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  1. How a Hot Tub Can Improve Your Mental Health

    It’s mental health awareness week - an annual event which increases awareness about mental illness and gives us the opportunity to focus on achieving good mental health. Throughout this blog, we discuss some of the ways spending time in a hot tub can improve your overall mental wellbeing.

    Increased “happy hormones”

    The hydrotherapy massage and warm water in a hot tub creates a pleasurable experience, which releases “happy hormones”.

    Our hot tubs are designed with different massage types in each seat, using traditional techniques for healing and relaxation. We know that precisely locating the correct size jet and massaging action where it is most effective is key to relax the body and mind. According to 2004 research, both serotonin and dopamine levels increase after massage. Serotonin is associated with feelings of happiness, focus, and calm, whilst dopamine is associated with feelings of rewards, motivation, and being productive.

    Being submerged in warm water is also therapeutic as it triggers the release of endorphins into your blood. “Your skin releases endorphins in response to the soothing warm water the same way that endorphins are released when you feel the sun on your skin,” says Dr. Bobby Buka, a dermatologist based in New York. Endorphins are your body’s natural pain reliever and increase feelings of relaxation.

    person laughing in hot tub

    Get a good night’s sleep

    Soaking in a hot tub around 90 minutes before bed could help you get a good night’s sleep. Around bedtime, our body temperature starts to drop, hitting its lowest level as we sleep, then rising again as we prepare to wake up. Although it seems contradictory, soaking in warm water causes blood circulation from the internal core to the peripheral sites of the hands and feet. This can help remove body heat and get the body temperature to go down which signals the pineal gland to start producing melatonin – a hormone that helps control your sleep patterns.

    person relaxing in hot tub

    Create long-lasting memories

    Nowadays, we spend more time on our phones and less time talking to each other. Hot tubs bring family and friends together and give us the opportunity to talk to each other about how we’re doing. By having a space to escape to with no distractions, we can re-connect with loved ones and create long-lasting memories.

    group of friends in a hot tub

    Spend more time outdoors

    Hot tubs motivate you to leave the sofa and go outside. Fresh air, sun, trees. Nature is a magical thing and can have strong wellness benefits – such as reducing stress, enhancing mood, and improving focus. Soaking in a hot tub is a form of escapism, it’s somewhere you can nestle away from the stresses of everyday life. The warm water and massage jets relax your body while the fresh air clears your head.

    two friends relaxing in a hot tub

    A hot tub can improve your life

    A high-quality hot tub can improve your life in many ways. Soaking in a hot tub regularly improves your overall health and wellbeing. But it is SO important that you choose the right hot tub so you can experience these benefits. A hot tub that doesn’t work properly, requires constant repairs, or uses energy inadequately will only add more stress to your life. Get in touch today and we will help you find your dream hot tub – we only work with reputable manufacturers with exceptional warranties and guarantees.

    view beachcomber hot tubs range

    view british hot tubs range

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  2. Lounger vs All-Seater Hot Tub

    Are you torn between choosing a hot tub with a lounger or all-seats? In this post, we talk about what a lounger is, the pros, the cons, as well as advice to help you make the right decision.

    Lounger Definition

    A lounger is an area in a hot tub that allows you to recline, typically with massage jets targeting your entire body from head to toe.

    Lounger Pros

    • Ultimate comfort and relaxation from being able to lie back in a body contoured lounger.
    • Optimum hydrotherapy with jets often targeting the neck, shoulders, back, legs, feet, and wrists, for an invigorating full body massage.
    • More space to stretch out and get out of that seated position which many of us spend far too long in during the day.

     Lounger Cons

    • Reduced seating capacity as a lounger can take up space for 2-3 seats in your hot tub.
    • One size does not fit all. For example, you may be less suited to a lounger if you are particularly small or tall.
    • Arguably less sociable as it does not face inwards towards your fellow hot tubbers, like the other seats.

     Image Comparing Hot Tub with Lounger vs All Seats

    Is a lounger hot tub right for you?

