouse in the Midlands

    Step 5: We carry out our quality checks

    We are confident in the quality of our Coast Spas Hot Tubs, but we still carry out our own quality checks just to make sure nothing got lost or damaged along the way!


    Step 6: Home delivery and installation

    We have our own team of Hot Tub experts that will install your Hot Tub for you.

    No access? No problem. If we can’t get your Hot Tub around the side of your house, we can arrange for a crane to lift the spa over your house!


    We can crane your Hot Tub over your house to get your spa into position


    Step 7: Spa School

    Once your Hot Tub has been installed and checked over by our engineers, it’s time for you to go back to school!

    We go through everything you need to know about running and using your Hot Tub, from common troubleshooting, to chemicals. We want you to enjoy your Hot Tub for years to come, so we equip you with all the knowledge to make your Hot Tub journey as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.


    Step 8: Enjoy

    Once the water is warm and the chemical levels are optimum, you can enjoy relaxing in your spa whenever you like! Invite friends and family round for a catch up, or just enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your Hot Tub’s hydrotherapy massage.

    With your own private Hot Tub, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits whenever you want!

    Your Hot Tub goes on an impressive journey to get to your home – but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Coast Spas are truly the Best Built Spas in the World, with a build quality and hydrotherapy massage that is second to none. If you want to learn more about the Coast Spas range, Contact Us for a Free Brochure!

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  2. 6 Easy Steps to the Best Pizza You’ve Ever Tasted

    From greasy takeaway, to convenient frozen – pizzas are the best. How do you get better than the best?

    Freshly made pizzas from a Wood Fired Pizza Oven.

    The smokiness of the wood, to the crispiness of the dough and flavour of the toppings – I’m salivating just thinking about it!

    While it sounds amazing, it also sounds like a lot of work, am I right?

    I’m here today to tell you: making fresh pizzas in a Wood Fired Pizza Oven is not as difficult or as time-consuming as you think.

    We stock a range of different Wood Fired Pizza Ovens, so we know a thing or two about them. That’s why we’ve broken it down for you today, to show you just what you need to do to create pizza masterpieces in a Wood Fired Pizza Oven every time!


    #1: The dough

    I guarantee you; this is the longest step you need to take – so its good that we get it out of the way first right?

    You can obviously cut corners and buy pre-made pizza dough from the supermarket, but if you want to have the true Italian pizza experience, you can have your own dough risen and ready to use in about 90 minutes.

    We make our dough using a tried and tested recipe that everyone loves – and now we’re sharing it with you on our dedicated Pizza Oven website!

    Create fresh pizza dough with just a few simple steps


    #2: Lighting the fire

    All you need is a bit of kindling and your favourite wood logs –trust me, you will have a favourite!

    We’ve broken down the lighting process into 4 easy steps:

    1. Make a kindling pile and light it.

    This doesn’t have to be huge, just enough to make a handful. Light a match and place inside the pile of kindling.

    Create a pile of kindling and light it


    2. Place 5 logs around the lit kindling

    Arrange the logs by placing one to the left, one to the right and another over the top of the kindling. The last two logs are stacked at the front of the pile, one above the other.

     Place logs around the lit kindling pile


    3. Move the fire over to the side

    This gives you space to cook your pizzas in the chamber. No need to worry about fighting fire, just use a poker from our pizza oven accessory set to easily move all the wood over!

    move the fire over to the side of the pizza oven


    4. Wait for it to get up to 500°C

    While this may sound like it will take ages, it really doesn’t!

    It should take around 20 minutes to get up to temperature – you can easily check this with a laser thermometer to take the guesswork out of it.

     Check the oven is up to temperature with a laser thermometer


    Download your Free Pizza Oven Buyer's Guide


    #3 – Creating your pizzas

    The dough has risen, and the oven is hot. You’re ready to create your pizza masterpieces!

    Obviously, you need a good tomato sauce base to layer your toppings on.

    Just like your dough, you could buy a ready-made supermarket sauce; but if you want to go 100% fresh, we’ve got the perfect sauce recipe for you.

     Follow our recipe for the perfect pizza sauce every time


    #4 – Add your toppings

    Here’s where your inner artist comes out – it’s your time to shine!

