Things to Consider When Deciding on where to Have Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are generally portable and versatile when it comes to where they can be placed, however there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you make a decision on where you’ll be placing your spa. You do need to consider that majority of hot tub will need to go on a flat, hard level base. Such as concrete, decking or slabbing.



Outdoor hot tubs are extremely popular, but they can just as easily be installed inside your home, providing there’s enough room to get the tub in. A lot of people like it outdoors in their garden as they like it to be the social hub of the home, it means they can enjoy the great outdoors all year round! Indoor is also great for those that want that indoor oasis, maybe accompanied by a sauna, pool or a gym! – Our Coast Spas Hydrotherapy baths are also great indoors for those suffering from skin conditions or bodily pains like arthritis.



If you’re having your hot tub installed outdoors, you need to consider the many seasons the UK has to offer, whether it’s rain, snow or sun (sometimes all in one day) your tub needs looking after. We would recommend ensuring that if your hot tub is kept outside with no shelter all year round it is protected with a well-insulated cover and cleaned regularly. Any bird droppings can stain and rot the cover. Consider the rain and wind when deciding where you tub will go maybe consider putting it up against a fence or garden wall, this could also give you privacy from the neighbours. You could always protect your tub with a shelter, gazebo or even placing inside a garden building. Creating the outdoor leisure lifestyle hub right in your back garden! However, this is not necessary, if you prefer to soak up every ounce of the UK sun it is not imperative to have your hot tub sheltered. Find that spot in your garden that gathers the most sunshine throughout the day!



If you don’t live in a detached house with your own private garden then you’re most likely going to have that nosey neighbour type at least one side of you! You need to decide whether you want complete privacy (an indoor hot tub or a garden building/gazebo) or whether you want it to be open, in which case nothing needs to be done, or you can landscape it with nice decking and accessories! Maybe think about placing it near/behind some trees or a more private part of your garden if you don’t want next door starting a conversation every time they water the plants or hang the washing out.



This all comes down to how far you want to walk to your tub! The bottom of the garden might seem a good idea in the summer, but that long walk in your swim suit during the chilly nights may not seem as appealing, especially when there’s a cold winter breeze and you’re soaking wet.


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