    One of the first considerations is how you are going to use your hot tub. Since a lounger can take up space for 2-3 seats, if you have a large family and/or plan to use your hot tub for social occasions, a hot tub with all-seats might be better suited for you. However, if you live in a small household and only have the odd get together, a hot tub with a lounger might be better. For example, our largest hot tub with all-seats accommodates for up to 10 people. Our largest hot tub with a lounger seats up to 8 people.

    If you decide a lounger hot tub is the right option for you (because the thought of a revitalising full body massage when you get home from work is temping, right?) you might have to compromise on seating capacity. You can either make do with a hot tub that seats less people or purchase a larger hot tub to accommodate for more people, but this really depends on how much space you have in your garden, and your budget.

    The best piece of advice we can give you when searching for a hot tub is to try before you buy. At Award Leisure, we offer free wet tests with private tests available (on request), private changing facilities, free refreshments, and you can bring your family along because we know their opinion matters too!

    Pay particular attention to whether you float when you lie back in the lounger and the jets are turned on, as smaller bathers tend to float sometimes. Nonetheless, British Hot Tubs have designed their loungers deeper in the bottom area with arm rests that keep you firmly in place to lessen this risk.

    Also make sure the jets are efficient in giving you a relaxing full body massage. The jet placement in every hot tub is different, and you want to make sure you get the bang for your buck! British Hot Tubs take therapeutic benefits very seriously. Over the years, they have consulted with physiotherapists, and athletic experts, to help maximise their hot tub design and build, to bring you uncompromising hydrotherapy.

    Research is key so make sure you do plenty of it and note down any questions that you want to ask when visiting showrooms. Our friendly team at Award Leisure will be happy to answer any questions and give you expert advice when you visit.

    It’s all about personal preference, and requirements. Whichever option you decide is right for you, make sure to look at our range of British Hot Tubs. We have a model to suit every lifestyle, specification, and budget.

    Get in touch today and we will help you find your dream hot tub!

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  3. Huge Warehouse Sale | Hot Tubs, Gazebos & BBQ Egg Ovens

    Hundreds of Hot Tubs in stock, one massive sale! Don’t miss our enormous 3 day warehouse clearance sale at the end of the month. New, ex-display, and pre-loved offers on Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Gazebos, and BBQ Egg Ovens - all available for quick delivery! Everything must go, and you should too! From Fri Oct 28 to Sun Oct 30, our 3 day event will be held at Award Leisure Lutterworth, Coventry Road, LE17 4JB. Just follow the signs. Don’t miss it! Simply walk-in or RSVP below...

    Click Here For Details

    gazebo sale

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  4. Grab your popcorn, Award Leisure are featured on Sky TV!

    Grab your popcorn, Award Leisure are featured on Sky TV! NETV reached out to us recently and asked if we would like to feature on their TV show ‘Discover Britain’ on Sky TV.

    Discover Britain is produced by NETV and watched by 1.2 million viewers per month! This TV show is now in its 6th year of broadcasting throughout the UK, Ireland, and parts of the EU. They travel around the UK looking at interesting places, things to do, and lifestyles people are leading in the leisure industry, which is growing quickly.

    Sky Logo and Award Leisure Logo

    Their show also has personalities onboard such as Carol Smiley, Ben Fogle, Daniel O’Donnell and TV cook, Emily Roberts.

    NETV reached out to us during their search for successful businesses in the UK leisure industry. They were particularly interested in the success of our British Hot Tubs range which are proudly designed in the UK, for the UK lifestyle and variable climate, as well as the rapid growth the company has achieved since adding them to our product range in 2020.

    The production team visited us at Award Leisure Lincoln and directed an interview with our National Sales Manager Charlotte Anthony on-camera. They were eager to discover why British Hot Tubs are so popular - the design, the unique and innovative features, the warranties and guarantees, and who they appeal too. We even discussed things to look out for when considering buying a hot tub, as well as top tips to look after your hot tub.