    Bacon, sweetcorn, chilli, anchovies, chicken… If you can imagine it, you can probably put it on a pizza.


    #5 – Cook in the oven

    Using the peel from our pizza oven accessory pack, just place your pizza in the cooking chamber and take it out after about 60 seconds for pizza perfection – we’re talking crispy bases and bubbling, stringy cheese!

    You're only 60 seconds away from perfectly cooked pizzas!


    #6 – Repeat again… and again

    Once you’ve tried an authentic, freshly cooked pizza from a wood fired pizza oven, you’ll never go back to a frozen pizza.


    Pro Tip: If you make your dough in batches and let it rise fully, it can then be frozen for up to 3 months. Just remember to get it out to thaw the night before so its fully defrosted when you’re ready to use it.


    If you pre-make your dough, you can be enjoying freshly cooked pizza within half an hour of firing up your pizza oven – so you can enjoy it any day of the week, not just weekends!

     Cooking pizzas in a wood fired oven are easier and quicker than you think!


    Take your wood fired oven to the next level

    Pizzas are amazing, but they’re not the only meal you can make in your oven. Our staff regularly enjoy jacket potatoes out of our wood fired oven for lunch!




    There are endless sources of recipes on the internet for cooking in a wood fired oven. Check out our archive for our favourite recipes for you to try in your own wood fired oven

    Roast meat in your Wood Fired Oven for your Sunday Dinner

    Still not convinced?
    We get it, sometimes you need to experience it for yourself. That’s why we regularly fire up our Wood Fired Pizza Oven at Award Leisure Warwickshire to give our complimentary pizza and prosecco to customers to enjoy while visiting.

    Enjoy complimentary freshly cooked pizza at Award Leisure Warwickshire


    Now is the best time to dive into the world of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens with our fantastic new offer – find your perfect pizza oven with 15% off AND get half price accessories when you buy online!

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  3. The Hidden Costs of Hot Tubs: Revealed

    Hot Tubs are a significant investment – but most people don’t anticipate the costs afterwards. By knowing what to expect, you can make a more informed choice, so you can live happily ever after with your Hot Tub!

    You’ve heard from us for a long time now, that Hot Tubs are not cheap! To ensure you enjoy your Hot Tub for years to come, you need to invest in a good quality model with a long warranty, so you’re covered.

    But what about afterwards?

    Most people don’t think too far ahead with how much their Hot Tub will cost. Sure, they’ve thought about the running costs, but what does that include?

    The first running cost: electricity.

    Your electricity bill will increase – you need to know by how much.

    How much your electricity bill will increase by is entirely dependent on how well-constructed your Hot Tub is: if you invest in a high-quality, well-insulated model should only cost you around £30-£40 per month, adding up to £420 per year…

    However, the cost of running a cheap, poorly-insulated Hot Tub could cost you upwards of £100 per month – totalling at least an extra £1,200 per year!

    Prepare for your electricity bill to go up and remember: the more you invest in Hot Tub insulation at the start, the less you’ll pay in running costs.

    High-quality Hot Tub insulation will save money in the long run

    What about keeping your Hot Tub clean?

    Hot Tubs keep the water constant at a toasty 37-40°C; the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other nastiness.

    That’s where your chemicals come in!

    There are various chemicals that you need to know about to keep your Hot Tub safe and comfortable – there’s a little more to it than just sprinkling in a bit of chlorine!

    Want to learn more about what chemicals to use? Check out our related content:

    Do I Need Chemicals in my Hot Tub?


    Download Your Free Hot Tub Buyer's Guide


    The main chemicals you need to stock up on are:

    • Sanitiser: Either Chlorine or Bromine to kill bacteria.
    • pH plus/minus: Adjust the pH to allow the sanitiser to work properly.

    You’ll also need to make sure you’ve always got test strips to hand so you can test your water!

    While pH and sanitisers are super important, the chemical fun doesn’t stop there. We also recommend adding these chemicals into your maintenance routine to ensure your Hot Tub is as clean and as comfortable as possible:

    • Shock: Also known as oxidising, using a shock will help to reduce the amount of sanitiser you use by destroying odours and other nastiness!
    • Filter Cleaner: A dirty filter won’t clean your Hot Tub as efficiently. Keep your filter clean to prolong its life and keep your water as clean as possible!
    • Water Sparkle: Your filter cannot catch all the tiny particles, eventually leading to cloudy water. Using Spa Sparkle will restore your beautifully clean water.

