Installation Gallery

Our product range has been carefully researched and selected from reputable manufacturers with exceptional warranties and guarantees. Not only do they sell outdoor leisure products, but we offer services to help customers at every stage in their journey.

We believe in wellness and aim to transform customers outdoor space into social hubs that can be enjoyed with loved ones all year round. We have gained unrivalled recognition from both the industry and manufacturers by receiving a multitude of accolades and glowing customer testimonials. Take a look at our recent installs…

Christopher from London | The Mercury Hot Tub™

Mercury Hot Tub Installation

Jason from Buckinghamshire | The Mount Alta Gazebo

Mount Alta Gazebo Installation

Kevin from Leicestershire | The Jubilee Hot Tub™

Jubilee Hot Tub Installation

Neil from Buckinghamshire | The Britannia Hot Tub™

Britannia Hot Tub Installation

Richard from Lincolnshire | The Empire Hot Tub™

Empire Hot Tub Installation

Viral from Lincolnshire | The Jubilee Hot Tub™

Jubilee Hot Tub Installation

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