    It is an honour to appear on this TV show, alongside other successful UK businesses, and share our story behind British Hot Tubs. Our first commercial will be aired on October 8th, Discover Britain, Sky Channel 185, at 7pm. More details to follow about when our interview will air.

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  5. Winterising Your Hot Tub

    Winterising your hot tub

    For us, there is no better feeling than soaking in the hot tub in the crisp winter air – it’s so refreshing and relaxing at the same time! However, using your hot tub in winter is not for everyone, so we’re here to talk about winterising your hot tub!

    Beachcomber Hot Tub Covered in Snow

    Why winterise your hot tub?

    While hard-shell hot tubs can be used all year-round, some families prefer to keep their hot tub as a summer-only activity. It’s not hard to see why some people choose this – you’re out in the garden more often, the kids are off school, the nights are longer… sounds great right?

    If you’re not going to use your hot tub during the colder months, proper winterisation is vital. If you leave the water in over winter (this includes in the pipework), you’re leaving yourself open to a hefty repair bill in the spring. If you don’t get all the water out, you’ll risk damaging the internal plumbing. The frozen water in the pipework could cracks in the plumbing!

    Our British Hot Tubs are designed to withstand the variable UK climate and cold winters while keeping running costs as low as possible. And our Beachcomber Hot Tubs are handcrafted in Canada and loved across the world so they can endure the harshest winters. They can all be left running all day, every day – even through winter!

    If you do plan on leaving the hot tub empty for an extended period, it is probably best to get it winterised.

    Most damage occurs to hot tubs from improper winterisation. While you can have a go at winterising your hot tub yourself, we recommend getting a professional to do it, to avoid an expensive repair. Our trained engineers offer this service at just £249 - click here to book your professional winterisation.

    For further guidance on winterising your hot tub, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert Customer Care Team here at Award Leisure!

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  6. Hot Tub Installation Gallery

    Established in 1984 and built on reputation and recommendation, we are a family run business who help customers successfully develop their garden design projects. We specialise in retail and service in hot tubs and swim spas, as well as gazebos, cabins, saunas and hot tub/swimming pool chemicals.

    Not only do we sell outdoor leisure products, we offer services to help customers at every stage in their journey. Our services include but are not limited to wet tests, site surveys, crane quotes, delivery and installation, landscaping, decking, aftercare and maintenance plans.

    We can help you bring your vision to life and create the outdoor space you long for. Take a look at some of our recent installation images to get inspired for your new garden renovation…

    The Winston Hot Tub™ for Matt in Nottinghamshire

    Winston Hot Tub Installation

    The Westwood Hot Tub™ for Cheryl in Leicestershire

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    The Sterling Hot Tub™ for Matthew in London

    Sterling Hot Tub Installation

    The Balmoral Hot Tub™ and Mount Alta Gazebo for Michelle in Buckinghamshire

    Balmoral Hot Tub and Mount Alta Gazebo Installation

    The Jubilee Hot Tub™ for Paul in County Durham

    Jubilee Hot Tub Installation

    The Mercury Hot Tub™ for Gill in Lincolnshire

    Mercury Hot Tub Installation

    The Spencer Hot Tub™ for Jacqueline in Suffolk

    Spencer Hot Tub Installation

    The Winston Hot Tub™ for Peter in Staffordshire

    Winston Hot Tub Installation 

    The Westwood Hot Tub™ for Jan in Lincolnshire

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    The Sandringham Hot Tub™ for Kris in South Glamorgan

    Sandringham Hot Tub Installation

    The Spencer Hot Tub™ for Roger in Cambridgeshire

    Spencer Hot Tub Installation

    The Shakespeare Hot Tub™ for Caroline in Hertfordshire

    Shakespeare Hot Tub Installation

    The Mercury Hot Tub™ for Steve in Herefordshire

    Mercury Hot Tub Installation

    The Spencer Hot Tub™ for Sergio in Lincolnshire

    Spencer Hot Tub Installation

    Get in touch today and our friendly team at Award Leisure will help you create your dream garden!