    If you’re testing and adjusting your water every day, you should budget for around £60 on chemicals per month.

    Of course, the less you test and dose your Hot Tub, the less it will cost you in chemicals. This is not a great way to save money!

    There are so many nasty bugs that thrive in poorly sanitised Hot Tubs, it’s not worth the risk just to save a few quid each month. Need more proof? Read our related content on whether you need to use chemicals in your Hot Tub!

    “My Hot Tub is self-cleaning; I don’t need chemicals!”

    Self-cleaning Hot Tubs are amazing for reducing the time it takes to maintain it. HOWEVER, you will still need to test your water to make sure that the inline dosing system is releasing the correct amount of chemicals.

    Self-cleaning Hot Tubs use pressurised filtration, which is faster and more efficient than conventional filtration. Having pressurised filtration will help to reduce the amount of sanitiser you need, saving you money in chemical costs!

    Just like with insulation, investing in high-quality pressurised filtration will save you running cost money in the long run.

    Self-cleaning Hot Tubs will keep your water clearer for longer

    Are chemicals the only maintenance I need?

    Chemicals are great for maintaining your Hot Tub water, but what about the Hot Tub itself? Much like other machines, Hot Tubs have lots of moving parts. It is super important to get your Hot Tub regularly serviced.

    You can drain and refill your water yourself, usually about every 3 months or so. However, you should also get your Hot Tub checked out by a professional every 12 months to ensure everything is working as it should.

    Obviously, getting your Hot Tub serviced is going to cost you – our full Hot Tub service costs £399 and includes a full deep clean and a complete engineer checklist, just like a car service. While that may seem expensive to some, our many years of experience have showed us that regularly serviced Hot Tubs are much less likely to run into unexpected breakdowns.


    Download your Free Hot Tub Buyer's Guide


    By joining our Peace of Mind Plan, you can enjoy your Hot Tub knowing that if anything goes wrong, our engineers will come out to fix your Hot Tub without incurring any extra charges – and if you don’t need any repairs, you receive a free Hot Tub service!

    If you decide that regularly servicing your Hot Tub is not worth it, you should prepare for the cost of unexpected repairs – ranging anything from a £50 replacement part to thousands of pounds in major repair work.

    Pro Tip: Always buy your Hot Tub from a well-known supplier that has been around for a long time! They are much more likely to be able to honour the Warranty on your Hot Tub to give you that extra bit of security.

    Buy from an established Hot Tub company that can honour the warranty

    That wasn’t so painful, was it?

    Hot Tubs are an investment, both for your time and money. By cutting corners and saving costs at the initial investment, you’ll end up paying for it later. Essentially, how much your Hot Tub is going to cost is down to you.

    The easiest way to keep the cost of Hot Tub ownership down is by investing in a high-quality model that is fully insulated and self-cleaning. Get your Hot Tub serviced regularly, follow all instructions and you’re on your way to a happily-ever-after with your dream Hot Tub!

    To find out everything you need to know about buying a Hot Tub, Download our Free Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide so you’re armed with the right knowledge to make an informed Hot Tub purchase.

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  4. ANNOUNCEMENT: Warwickshire Late Opening Hours

    Our flagship showroom on the A5 in Dordon is the jewel of the Award Leisure network. With 30 Hot Tubs on display at any one time, our expert sales team can chat with you to understand your needs and show you the perfect Hot Tub for you.

    We understand that sometimes, life gets in the way. That’s why we’ve extended our opening hours on a Thursday evening to 7pm throughout the Summer at Award Leisure Warwickshire!

    Starting on the 9th May, you’ll be able to experience everything we have to offer at Award Leisure Warwickshire, to help you achieve the garden leisure lifestyle that you’ve been dreaming of.


    Want a better idea of what to look for before you visit? Download our FREE Buyer’s Guides to help you make a more informed choice!

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  5. Award Leisure Announced as Headline Sponsor for Lincolnshire Charity Golf Day 2019

    We are delighted to announce that we are the headline sponsor of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce Charity Golf Day!

