If you own a Holiday Let, Hot Tubs can be a great way of improving the value of your letting. What are the guidelines you need to follow to be HSG282 Compliant?

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What is HSG282?

HSG282 is a set of guidelines for commercial pool and spa owners to assess and control the risk of exposure to Legionella and other infectious agents.

It’s important to know that HSG282 is not law, it is considered as ‘best practice’. These standards would also be used in a court of law to measure whether you have complied as far as reasonably possible to meet the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.


What are the HSG282 Hot Tub Compliance Guidelines


What are the guidelines you need to be aware of?

Self-cleaning bromine system: Your Hot Tub will have a constant supply of bromine fed directly into the water, keeping the spa water cleaner while your customers are enjoying the Hot Tub.

Headrests: While headrests are a great feature for your own Hot Tub, they are a breeding ground for bacteria and can be easily broken.

250 litres of water per bather: This limit is in place to ensure that the Hot Tub doesn’t exceed the maximum number of bathers at any one time. This keeps the water at an acceptable quality for risk assessments.


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24hr filtration system: Coast Spas are renowned for having one of the best filtration systems in the world. By housing the filter away from the bathing area, your water stays cleaner for longer.

Written record of water testing: Done at least once per day, but up to 3 times depending on usage. You should make sure the pH remains balanced and there is enough sanitiser in the water to keep bathers safe.

The HSG282 isn’t there to create more work for you or catch you out. They’re designed to keep your holiday tenants safe and give you an acceptable standard to maintain, avoiding liability.

Where can I find a HSG282-compliant Hot Tub?

If not specifically advertised, ask your Hot Tub dealer for details on their Hot Tubs that are HSG282-compliant.

The Regency Spas Baroness Hot Tub comes with 30 hydrotherapy jets that are designed to give your bathers the most effective massage. The Baroness also features hand moulded handrails for easy in and out access plus a waterfall handrail that not only looks fantastic but is practical!


HSG282 compliant Hot Tub


Seating up to 4 adults, each seat offers a unique massage. The Baroness comes complete with a plush headrest, beverage holders and can run off a 13-amp conventional household supply, just like a kettle!

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Having a Hot Tub for your Holiday Let is a great way to boost bookings and tenant experience, but they do require work. You are responsible (and therefore liable) for the safety of your tenant when using the Hot Tub, so it’s important you choose a Hot Tub that will help you comply with all the guidance set out by the HSE.


If you want more information on HSE282 or choosing a compliant Hot Tub, get in touch with our expert sales advisors today!