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  7. DIY Ideas for the Perfect Man Cave

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a man cave up the garden? A private sanctuary where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life; a place to relax, unwind and freely indulge in hobbies and leisure time. You don’t even need planning permission for a lot of outdoor cabins, which are a great hassle-free way to start your man cave project.

    Need inspiration? Click here

    One of the greatest things about having your own personal man cave is having complete free rein on the interior design. You can be as creative and unique with your design as you like, but it can be slightly overwhelming taking on such a big project. So, to make it easier - we’ve compiled a shortlist of some features we think are essential in creating the perfect man cave.

    TV or Projector Screen

    Television showing football

    Whether it’s to gather all your mates’ round to watch the footy, an intense gaming session, or even a cosy movie night, a home cinema is a huge statement and essential feature for the perfect man cave. It doesn’t have to break the bank either, you can get cheap projectors and projector screens on Amazon or eBay, or you can just pin up a plain white sheet! 


    Alcohol on shelves

    One of the most common and exciting aspects of owning a man cave, is the idea of having your very own bar! Building a DIY bar is a very rewarding and exciting project. But, if you don’t have the resources, you could consider buying a ready assembled bar and deck it out with all your favourite spirits and beers. To give the bar a more rustic feel, think quirky wine racks or shelves, bottle openers, chalk boards, beer mats, etc.

    Pool Table

    People playing pool

    I don’t know about you, but when I think ‘man cave’, I think ‘pool table’. I’m not really sure why, they just seem to go hand in hand! Whether you build one yourself, treat yourself to a luxury wooden table, or get yourself a more affordable plastic one; it’ll make a great centrepiece in your man cave, and you’re sure to host countless fun and memorable game nights in there.

    Musical Instruments

    Guitar hanging on wall

    If you’re a musician, a man cave is a great place to hold jam sessions (your neighbours will probably appreciate it too). Hanging guitars on the wall is a quirky way to showcase your guitars, and guitar wall hangers are super affordable and easy to put up.

    Neon Signs

    Neon sign that says 'game on'

    Neon signs are trendy right now and are a great way to light up your man cave. They look beautiful in any bar and are super affordable and easy to find. You can even get custom neon signs to say something totally unique and personal to you.

    Vintage Pieces


    Vintage pieces of furniture really have that wow factor, so why not invest in one? Online, charity shops, and auctions are a great place to shop for them. Who knows, maybe you could start a collection. Think juke boxes, petrol pumps, popcorn/candy floss machines… get creative!

    The Perfect Seating

    Car themed sofa

    No man cave is complete without the perfect seating. Consider the theme of your space, if you’re going to spend lots of time gaming in there, get yourself a decent gaming chair. If your space is more sophisticated, perhaps a leather sofa would fit in nicely. You could also consider bean bags!

    Record Player and Speakers

    Record player with vinyl

    Music is essential for any man cave - whatever mood you’re trying to set, there’s an album for it. Consider investing in some decent speakers, perhaps surround sound or Bluetooth connectivity. If you’re thinking old school, or already have a hefty vinyl collection, consider purchasing a record player for your new space. There are so many quirky ways to showcase your records.

    Cool Lighting

    Quirky lighting

    There are so many DIY options online for quirky and unusual lighting in your man cave, or you could consider purchasing new lighting from places like IKEA. Lighting significantly affects the aesthetic experience, creates the mood, stimulates, motivates, and calms.

    And finally… the perfect cabin to put it all in!

    The Brookhaven

    The Brookhaven Log Cabin

    The Brookhaven is a traditional design log cabin with cylinder locking double door and surrounding windows, all featuring real 4mm glass. The walls are 34mm tongue and groove construction and 19mm tongue and groove floor and roof with the option of felt or shingles covering. The double doorway has a low threshold door sill with stainless steel protective capping and laminated frame. The cabin is supplied unfinished and can be stained or painted in any colour to suit. It has a manufacturer’s 5-year guarantee.