    The third annual golf event will take place on Friday 28th June at Sleaford Golf Club and will be raising funds for YMCA Lincolnshire.

    Charlotte Anthony, Sales Director at Award Leisure, said: “As very keen golfers and a local retailer at Award Leisure Lincoln based in Pennells, we felt this was the perfect partnership with which to promote our refurbishment and relaunch of our Outdoor Leisure Hot Tub & Garden Buildings store in Hykeham. We are thrilled to be involved with this worthy cause.

    “We have big plans for the grand reopening of our North Hykeham store at the end of April, with a string quartet playing during the open day. New features include 30 hot tubs on display, a woodfire pizza oven from which customers can enjoy freshly cooked pizza slices during their visit, a large barbecue area and a functioning swim spa for customers to try out and swim against the currents or enjoy as a hot tub.”

    Simon Beardsley, Chief Executive at Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “This is such a perfect example of why sponsorship of our events is a great opportunity to shout about your business and its plans.

    Stay tuned for more information about our Lincoln open day coming soon!

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  6. World Earth Day & Hot Tubs in 2019

    First observed on the 22nd April 1970, World Earth Day is all about raising awareness about our environment. So, can you still enjoy your hot tub without impacting on the environment?


    Spurred on by a devastating oil spill in Santa Barbara in 1969, a US Senator lit the fuse for what would become the World Earth Day we know today.


    What is World Earth Day?

    The mission for the Earth Day Network is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. It works tirelessly to recruit as many people as possible to committing to making a change for their planet. More than 1 billion people now participate in World Earth Day each year!


    World Earth Day 2019 is an important global day for the environment


    What are some changes you can make for World Earth Day?

    There are so many little changes you can make to your life. The beauty of little changes is that more people can adopt them and will collectively make more of a difference to our planet. Looking for some inspiration?

    • Have one meat-free meal per week. Meat is extremely resource-intensive to produce, with some estimates claiming that livestock contributed to 14.5% of human caused greenhouse gas emissions. Cutting back one evening is a small change that can have a big impact!
    • Change your light bulbs. If every person in the UK replaced just three light bulbs to more energy-efficient ones, we could save enough energy to light the UK’s street lamps.
    • Turn electronics off. Standby just isn’t good enough – you’re still powering that little red light! Turn your electronics all the way off to save the most energy.
    • Maintain your car. As well as standard things like keeping your tyres inflated and your car regularly serviced, make sure you regularly clear out the junk from your car! Excess weight means your car must work harder, so clear out anything that you don’t need for your journey.
    • Clean the back of your fridge. Dust at the back of your fridge increases energy consumption by up to 30%! Keeping it clear keeps your fridge working at optimum efficiency.
    • Remember your reusable bags. Plastic bags have 3 times the greenhouse gas impact of reusable bags! Stick a couple in your car so you’ve always got them to hand when you nip into the shops.


    Small changes can have a large impact on the environment.


    I still want to enjoy my luxuries: How can I do this without feeling guilty?

    Being conscious of the environment doesn’t mean you have to live without a nice tv, or beautiful chandelier lighting, or even your hot tub!


    With almost everything nowadays, there are alternatives that are better for the environment. Look for TVs that are A++ energy rated, swap out the chandelier bulbs for energy-efficient ones, and trade in your inflatable hot tub for something that’s designed to be the most energy-efficient it can be.


    Being conscious of the environment doesn't mean you have to give up all of your luxuries


    How efficient can a hot tub be?

    We know what you’re thinking – how efficient can heating a hot bath outside in all weathers really be? Turns out, that can be very efficient! With advances in insulation, your hot tub will have a lot less impact on the environment than you think. This also means you’ll save money in running costs – everyone will benefit, including the planet!


    Running a hot tub doesn't have to cost the Earth.


    The Omega Hot Tub is handcrafted by Coast Spas in Canada with only high quality, sustainable and reliable parts. The Omega is built to suit the Canadian climate – cold and snowy! Coast Spas offer 100% Full Foam Insulation: a 2-pound density thick foam sprayed all around the plumbing and pipework. Not only does this maintain low running costs all year round, it also cements the pipework preventing movement and vibrations – which can cause leaks.


