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  1. August Bank Holiday Hot Tub Offers


    Save £2,270 on this Hot Tub

    Save £2,270 on this Hot Tub

    Save £2,765 on this Hot Tub


    Award Suite Package

    Award Suite Package watch online

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    Delivered to your door

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    Free Outdoor party drinks cooler


    Free Pizza Day Event

    Call Now For Great Deals

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  2. Amazing Ex Display Hot Tub Deals

    Hot Tub WAS NOW More Information
    Coast Spas Manhattan N/A £6,000 Sold as seen (pre-owned)
    Coast Spas Elite Omega 56 £11,820 £8,495 Ex-display
    Coast Spas Luxury Mirage 82 £23,300 £15,995 Ex-display
    Award Suite 2500L  £8,610 £5,890 NEW - As featured on ITV This Morning
    Award Suite 2500S £8,610 £5,890 NEW - As featured on ITV This Morning
    Coast Spas Journey Curve N/A £6,000 Sold as seen (pre-owned)
    Coast Spas Elite Apex 56 £14,490 £12,495 Sold as seen (display)
    Award Evolution SC8 £11,890 £7,495 One left in stock
    Coast Spas Elite Cascade 47 £16,170 £14,495 Limited availability (ex-display)


    We also have ex-display deals available on Saunas and Gazebos!

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  3. New Research: Getting into Hot Water is Good for You!

    Recent research from scientists at the University of Texas at Austin has found that soaking in hot water 90 minutes before going to bed helps you get a better night’s sleep. So, what’s the science behind this?


    By soaking in a Hot Tub 90 minutes before bed, you perfectly align what’s called your Circadian rhythm. This means that your body will be cooling down at exactly the time that you will be getting into bed, helping you to relax and fall into a deeper sleep. According to the researchers, “The temperature cycle leads the sleep cycle and is an essential factor in achieving rapid sleep onset and high efficiency sleep.”


    Soaking in a Hot Tub improves your sleep quality


    How important is Good-Quality Sleep?

    I’m sure that everyone clutching a cup of coffee at 9am every morning will already know how important a good night’s sleep is, but it’s also so much more than that!

    Improve Attention & concentration

    Getting enough high-quality sleep will keep your mind focused and sharp – being vitally important for big decisions, driving, or operating heavy machinery.

    Memory Retention

    You need sleep to rest and rebuild your mind as well as your body. While you sleep, your brain will organise and process all the information you have taken on over the day, converting them into long-term memories.

    Reduce Blood Pressure

    Before you wake up, your body will increase your blood pressure to prepare you. If you’re kept awake too often, your body cannot compensate for this rise in blood pressure, so it may remain higher than usual – increasing your risk for stroke and coronary heart disease.


    Good Quality Sleep has many health benefits


    How do Hot Tubs improve sleep?

    We all know that Hot Tubs are literally tubs of hot water, being perfectly equipped to align your circadian rhythm for better sleep. That’s not the only way Hot Tubs can help you get a better kip!


    With strategically placed water jets, our Hot Tubs are designed with the ultimate massage in mind. By receiving regular hydrotherapy massage, you relieve muscular tension to keep you comfortable while you sleep.


    Having been used for centuries, aromatherapy has many reported physical & mental health benefits. Lavender has long been known for calming your mind and relieving stress, as well as Chamomile. By clearing your mind before you go to bed, you will drift off into a better night’s sleep.


    Hot Tubs provide many additional health benefits to improve mental & physical health


    Relax in a lounger

    Before you drift off to dreamland, spend your evening soak in a Hot Tub lounger for maximum relaxation!

    To find the right lounger for you, make sure you wet test your preferred model. Loungers come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important to find the right fit for your body type, so you don’t float out of the seat.


    Sleep is vital to proper mental and physical function – ensure you get the best possible night’s sleep with a regular evening Hot Tub soak 90 minutes before bed!

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  4. Summer of Sport: There's Still 2 Chances Left!

    England were superb in the Women's World Cup, but unfortunately the USA were just that little bit better. 


    Don't worry, the England Cricket team have locked down their place in the World Cup semi-finals, being one step closer to lifting that cup!


    And don't forget, the Rugby World Cup hasn't even started yet! 


    There's still 2 chances for you to win your money back on the Hot Tub of your dreams from Award Leisure!


     We're also running some incredible offers alongside our Summer of Sport, just check them out here!