    The Cleveland

    The Cleveland Log Cabin

    The Cleveland is a traditionally designed pent roof log cabin with cylinder locking double doors. The walls are constructed with 34mm tongue and groove cladding and 19mm tongue and groove floor and roof with the option of felt or EPDM covering. The double doors have a low threshold door sill with stainless steel protective capping and a laminated frame the two opening double windows feature real 4mm glass. Also available with door and window bars. The height of this cabin is under 2.5m. The cabin is supplied unfinished and can be stained or painted in any colour to suit. It has a manufacturer’s 5-year guarantee.

    The Seattle

    The Seattle Log Cabin

    The Seattle is a contemporary designed pent roof log cabin with cylinder locking double door and opening double glazed windows. Also available with door and window bars. The walls are 44mm tongue and groove construction and 19mm tongue and groove floor and roof with the option of felt or shingle roof covering. The double doors have a low threshold door sill with stainless steel protective capping and a laminated frame. The height of this cabin is under 2.5m. The cabin is supplied unfinished and can be stained or painted in any colour to suit. It has a manufacturer’s 5-year guarantee.

    Click to view cabin range Click to download cabin brochure

    Click to request a callback

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  8. Why Is Your Hot Tub Warranty Essential?

    Why Is Your Hot Tub Warranty Essential?

    A warranty is a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of a product by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary, within a specified period of time. Warranties are an essential factor to consider when shopping for your dream hot tub, to ensure its protection and longevity.

    Do Your Research

    A reputable manufacturer will always have their warranties available to view online and if they don’t, you should proceed with caution. Make sure to closely inspect their warranties and note down any questions you have, so you can ask the dealer directly.

    Our Promise

    You can rest with peace of mind when you buy a British Hot Tub™Our luxury hot tubs are built to last, but to give you even more confidence in our products, we offer the complete warranty package, one of the best in the industry (research supplied on request).

    Sterling Hot Tub Installation

    10 Year Warranty on Shell & 5 Year Warranty on Shell Surface

    Your British Hot Tub™ starts its life as a sheet of Aristech® Acyclic, it is then heated, and vacuum formed to take the shape of a hot tub. The acrylic is backed with Vinyl Ester Resin in a temperature-controlled environment and reinforced with 10-12 layers of hand rolled Fibreglass. These procedures ensure there is a perfect bond between the Acrylic and the Glass Fibre to eliminate the risk of structural damage or cracks that cause water loss. Finally, Steel Angle Iron is placed along the stress points of the shell for additional strength and support in specific structural areas. The result is a stain and fade resistant spa shell which is easy to clean and guaranteed to last a lifetime. We are so confident about the quality; we give you a 10-year warranty on the shell and a 5-year warranty on the shell surface.

    5 Year Warranty on Cabinet

    British Hot Tubs™ Vinyl Synthetic Cabinets are handmade at the factory. Each colour blends subtly into your garden environment and look as beautiful as a real wood finish. The cabinets are maintenance free and come with a 5-year guarantee.

    3 Year Warranty on Plumbing

    British Hot Tubs™ plumbing lines have external ribs that allow for the flexible water hoses to be connected, glued and griped securely. British Hot Tubs™ use Super-Sealed Barb & Clamp Plumbing. The clasps are made from anti-corrosive stainless steel and ensure quick and easy plumbing connections throughout the lifetime of your hot tub. The addition of sprung clasps ensures additional binding and guarantees the plumbing line connections are leak free. Plumbing comes with a 3-year warranty.

    2 Year Warranty on Pumps

    British Hot Tubs™ powerful pumps are among the most reliable and powerful in the hot tub industry and come with a 2-year warranty. The variable force pumps have two added features, low amperage resulting in reduced energy consumption and a fan cooling system with a cool air intake system to extend lifetime. They also double as low-speed circulation pumps for greater efficiency using only 1amp at low speed.