    Download a Free Hot Tub Buyer's Guide


    Our Omega is perfect for a larger family where space is a little limited or if you don’t want something too big in the space available. Measuring 167cm x 213cm and 97cm high, there are 2 max therapy seats delivering wrap around water massage and a max lounger offering head to toe hydrotherapy. The clever seating arrangement allows for a cool down seat and a total of 4 individual and uncompromising hydrotherapy experiences.


    The Omega Hot Tub is perfect for enjoying your hot tub without destroying the environment


    The hot tub also comes with a 3inch thermal lid as standard; this helps to maintain low monthly running costs by trapping the heat in!


    Coast Spas Hot Tubs come with a 3KW heater that will heat the spa water efficiently and effectively, making the Omega Hot Tub very eco-friendly. The Omega comes with commercial grade filtration, with this filter system it has been tested and proven that it is 83% faster and 20% more efficient than internal skimmer filtration. This means you will change the water less, saving more water plus as the filtration is so efficient, you will use less chemicals!


    If you want to learn more about our Omega Hot Tub, check out our video here:


    Wherever you are on the 22nd April, make sure you keep the environment in mind. Starting little changes that become habits is the best way for us all to make a difference to our environment.


    If you want to know more about our environmentally-friendly Hot Tubs, drop us a message here, or download your Free Copy of our 2019 Brochure!

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  7. Do I Need Chemicals in my Hot Tub?

    When people go shopping for their dream hot tub, most don’t pause to think about maintenance. While Coast Spas hot tubs are much easier to maintain due to features such as powerful filtration, you need to be clear on how much maintenance your hot tub is going to take. The biggest factor? Chemicals.


    Currently, there is no way to avoid using chemicals in your hot tub. I’m sorry to break it to you – you will have to commit to maintaining your hot tub! How important is it to get the chemicals right? We don’t want to scare you, but it can be disastrous if you’re not keeping on top of maintenance.


    Who can be affected?

    There have been several outbreaks of disease linked to poor water maintenance, including those in leisure centres, hotels, holiday homes, cruise ships and showroom displays. Scary right?

    Everyone is susceptible to infection but there is a heightened risk with:

    • People over 45
    • Smokers and heavy drinkers
    • Those with existing respiratory diseases
    • People suffering from conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart and kidney disease
    • Those with an impaired immune system.


    Improper chemical maintenance can lead to serious illnesses


    How bad are the effects?

    We’re not writing this blog post to scare you, we just want to inform you! Properly maintained hot tubs will not give you any problems, and you can enjoy your hot tub any time of the year without fear of any infection. Problems arise when hot tub owners slack off with maintenance, taking the attitude of ‘I haven’t had any problems yet, I must be fine’. Please don’t be one of these people! There are so many nasty things that can contaminate your water and lead to problems:

    Coliforms and E-coli.

    E-coli can contaminate the spa via faecal matter. Coliforms occur in soil as well as faeces, so their presence alone indicates contamination. How many times have you jumped into your hot tub without washing off your feet first? It’s that easy! Proper sanitation will keep these types of bacteria away, so if you have a problem with this, you need to tighten up your water care routine.


    Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

    Numerous outbreaks of folliculitis caused by P aeruginosa are associated with spa pools and hot tubs. Hot Tub Folliculitis presents as a red rash caused by infection of the hair follicles, usually about 48 hours (but can be up to 5 days) after immersion in pool water. The degree of rash depends on how long you were in the contaminated water for, and just how contaminated the water is. Children tend to be more susceptible than adults.

    Mycobacterium species

    Respiratory disease has been associated with non-tuberculous mycobacteria, particularly Mycobacterium avium, in association with spa pools and hot tubs.

    Other potential infections

    Other infections such as amoebal, parasitic and other gastrointestinal infections, furunculosis (caused by Staphylococcus aureus) and Molluscum contagiosum (a viral skin infection producing papillomas) have also been associated with using spa pools.


    Wow, that’s a lot of nasty stuff! Thinking you may as well just throw out your hot tub now? Wait! Like we said before, hot tubs are perfectly safe when you follow a proper maintenance regime. But what exactly does that regime look like? We’re here to show you!


    What you should do every day

    • Check sanitiser level.
    • Check pH level
    • Clean water line.


