First observed on the 22nd April 1970, World Earth Day is all about raising awareness about our environment. So, can you still enjoy your hot tub without impacting on the environment?


Spurred on by a devastating oil spill in Santa Barbara in 1969, a US Senator lit the fuse for what would become the World Earth Day we know today.


What is World Earth Day?

The mission for the Earth Day Network is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. It works tirelessly to recruit as many people as possible to committing to making a change for their planet. More than 1 billion people now participate in World Earth Day each year!


World Earth Day 2019 is an important global day for the environment


What are some changes you can make for World Earth Day?

There are so many little changes you can make to your life. The beauty of little changes is that more people can adopt them and will collectively make more of a difference to our planet. Looking for some inspiration?

  • Have one meat-free meal per week. Meat is extremely resource-intensive to produce, with some estimates claiming that livestock contributed to 14.5% of human caused greenhouse gas emissions. Cutting back one evening is a small change that can have a big impact!
  • Change your light bulbs. If every person in the UK replaced just three light bulbs to more energy-efficient ones, we could save enough energy to light the UK’s street lamps.
  • Turn electronics off. Standby just isn’t good enough – you’re still powering that little red light! Turn your electronics all the way off to save the most energy.
  • Maintain your car. As well as standard things like keeping your tyres inflated and your car regularly serviced, make sure you regularly clear out the junk from your car! Excess weight means your car must work harder, so clear out anything that you don’t need for your journey.
  • Clean the back of your fridge. Dust at the back of your fridge increases energy consumption by up to 30%! Keeping it clear keeps your fridge working at optimum efficiency.
  • Remember your reusable bags. Plastic bags have 3 times the greenhouse gas impact of reusable bags! Stick a couple in your car so you’ve always got them to hand when you nip into the shops.


Small changes can have a large impact on the environment.


I still want to enjoy my luxuries: How can I do this without feeling guilty?

Being conscious of the environment doesn’t mean you have to live without a nice tv, or beautiful chandelier lighting, or even your hot tub!


With almost everything nowadays, there are alternatives that are better for the environment. Look for TVs that are A++ energy rated, swap out the chandelier bulbs for energy-efficient ones, and trade in your inflatable hot tub for something that’s designed to be the most energy-efficient it can be.


Being conscious of the environment doesn't mean you have to give up all of your luxuries


How efficient can a hot tub be?

We know what you’re thinking – how efficient can heating a hot bath outside in all weathers really be? Turns out, that can be very efficient! With advances in insulation, your hot tub will have a lot less impact on the environment than you think. This also means you’ll save money in running costs – everyone will benefit, including the planet!


Running a hot tub doesn't have to cost the Earth.


The Omega Hot Tub is handcrafted by Coast Spas in Canada with only high quality, sustainable and reliable parts. The Omega is built to suit the Canadian climate – cold and snowy! Coast Spas offer 100% Full Foam Insulation: a 2-pound density thick foam sprayed all around the plumbing and pipework. Not only does this maintain low running costs all year round, it also cements the pipework preventing movement and vibrations – which can cause leaks.


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Our Omega is perfect for a larger family where space is a little limited or if you don’t want something too big in the space available. Measuring 167cm x 213cm and 97cm high, there are 2 max therapy seats delivering wrap around water massage and a max lounger offering head to toe hydrotherapy. The clever seating arrangement allows for a cool down seat and a total of 4 individual and uncompromising hydrotherapy experiences.


The Omega Hot Tub is perfect for enjoying your hot tub without destroying the environment


The hot tub also comes with a 3inch thermal lid as standard; this helps to maintain low monthly running costs by trapping the heat in!


Coast Spas Hot Tubs come with a 3KW heater that will heat the spa water efficiently and effectively, making the Omega Hot Tub very eco-friendly. The Omega comes with commercial grade filtration, with this filter system it has been tested and proven that it is 83% faster and 20% more efficient than internal skimmer filtration. This means you will change the water less, saving more water plus as the filtration is so efficient, you will use less chemicals!


If you want to learn more about our Omega Hot Tub, check out our video here:


Wherever you are on the 22nd April, make sure you keep the environment in mind. Starting little changes that become habits is the best way for us all to make a difference to our environment.


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