    Our powerful pumps deliver over 240 gallons of water per minute via direct flow 3” pipes. Using minimum elbows, water pressure is not compromised, all pipework is measured so each jet delivers an even flow. This science result in every spa and every jet producing true flow, efficient water rotation, energy efficiency and longer lasting motors.

    2 Year Warranty on Balboa Control Panel

    Our Balboa digital control panel (touchscreen on Prime & Premium series) has an easy to read display screen, is waterproof, extremely durable and comes with a 2-year warranty. The user interface is easy to navigate, allowing you to control all the major components of your hot tub with ease. You can turn lights off and on, change light colour (if lighting package is installed), control jets, temperature and program filtration cycles. Your digital control panel will also warn you of any issues; so, if the hot tub is too hot or the heater is not getting enough water, your control panel will alert you immediately (spa series dependant). 

    2 Year Warranty on Heater

    British Hot Tubs™ Balboa Heater element is made from Titanium, which is more resistant to corrosion. Corrosion is a common problem in UK hot tubs and is caused by both hard and soft and mineral build up. The Titanium heater is much better than standard heater elements and will enable you to get maximum use from your hot tub water without the need to continually drain, refill, and reheat your hot tub. We give you a 2-year warranty on your heater.

    2 Year Warranty on Lighting

    Our British Hot Tubs™ come standard with colour changing LED lighting, offering brilliant and colour intense illumination. We incorporate lighting in the shell, water features, cup holders, and cabinets to light up your outdoor space, oozing luxury and class. The results are utterly spectacular with a colour changing and flashing option, covering all the colours of the spectrum to create the perfect ambience. We give you a 2-year warranty on lighting.

    1 Year Warranty on Pure Zone

    British Hot Tubs™ built in Ozone Purification System comes with a 1-year warranty. Pure Zone™ creates ozone which removes microscopic organic bacteria matter which builds up in the bathing area, that would normally pass through the filter. Ozone is one of the most powerful neutralisers of bacteria known today. Our water care system produces energetic oxygen or 'ozone' that zaps most of these foreign contaminates. 

    6 Month Warranty on Pillows

    Luxury padded pillows come standard in every British Hot Tub model for ultimate comfort. These pillows can easily be removed for cleaning when the hot tub is not in use and have a stylish British flag design. Pillows come with a 6-month warranty.

    Looking for a high quality, affordable hot tub with a great warranty package? Get in touch today and our friendly team at Award Leisure will help you find your dream hot tub!

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  9. 5 Best Uses for a Log Cabin

    Award Leisure provide a huge variety of luxury log cabins in all shapes and sizes, perfect to transform your garden space into a functional retreat. These premium cabins are built in Scandinavia with thick and durable timber meaning whatever you decide to use them for, they're built to last! They are also FSC Certified, so you can rest assured that your Cabin is not only renewable, but it comes from forests that are managed responsibly. Award Leisure even have models that don’t require any planning permission, meaning you can begin your garden transformation with complete peace of mind.

    log cabin at end of garden 

    See below Award Leisure’s 5 best uses for a log cabin – staying at home just got better!

    Garden Office

    Working from home has become much more common since the pandemic. However, many people have struggled to find an adequate spot in their home where they can get on with work undisturbed. It’s not difficult to see the advantages of setting up a garden office - an idyllic commute, a distinct separation between work and home life, and a way to add value to your property. With amazing insulation and tonnes of space, a log cabin may be the answer to all of your telecommuting problems! For the perfect garden office, we recommend the Brookhaven Cabin.

    home office

    Home Gym

    Establishing a workout routine and making time for self-care is more important than ever. Regular exercise not only keeps you physically healthy but also improves your mental health by releasing endorphins, a powerful chemical in your brain that triggers a positive feeling in the body. A log cabin is the perfect way to keep your equipment safe and transform your garden space into a functional place to take care of your physical and mental health. A home gym is also a great way to add value to your property. We recommend the Hamptons Cabin for the idyllic home gym.