    What you should do every week

    • Oxidise the hot tub with Non-Chlorine shock.
    • Add spa sparkle to keep water crystal clear.
    • Add No Foam to control foaming.
    • If you live in an area with high calcium hardness, add No Scale to prevent scale deposits.


    What you should do every month

    • Clean filter cartridge.
    • Take water sample to check balance.


    Cleaning your hot tub filter keeps your filtration working efficiently


    What you should do periodically

    • Drain and refill water. While there is no ‘rule’, there is a little formula that you can use as a guide:
      • (Hot Tub litres) ÷ (number of daily bathers) ÷ 12
      • If your hot tub contained 1200 litres and 2 daily bathers, your formula would look like this:
      • 1200 ÷ 2 ÷ 12 = 50 days between draining and refilling.


    Learn more about chemicals in our Free Hot Tub Buyer's Guide


    So, what chemicals should you use?

    There are a lot of different chemicals mentioned in this blog post already! We’re here to cut through the confusion and tell you what you need to know about them. Starting with the most important: Sanitisation.


    Sanitisers are an integral part of your hot tub maintenance regime, as they are responsible for killing all that nasty bacteria we spoke about earlier. They’re also great for helping to kill algae! The two most common sanitisers are Chlorine and Bromine.


    Knowing the right chemicals to use makes hot tub maintenance a breeze!


    Chlorine vs Bromine

    Is it cheap?

    Chlorine is the cheaper and more common form of sanitation.

    The production costs of Bromine are significantly higher, making it the more expensive choice.

    Does it smell?

    Chlorine has that distinctive ‘clean smell’ that most of us are familiar with. If the hot tub is poorly maintained, this smell will become overpowering.

    Bromine is virtually odourless.

    How quickly does it take effect?

    Chlorine is very fast-dissolving, meaning it takes effect much faster.

    Bromine dissolves relatively slowly, however this is not a bad thing!

    Is it safe for sensitive skin?

    Chlorine can cause dry skin and hair, so is best avoided by people with sensitive skin.

    Bromine is safe for people with sensitive skin.


    You should test the levels of either chlorine or bromine regularly. This can be done with test strips that are easy to use and give you readings fast.


    Testing your chemical levels means you can add the right amount of chemicals to keep your hot tub clean and safe.


    Oxidising your Hot Tub

    Oxidising, also known as shocking, your hot tub regularly will help to destroy odours and other nastiness (such as perspiration, cosmetics and body oils). Oxidising also increases your comfort when in the Hot Tub and restores a bit of sparkle back into your water!


    You should shock your Hot Tub every week using a non-chlorine shock. Regular shocking will also help to reduce the amount of sanitiser you use – win!


    Download your Free Hot Tub Buyer's Guide


    What else can Chemicals help with?

    There are so many other products available that can help you keep your water clean and clear, or just make it even better!

    • Foam Control. Foam can sometimes appear on the surface of the water, especially when oils and lotions are in the water. Spamate Antifoam will prevent and control excess foaming to keep your water clear and inviting!


    Excess hot tub foam can be controlled with No Foam chemicals


    • Preventing Cloudy Water. Tiny particles that are too small for the filter to remove will build up and eventually cause dull, cloudy water. You should already be showering before hot tub use to minimise this, but if it’s still an issue, use Spa Sparkle weekly to remove the little particles.
    • Keeping your Filter Clean. When the filter is dirty, you can’t expect it to clean as efficiently. Use a cartridge cleaner to easily clean the filter and restore your filtration!
    • Make your Hot Tub Smell Beautiful! Aromatherapy has long been known to have amazing psychological benefits. By using specially formulated aromatherapies that are specifically for use in Hot Tubs, you can bathe in a delightful fragrance without upsetting the balance of your Hot Tub water!


    Keep your hot tub water smelling beautiful with hot tub-friendly aromatherapy


    If you want more information on how to keep your Hot Tub in tip top condition, take a look at our Chemical masterclass, filmed with our Director of Operations, Paul Anthony!


    If you’re having an issue with your hot tub water, chances are that you can sort most problems with chemicals. If you’re unsure of what chemical to use, or need advice on your water, our dedicated customer service team are on-hand 7 days a week to answer any question!