    Regency and Classic Hot Tub Offers

    Elite and Luxury Hot Tub Offers

    Wellness Hot Tub Offers

    Download your Free 2019 Hot Tub Brochure

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  5. Why You Shouldn't Buy a Chinese Spa

    To the untrained eye, the incredible Hot Tub deals you find online can look too good to be true – and they usually are. Discover what to look out for and the deals you should avoid when shopping for Hot Tubs online.

    We often get people coming into store with a preconceived notion that Hot Tubs should be around £2-3k; this is all thanks to online retailers and sellers on sites such as eBay that promise a Hot Tub deal that sounds too good to be true.


    The issue has become such an epidemic on eBay that they have commented themselves:

    “Much has been said about hot tubs from China v USA and elsewhere. Firstly, you can get genuine hot tubs from USA from as little as £4000. Unfortunately, the cheap spas on eBay do give the perception that a big hot tub should cost around £2,000 or that you can win an auction for that amount.


    Build Quality

    In all things, you pay for what you get. If you believe you can get a quality construction, electronics, electrics, jetting, TV, radio, DVD, and all the bells and whistles cheaply and are prepared to mix your children with the water and electrics in these units then buyer beware.

    Chinese hot tubs often promote themselves as ‘made in USA’ when for the most part, it is not true. The acrylic sheets for the shells are manufactured in the USA, then stretched very thinly to bath-quality and reinforced with fibreglass. These shells are further stressed by being peppered with holes for all the jets. The holes weaken the shell structure and there are even some reports of owners stepping into spas and the shell cracking apart – hardly the relaxing experience you were hoping for!

    The cabinets themselves often use low quality wood which can rot with either no base or thin plastic trays to shield the tub from ground moisture. The jets can be chrome on metal or plastic which can cause dangerous injury if they start to flake off. To serve the mass of plumbing from all the jets, the hot tubs have several pumps. If you add up the electric consumption of all the pumps and the heater – let alone any lights and media – you may find your domestic power supply stretched to the limit and be prepared for a scary electric bill! Controls can be authentic Balboa but sometimes clever imitations.


    Made in China

    A simple search on the internet can reveal just how many companies there are in China churning out masses of spas, swim spas, saunas, steam rooms and bathrooms. The main players have hundreds of models, which are imported and then branded up with exotic names to hide their origins.

    Chinese spas obviously work for a while; however, the industry is aware of rapid fails in the ‘waterproof’ media like pop up speakers and TVs. A good quality waterproof system of marine quality would likely cost as much as the spa itself! TVs require ventilation and can’t be completely sealed from moisture, plus have you tried watching TV in the garden on a sunny day? Unfortunately, consumers again expect all the typical media extras on a USA-made spa for the same price point!

    Hot tubs can be described as American or Canadian if their head offices are based there or their acrylic or controls are manufactured there. Giving a spa an American sounding name can aid the myth as can producing a small part of the range in North America/Canada with the rest made in China. Another trick that some Chinese spa manufacturers use is illegally using the Jacuzzi brand to sell their Hot Tubs. Jacuzzi is a brand name; a Hot Tub is not a jacuzzi unless manufactured by Jacuzzi themselves.


    Download a free Hot Tub Buyer's Guide



    The warranty for a Chinese hot tub will rarely be with the manufacturer whose duty of care usually ends at the docks. The warranty, usually only for a short period, will be with the importer or seller. A typical importer of Chinese spas often selling on eBay may have a shiny website, yet actually be a company registered at a virtual office with no actual showroom to view the build quality for yourself.

    Delivery will usually be to the kerbside and spas are heavy items requiring specialist equipment to get into place, if not a crane. If the spa is damaged by uninsured or unqualified handlers, you have little chance of comeback on the seller. Any instance of potential ‘misuse’ will also invalidate what little warranty there may be. If the acrylic sheet is USA-made then there may be a valid warranty on that from the manufacturer, the rest of the build will be dealer warranty. When the dealer ceases trading or disappears, you have little redress once things do go wrong.



    Chinese hot tubs state they are CE approved; however, due to the complexity of certification it is very hard to authenticate the gold bordered certificate often produced. Only gaining sight of the actual testing reports validates the certificate. Several sites found via google allow checking of CE certificate numbers; however, it is hard to verify the certification of famous household names let alone a small unit in Shanghai.

    Chinese spas often bear no distinguishing names or are dealer branded so when it comes to obtaining spares or replacement filters you might have trouble. Chinese spas also deteriorate quickly so if you do need to move and resell you may have problems and the spa casing may break in transit. If your spa fails and is not covered by warranty you also face having to remove and dispose of the large object yourself.