    home gym 

    Home Bar

    Having a bar at the bottom of the garden is everyone’s dream - your favourite selection of drinks, your own playlist, no last orders, and no need for expensive taxis. What's not to love? Transform your unused garden space into an amazing home bar where you can make treasured memories for years to come with your nearest and dearest. The Michigan Cabin would make the perfect garden pub.

    garden pub

    Children's Playhouse

    Every child dreams of having their very own garden playhouse to live out their adventures! However, a playhouse is not an easy thing to build for your little one, make it that much easier with our easy to assemble log cabins. You’ll have a fun family project on your hands, and it will surely make your children happy for years to come. It’s easy for children to become bored and restless, a playhouse may be the answer to your prayers to get your child off their iPad and outside in the fresh air. For the perfect garden playhouse, we recommend the Kentucky Cabin.

    children's playhouse 

    Hot Tub Cabin

    Our log cabins create the perfect hot tub enclosures and provide the benefits of a private retreat, protection from the outdoor elements, and a stunning addition to any garden. Enclosures allow you to enjoy your hot tub all year round, no matter the weather, while keeping out of sight of nosy neighbours. Spend time with your loved ones whilst enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy with an amazing British Hot Tub. The Georgia Cabin makes the complete hot tub enclosure!

    hot tub cabin

    Transform your outdoor space. With Award Leisure’s log cabin range, you can expect a truly luxurious product with unrivalled service from our friendly team.

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  10. Installation Gallery

    With 8 stores nationwide, we deliver far and wide across the UK. We don’t just deliver your hot tub or swim spa, our professional install team are on hand to position your spa into place, connect it to the electrical supply, fill it up, then teach you how to use your hot tub, what types of chemicals you need, and how to use them. Check out our latest installs...

    Adam from Lincolnshire | The Mercury™

    Mercury Hot Tub Installation

    Ashley from Bedfordshire | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Becky from Warwickshire | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Brian from Warwickshire | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Chantelle from Cambridgeshire | The Balmoral™

    Balmoral Hot Tub Installation

    Charlotte from West Midlands | The Shakespeare™

    Shakespeare Hot Tub Installation

    Darren from Hertfordshire | The Windsor™

    Windsor Hot Tub Installation

    Dave from Lincolnshire | The Mercury™

    Mercury Hot Tub Installation

    David from Lincolnshire | The Balmoral™

    Balmoral Hot Tub Installation

    Hannah from Lincolnshire | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Hayley from Warwickshire | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Ian from Hertfordshire | The Union™

    Union Hot Tub Installation

    Jason from West Midlands | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Jenny from Essex | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Jim from Hertfordshire | The Union™

    Union Hot Tub Installation

    John from Cambridgeshire | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    John from Kent | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    John from Kent | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Kirk from Leicestershire | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Kirsty from Warwickshire | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Lara from Lincolnshire | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Lorinda from Suffolk | The Buckingham™

    Buckingham Hot Tub Installation

    Mark from Staffordshire | The Mercury™

    Mercury Hot Tub Installation

    Martin from Staffordshire | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Michael from Hertfordshire | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Nandlal from Leicestershire | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Paul from London | The Westwood™

    Westwood Hot Tub Installation

    Paula from Essex | The Jubilee™

    Jubilee Hot Tub Installation

    Rachael from West Midlands | The Spencer™

    Spencer Hot Tub Installation

    Shaun from Lincolnshire | The Spencer™

    Spencer Hot Tub Installation

    Stephen from Bedfordshire | The Empire™

    Empire Hot Tub Installation

    Suzanne from Cambridgeshire | The Winston™

    Winston Hot Tub Installation

    Will from Lincolnshire | The Sandringham™

    Sandringham Hot Tub Installation

    Get in touch today and our friendly team at Award Leisure will help you find your dream hot tub!

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