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  8. Swim Training for the London Marathon 2019

    The London Marathon is less than 3 weeks away, and as the runners are coming to the end of their training regimes, we’re talking about training, hydrotherapy, and recovery!


    How much do you know about the London Marathon?

    A little over 40 years ago, the iconic London Marathon didn’t even exist!


    In 1979, two runners named John Disley and the Chris Brasher decided to enter the New York Marathon after hearing talk of the amazing atmosphere that a city marathon had. When they returned, Chris Brasher wrote the article ‘The Greatest Human Race in the World’, describing the camaraderie, excitement and sense of achievement after doing the impossible. He signed off by wondering “whether London could stage such a festival? We have the course… but do we have the heart and hospitality to welcome the world?”


    With that, the wheels were set in motion.


    Since the first race in 1981, the London Marathon has gone from strength to strength - from 7,747 runners in 1981, to a record-breaking 40,000 in 2018. The course is flat and fast, covering 26 miles of gruelling tarmac running.


    Swimming is great training for the London Marathon


    Swimming Training for Runners

    If you’re in the London Marathon this year, you’ll want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible – but your training regime doesn’t have to be all about running!


    It is vital that you look after yourself before and after the event. If you have access to a swim spa, the combination of swimming and hydrotherapy can be just what you need to beat your personal best and survive the demanding course!


    Swim Spas are perfect for Marathon training


    Swimming is an amazing way of switching up your training. It gives you a full-body workout without putting stress on your joints that you would experience while running. It’s also a great way to strengthen muscles that are not used during running, contributing to greater overall strength and fitness, which directly translates to increased speed and stamina.


    As a runner, I’m sure you understand the importance of strong core muscles for maintaining posture and stabilising your hips. Did you know that swimming is perfect for this?


    What if you don’t like swimming? We’ve got you. Using specialised exercise equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills, and boxing equipment can give you a stellar workout using the resistance of the water!


    Aquatic exercise equipment is a great alternative to swimming

    Getting into hot water is not only vital to your training, it’s also brilliant as part of your recovery! Whether you’re recovering from the Marathon itself or from a hard training session, swimming on your recovery days will help to accelerate your muscle repair.


    Swimming is not the only aquatic outlet that will help you take your athletic performance to the next level. Hydrotherapy jets found in Swim Spas and Hot Tubs are perfect for easing muscle strain, helping to promote repair and recovery of your tissues after a gruelling day. Joint pain and inflammation are also common in marathon runners and respond well to the warm water and hydrotherapy jets.


    Swim Spa hydrotherapy features are great for both training and recovery


    Swim Spas from Award Leisure

    Swim Spas are the perfect combination of hot tub hydrotherapy and adjustable swimming exercise! If you think that a Swim Spa could be just what you need to take your training to the next level, check out our range of Swim Spas available.


    If you’re looking for something to help you with your training as well as make a great addition to your family garden, you need to check out the Brand New for 2019 21ft Infinity Edge Swim Spa!

    The infinity edge swim spa makes you feel like you are swimming in open water

    The swim lane is so wide and long that two swimmers can swim side by side against a powerful current that’s out of this world! There’s so much room for a true swimming experience without your feet or arms touching the spa walls. The swim spa also offers seating for up to 5 people with 3 dedicated massage seats and two stand up hydrotherapy zones!


    The 2100 VE Swim Spa is also available with a variable speed pump meaning you can customise your swim to suit your ability and experience from 1-100%. Perfect for interval training and catering to all swimming abilities!


    Check out our video of the 2100 VE Swim Spa in action at the International Dealers Meeting in Toronto in January 2019.


    This Swim Spa is the first, largest & only portable Swim machine featuring the exclusive vanishing infinity edge design, giving you barrier free views to create the true feeling of swimming in open water.


    If you want to know more, check out our information video below:


    If you have any questions, just get in touch with us or download your FREE Swim Spa Buyer’s Guide to ensure you choose the right Hot Tub for you!



    And if you’re participating in the London Marathon later this month, Good Luck!

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  9. The Best Hot Tub to Buy in 2019 - The Award Suite Spa!

