Think Saunas are just for the Winter? Think again! There are benefits to using your sauna throughout the year, even in Summer!

Acclimatise to Summer Heat

The heatwave that hit the UK in July saw temperatures of almost 40 degrees – many people (myself included) just couldn’t function in the heat! Ice cream sold out everywhere and desk fans became a sought-after commodity.

Using a sauna regularly can help your body acclimatise to the Summer heat. There must be something to it when sports teams have been known to train in saunas to prepare them for overseas competitions in hotter climates!


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Year-Round Benefits

The benefits we’ve outlined previously on sauna use don’t go away just because it’s Summer – you will still burn calories, lose weight, improve cardiovascular & respiratory function in the Summer! Regular sauna sessions will also relax tension in your muscles and contribute to stress relief all year round.


USing your sauna in Summer is just as beneficial as in the Winter


Are There Any Differences Between Summer & Winter Use?

Obviously, as the weather outside is hotter in the Summer, you’re more likely to dehydrate faster. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after a sauna session to keep yourself hydrated.

You should also take a cooling shower or dive into a plunge pool to bring your body temperature down after a sauna session – which is incredibly refreshing in Summer!


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Don’t close the doors on your sauna just because the weather is warming up – in fact, do the opposite! Saunas are a great addition to your wellness routine all year-round. See our huge range of indoor and outdoor saunas available online now!


Saunas are still great to use in the Summer!