    Therefore, before bidding on a hot tub that looks too good, consider these factors. Ask where the unit is manufactured, check the company registration of the seller and location, google to check if they are an actual company or a virtual mailbox, and check who is responsible for warranty and repairs. Realise you may be parting with money for something that has yet to be ordered from China. If the information is not forthcoming or seems to conflict, beware.


    Download a Free Coast Spas 2019 Brochure


    A quality hot tub will have a thick acrylic shell or be rotationally moulded and will carry a manufacturer’s warranty. Remember, the more pumps and jets the higher the running costs, the more complex jetting the greater the risk of plumbing leaks and the requirement of a known spa brand to trouble shoot.”


    We are proud of the exceptional build quality of our Coast Spas Hot Tubs, and truly believe that they are worth every penny. If you want to know more about Coast Spas, Download a Free Brochure today!


    Keep your children safe with a premium Hot Tub

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  6. 3 Chances to Win a FREE Hot Tub!

    Here at Award Leisure this Summer we are supporting our home country, are you?


    Across the three major sporting events we are backing England all the way, so we are offering all new Hot Tub customers 3 CHANCES to win a FREE hot tub!


    If England Ladies win the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup or England win the 2019 Official Cricket World Cup or England win the 2019 Official Rugby World Cup, Award Leisure will refund up to three selected lucky winners (one per sporting event) for their hot tub purchased from any Award Leisure store. The total purchase price will be refunded once fitted and installed by Award Leisure. You can only win once, if selected to win before other sporting events mentioned in this promotion has been drawn, you are not eligible to win again.


    To qualify for these FREE Hot Tubs, you must have bought your spa before each of the three respective sporting event final, officially begins.


    If England do win any of the three-sporting events, Award Leisure will be hosting a Pizza and Prosecco party for the live draw! All customers will be entered into a live prize draw and invited to attend the reveal, which is to be held at our flagship store in Warwickshire. The live draw will take place the day after each sporting event final.

    Supporting the England Lionesses is important to Award Leisure because we not only support all female athletes, but as a successful company Award Leisure support female professionals to pursue a career within Leisure Industry. We hope all you all feel the same way!


    Here come the Girls! 

    Win your dream hot tub if England win one of 3 major sporting events


    A statement from Award Leisure: “If you're feeling confident, it could be a triple whammy for this summer give away. Award Leisure is actually giving away 3 free hot tubs if England win all 3 sporting events!”

    Award Leisure has showrooms in Warwickshire, London, Birmingham, Lincoln, Cheshire and Tamworth. All showrooms are filled with luxurious and dazzling products ranging from Saunas to Swim Spas. Is this something you are interest in winning for FREE?

    Not only are Award Leisure offering 3 chances to win a free hot tub but during this promotion they are also offering deals and free package upgrades with selected spa series!

    These include The Party & Efficiency Package which is available when purchasing a Regency or Classic spa. The Extreme Party & Efficiency Package available when purchasing an Elite or Luxury model. And finally, the Ultimate Party & Wellness Package which is for all wellness models sold!

    Come into store this summer and be a part of this fantastic promotion.


    3 Chances to Win a Hot Tub


    Terms and conditions apply:

    You can only win one hot tub per purchase, in the event that more than one England team wins their respective competition.

    The last date for entries to qualify for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup is 4pm on July 7th

    The last date for entries to qualify for the 2019 2019 Official Cricket World Cup is 10.30am on July 14th.

    The last date for entries to qualify for the 2019 Official Rugby World Cup is 9am on November 2nd.

    Anyone who purchased from 1st June – 7th July will have 1 in 3 chances to win their Dream Hot Tub for FREE.

    Anyone who purchased from 8th July until 2nd November will have 1 in 2 chances to win.

    Anyone who purchased from 10:31am on July 14th until November 2nd will have 1 chance to win.

    This offer is only valid for any hot tub (excluding Swim Spas) purchased from an Award Leisure store from 1st June.

    The Customer has to have purchased (definition of purchase is with a minimum of 10% deposit on a finance deal Interest Bearing Finance or 25% deposit Interest Free Finance which has been approved and 25% deposit on any other hot tub sale). The refund will be paid once the hot tub is fitted by Award Leisure.

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  7. Holiday Let Owners: Is your Hot Tub HSG282 Compliant?

    If you own a Holiday Let, Hot Tubs can be a great way of improving the value of your letting. What are the guidelines you need to follow to be HSG282 Compliant?

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    What is HSG282?

