Saunas are well known for their plethora of health benefits and are regarded in some countries as a great social experience; but are you making the most of your Sauna sessions? We’ve included some helpful tips and tricks to leave you fully refreshed after a perfect sauna session.


Hydrate Yourself

Keeping yourself hydrated during a sauna session is essential for your own safety. It’s no secret that Saunas make you sweat, but the key is to keep yourself hydrated throughout your session, so you can keep flushing out those toxins without depleting your fluids. Alcohol is not advised, as it will dehydrate you faster and can be dangerous - stick to water, it's much better for you and will help you make the most of your sauna detox!


Grab your Essential Oils

The Sauna provides the perfect opportunity for some aromatherapy! Mix and match your favourite scents to create a perfect haven. Unsure where to start? We’ve included some ideas below:

Essential Oil Benefits
Eucalyptus Great for clearing airways in people with colds or suffering from asthma. It has a sharp, refreshing scent that acts as a stimulator, so would be perfect for an early morning sauna session.
Lavender Very popular essential oil due to its relaxing and stress-relieving properties. Combine with another stress-busting essential oil like Sandalwood for the ultimate relaxing sauna session.
Grapefruit A surprisingly sweet but tangy aroma, grapefruit can help cleanse your pores to combat oily skin. If you suffer from acne, making a grapefruit sauna session part of your routine is a great natural remedy.
Chamomile While chamomile is well-known for helping you sleep, it is also a great aromatherapy for relieving muscle tension. If you play sports or just have a lot of aches and pains, bathing in a sauna with chamomile is the perfect natural remedy.

If you have a Traditional Sauna, mixing one or two drops into the water that you pour on the coals will release a cloud of delightfully scented vapour with each ladle poured.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Leave your Phone Alone

Steam and electronics do not mix. Use the excuse to unplug from social media, work emails and demanding conversations to just enjoy the moment and fully relax. Bonus points if you have an Outdoor Sauna and you leave your phone in the house!


Take some Time to Cool Down

Straight after a sauna session, you need to cool your body down. If you don’t feel as brave as rolling around in the snow like the Finnish, a Cold Shower will work just as well. Don’t plan on doing anything too strenuous straight after a session, just enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation before slowly returning to the fast pace of modern life.


These tips will work great in any sauna, but the secret to long-lasting benefits is regular sessions. If the thought of travelling to your local gym or leisure centre 2-3 times a week for sauna sessions fills you with more dread than relaxation, perhaps its time to consider installing your own private haven!


Cedar pod Sauna

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