    We are super excited to announce our brand-new Hot Tub being added to the Award Leisure range for 2019 - The Award Suite Spa! Award Suite Spas are made in Florida and deliver a quality health and lifestyle experience and are built to last, manufactured using cutting edge, environmentally-friendly technology. 


    The Award Suite Spas are made from a high-density recycled thermal plastic called polyethylene which ensures that the spa is durable to all weathers and guaranteed not to split, peel or rot. The spa is so easy to maintain that it will look like a showroom model, even after many years.

    The Award Suite Spa as seen on ITV

    Many other spas use hundreds of pounds worth of fibre glass, steel, wood and resins which make the spa heavy and more expensive. The Award Suite Spas’ rotational moulded technology requires less work and material, making them a much more affordable and earth-friendly product.


    Both Award Suite models feature multi-level seating with corner bucket seats offering a wrap-around massage and a higher cool down seat that acts as a step into the spa. In the lounger version, the head to toe therapy lounge provides total relaxation – so you slide right in for complete comfort without floating out of the seat!


    The Award Suite Spas are super easy to install, you’ll be soaking away before you know it! Just like your standard household appliances, the hot tub plugs into a conventional 13 Amp power supply, cutting out the need for expert electrician installation! As they are easy to move around, they are great for those with limited access or minimal garden space. Simply set them where you want on a level surface and fill with a hose!

    The Award Suite Spa is great for family time.

    The insulation within the Award Suite Spa is approved by the Californian Energy Commission, meaning you are guaranteed to have the lowest running costs – no more worrying about the cost of leaving your hot tub heated all year round! Water maintenance is also a breeze, being assisted by the built-in water purification system.


    The adjustable stainless-steel jets are recessed into the shell, meaning comfort and relaxation is guaranteed. The smaller jets offer an intense massage flow, which will help to release muscle tension and relieve pain.


    So, what do you get with the Award Suite Spa?

    I’m glad you asked! Check out the amazing features that come as standard:

    • Plush cushioned headrests for added comfort
    • Built-in drinks cooler, holding enough drinks for everyone in the spa to have the ultimate party!

    The Award Suite Spa has a handy drinks cooler and table built in.

    • A fold out table which sits neatly above the water to stand your drinks on or play games. The table easily tucks away when not in use to open up the space in the spa.
    • Lit adjustable waterfall.
    • Colour changing lighting in and above the waterline to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.
    • Stylish cabinet corner lighting.
    • Recessed adjustable stainless-steel jetting focusing on tension areas to offer the ultimate in hydrotherapy.
    • A built-in weather, UV and fade-resistant umbrella covering 44sqft, with a 360-degree swivel design. This means you can position the umbrella over or next to the spa, being perfect for creating a social space if there’s too many people to fit into the spa!

    The Award Suite Spa has a built in umbrella for protection and privacy.

    • Large non-slip, curved, solid steps with a handy built-in storage area for your chemicals, towels or slippers. You even get planters for either side of the steps to create a beautifully-designed garden centrepiece!
    • A sturdy handrail for easy access in and out of the spa.
    • A thermal, water resistant cover is also included, locking in the heat for complete energy efficiency. You also get a handy cover lifter that sits nicely behind the spa, supporting the lifting of the cover.

    Keeping your Award Suite Spa is easy with a handy cover lifter.

    Can you believe you get all of this included?! It’s crazy! All these features offer the ultimate destination for relaxation, health and entertainment.


    The elegant Award Suite Spas are around 7ft square and available with or without a lounger. The lounger model seats up to 5 people, or the all seated version accommodates up to 6 people.  The spa is also available in 2 beautiful colours – black diamond shell with a black cabinet or a white diamond shell with a grey cabinet and the jets, headrests, steps and foldaway table have all been carefully colour coordinated to match the cabinet and shell.

    The Award Suite Spa looks beautiful as a garden centrepiece.

    The elegant Award Suite Spas are of the highest quality – they are reliable, durable, and quality – perfect for use all year round and the ultimate affordable relaxation destination.


    For your chance to win one of our beautiful Award Suite Spas, all you need to do is head over to the ITV competition website and follow the details to be in with a chance!


    If you’re desperate to get your hands on one – worry not! Download a Free Brochure and get in touch with us at Award Leisure to start your journey to the ultimate hot tub ownership adventure!


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