    HSG282 is a set of guidelines for commercial pool and spa owners to assess and control the risk of exposure to Legionella and other infectious agents.

    It’s important to know that HSG282 is not law, it is considered as ‘best practice’. These standards would also be used in a court of law to measure whether you have complied as far as reasonably possible to meet the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.


    What are the HSG282 Hot Tub Compliance Guidelines


    What are the guidelines you need to be aware of?

    Self-cleaning bromine system: Your Hot Tub will have a constant supply of bromine fed directly into the water, keeping the spa water cleaner while your customers are enjoying the Hot Tub.

    Headrests: While headrests are a great feature for your own Hot Tub, they are a breeding ground for bacteria and can be easily broken.

    250 litres of water per bather: This limit is in place to ensure that the Hot Tub doesn’t exceed the maximum number of bathers at any one time. This keeps the water at an acceptable quality for risk assessments.


    Download a Free Hot Tub Buyers Guide


    24hr filtration system: Coast Spas are renowned for having one of the best filtration systems in the world. By housing the filter away from the bathing area, your water stays cleaner for longer.

    Written record of water testing: Done at least once per day, but up to 3 times depending on usage. You should make sure the pH remains balanced and there is enough sanitiser in the water to keep bathers safe.

    The HSG282 isn’t there to create more work for you or catch you out. They’re designed to keep your holiday tenants safe and give you an acceptable standard to maintain, avoiding liability.

    Where can I find a HSG282-compliant Hot Tub?

    If not specifically advertised, ask your Hot Tub dealer for details on their Hot Tubs that are HSG282-compliant.

    The Regency Spas Baroness Hot Tub comes with 30 hydrotherapy jets that are designed to give your bathers the most effective massage. The Baroness also features hand moulded handrails for easy in and out access plus a waterfall handrail that not only looks fantastic but is practical!


    HSG282 compliant Hot Tub


    Seating up to 4 adults, each seat offers a unique massage. The Baroness comes complete with a plush headrest, beverage holders and can run off a 13-amp conventional household supply, just like a kettle!

    Loving the look of the Baroness Hot Tub? Learn more below:



    Having a Hot Tub for your Holiday Let is a great way to boost bookings and tenant experience, but they do require work. You are responsible (and therefore liable) for the safety of your tenant when using the Hot Tub, so it’s important you choose a Hot Tub that will help you comply with all the guidance set out by the HSE.


    If you want more information on HSE282 or choosing a compliant Hot Tub, get in touch with our expert sales advisors today!

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  8. Ease the Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis with a Hot Tub

    Say the word ‘arthritis’ and your mind probably conjures up images of the elderly, but arthritis can affect younger people too. Joint swelling, pain and even restrictions to your lifestyle are common in sufferers of the condition.

    As with most chronic pain conditions, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) can be difficult to find effective pain relief. Heat therapy is commonly cited as an effective complementary therapy to easing joint pain, and RA sufferers are no exception. Unlike other pain medication, soaking in warm water has none of the nasty side effects – only leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and more like your old self.


    How does a Hot Tub Ease RA Symptoms?

    Before we answer this, it’s important to know that your doctor will most likely recommend weight loss & exercise and encourage a positive mental attitude to help you manage the pain of Arthritis.

    Of course, if you do suffer from Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis, you should speak to your doctor before using Hot Tubs as a pain-relief therapy.

    Arthritis Research Centre of Canada Our Hot Tub Manufacturer, Coast Spas, is a proud sponser of the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada. All of our Hot Tubs focus on delivering an uncompromising hydrotherapy experience - perfectly suited to people with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis.



    Hot Tubs are renowned for their hydrotherapy massage. Carefully placed massage jets will palpate specific areas on your body, leading to a release of endorphins – the body’s natural painkiller.


     Hydrotherapy massage from Hot Tubs is beneficial to Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers


    Warm Water

    Hot Tubs are exactly that: Hot! Soaking in warm water is a type of heat therapy, which is recommended for people with RA. Warmth helps to alleviate joint stiffness as well as improving circulation.


    Water Buoyancy

    If you’ve ever been in a Hot Tub, Swimming pool or even just a bath, you’ll know that being in water gives you the feeling of weightlessness. The buoyancy of the water relieves pressure on your joints, which will ultimately reduce pain. You’ll never want to leave your Hot Tub!


    Download your Free Hot Tub Buyers Guide


    Water Resistance

    Just like the Doctor ordered, you’ll be able to stretch and exercise as comfortably as possible in a Hot Tub. The natural resistance of the water alongside the gentle endurance from the massage jets will improve your circulation, reduce stiffness and help with weight loss.


    Hot Tub Therapy

    Okay, we may have just made that one up, but the theory is still true! Regular soaking in a Hot Tub leads to higher endorphin release, better quality sleep, and improved mood. This will lead to a more positive outlook which will help with pain relief – trust us!


    Regular Hot Tub use leads to a more positive outlook


    The thought of drugs being your only source of pain relief is enough to make anyone despair. People with RA are fully entitled to have the highest quality of life possible despite the pain, and our Hot Tubs from Coast Spas make this possible!


    Download a free Coast Spas Hot Tub Brochure


    Speak to one of our expert sales advisors to find the perfect Hot Tub for you, or Download our Free Buyer's Guide for more helpful guidance on finding the right Hot Tub.

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  9. Hot June Offers


    FREE Drinks Cooler with any Regency Spas Hot Tub


    FREE Small Egg OVen with Any Coast Spas Elite Hot Tub


    FREE Medium Egg Oven with Any Coast Spas Luxury Hot Tub


    FREE Large Egg Oven with Any Swim Spa


    FREE Upgrades when you purchase a Coast Spas Curve Series Hot Tub


    FREE Gazebo with any Coast Spas Classic Series Hot Tub

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  10. What Happens When You Order a Hot Tub from us?

    Ever wonder how we get our Canadian-made Hot Tubs delivered and installed into your garden? Today we’re looking at the journey a Coast Spas Hot Tub will make to get to you!


    Step 1: You order your dream Hot Tub

    You’ve done your research. You’ve compared models, features, seating and running cost. There isn’t a lot you don’t know about Hot Tubs! You’ve been into your local Award Leisure showroom or placed your order online/via the phone. Your job is done!

    And it’s time for us to get to work.


    Step 2: We order your Hot Tub with Coast Spas

    With a 75,000 sq ft warehouse based in the Midlands, we have over 50 Hot Tub models in stock at any one time – if your dream Hot Tub is sitting in our warehouse, skip to Step 6  as you can have your Hot Tub delivered and installed in a matter of days.

    If your Hot Tub is custom-built for you with all the features and upgrades that you want, you’ll have to wait just a little longer. We promise it’s worth the wait!

    We send over your exact specifications to our manufacturer, Coast Spas in Canada.


    Coast Spas will manufacture the Hot Tub to your specifications


    Step 3: Coast Spas starts production

    Once the order is confirmed with Coast Spas, your Hot Tub is put into production. This will take around 5-8 weeks to fully go through the process and pass all the quality checks.

    This will ensure that your Hot Tub is up to the high standards that make Coast Spas the Best Built Spas in the World!


    Step 4: Your Hot Tub is shipped to our Warehouse

    Your Hot Tub will see the sights of the Canadian landscape as it spends up to a week travelling by train to the docks.

    Once there, it will be loaded onto a container ship where it will spend between 10 and 14 days travelling over the Atlantic Ocean to the UK.

    Once on British soil, your Hot Tub will travel to our Warehouse in the Midlands.

    Your Hot Tub will travel from Coast Spas Manufacturing to our Warehouse in the Midlands

    Step 5: We carry out our quality checks

    We are confident in the quality of our Coast Spas Hot Tubs, but we still carry out our own quality checks just to make sure nothing got lost or damaged along the way!


    Step 6: Home delivery and installation

    We have our own team of Hot Tub experts that will install your Hot Tub for you.

    No access? No problem. If we can’t get your Hot Tub around the side of your house, we can arrange for a crane to lift the spa over your house!


    We can crane your Hot Tub over your house to get your spa into position


    Step 7: Spa School

    Once your Hot Tub has been installed and checked over by our engineers, it’s time for you to go back to school!

    We go through everything you need to know about running and using your Hot Tub, from common troubleshooting, to chemicals. We want you to enjoy your Hot Tub for years to come, so we equip you with all the knowledge to make your Hot Tub journey as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.


    Step 8: Enjoy

    Once the water is warm and the chemical levels are optimum, you can enjoy relaxing in your spa whenever you like! Invite friends and family round for a catch up, or just enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your Hot Tub’s hydrotherapy massage.

    With your own private Hot Tub, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits whenever you want!

    Your Hot Tub goes on an impressive journey to get to your home – but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Coast Spas are truly the Best Built Spas in the World, with a build quality and hydrotherapy massage that is second to none. If you want to learn more about the Coast Spas range, Contact Us for a Free Brochure!

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